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Ultimate Mod

Author File Description
File Details
ROTWK Modification: Yes
Code Modification: Yes
Factions affected - Angmar, Elves,Goblins, Men,dwarves + 4 new playable factions - Hobbits, Rohan, Gondor, and Arnor.

*Two new heroes - Angmar Yvonie - A very powerful wight that has all new powers

*Elven Merlin - Same can toggle between magic and melee basic attacks, my favourite move.. level 10 power of the 4 elements. Fires of doom (fire) word of power (air) flood (Water) earthquake (earth) all in one click of a button.

*Hobbits - Heroes - Gandalf, Frodo, merry, Pippin,sam - Ring hero Tom bombadil
*Units - Hobbit immortal, Wisdom hobbit, Normal hobbit horde and Ninja Hobbit

*Immortal - Strong attack and defence
Wisdom - Magic based hobbit reveals the entire map.
*Ninja - Stealthy and can assassinate.
*Also ents and treebeard - For siege

*Rohan and gondor - Bfme1 units and buildings

*Arnor - ready made faction just made it playable Ring hero - Isildur

*Goblins - added balrog as hero

*Angmar - Most heroes build fast units and upgrades do also. Black Num's 30 units per horde, double click. 10 in a horde 20 on there own can control all 30 if you double click. but if the horde dies the 20 turn solo units to control.

*Elves - Just merlin Added, fishing ship
Men - Changed ring hero to isildur, fishing ship
*Dwarves - Fishing ship

Popped English.big into the zip file.

***************To Install******************
*Replace both ini and english (lang folder)*

Hope you enjoy, accepting requests for mods big or small :).
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wouter1246 On my computer it is not working because I get just the normal version... I replaced the ini.big with your Ini.big so what's wrong?
File Author
Im not sure what you mean. All my friend did was replace the ini file and it worked for him. Are you sure you put it in rise of the witch king files?

Ill update the file to the one im using then redownload and check it then ok?

[Edited on 08/17/10 @ 09:19 AM]

File Author
(Removed by author 21/8/2010)

[Edited on 08/21/10 @ 05:04 PM]

snapperfish101 Ummm...
Three things:
1. I don't have ROTWK, can you make one of these for the normal version? Maybe you could make the hobbits and the heroes for the normal factions (that is, not angmar...) and it would probably run on BFMEII.
2. Maybe you could put all the text into the document so that it will be easier for those who don't have FinalBIG or who aren't modders. Is there a reason for people having to do it themselves? If you like I could give it a go (I do mods) once I get ROTWK
3. Where is that Balrog file located? I've looked all through INI.big, but I can't find it! (I want it for one of it's powers, which I'll use in one of my "in progress" mods...)
Oh, yeah, and on the 5th September I should be getting ROTWK. I'll give you a review around that time...

[Edited on 08/20/10 @ 03:08 AM]

File Author
Balrog.. erm i just added it to the playertemplate... its in neutralunits.ini i think.. i can make one for the normal version.
Added the english.big file into the zip so just replace english.big (when you use this mod) Ive edited the file since then so im pretty sure things have changed.. erm ill download this one, then add the English.big file then reupload.. Thanks by the way

[Edited on 08/21/10 @ 02:47 PM]

snapperfish101 I'll get ROTWK on Sunday, so I'll test this out and try to give you a review then.

File Author
Thanks. But make sure you make a back-up of each english and ini because you might not like it :D

[Edited on 09/03/10 @ 02:45 PM]

snapperfish101 OK, I'll back those files up then!
Today is going to be pretty busy, but I will try my hardest!
Balance: 4
Looks good to me :)

Creativity: 5
Very creative to use oldskool

Usefulness: 3
How to install?

Implementation: 4.5
I don't even know what this means :D

Additional Comments:
I miss the ewoks :)
Good mod
File Author
How to install? -- Updated now people know :D. Thanks for review.
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