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Mirkwood Waters Pairs

Author File Description
File Details
ROTWK Map: Yes
Number of Players: 8
One Ring: Yes
AI: Yes
8 person map, It can either be played with 8 players in pairs or 4 players in free for all. The map has very intricate textures and consists of 2 main bridges,2 flanks, and a large body of water with an island. It somewhat complements my original Mirkwood Waters map. It's been tested multiple times for glitches. Enjoy!!!
Please tell me what you think!

Update: I polished some textures and vastly improved the AI. I recommend to anyone who enjoys this map to re-download it.
I also recommend that you check regularly, for I frequently upload an improved version (usually texture issues)

Update 25.02.10: Increased the balance between the teams by removing the bridge on the far right and replacing it by land.
Fixed the glitch with the bridge on the left.
Minor texture improvements
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File Author
Noticed these map is relatively popular(..16 downloads..thats pretty good in comprehension to my others), what do you guys think? Any changes I should make? Cheers
TheDudeNextDoor You've got a fan :P
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
AI perfect, glitch free...perfect

Balance: 5
Nearly mirror images

Creativity: 5
While, I see the resemblance to the standard Mirkwood map, it does feel fresh because of the rare 2vs2vs2vs2 set up.

Map Design: 5
The quality I've come to expect :D

Story/Instructions: 5

Additional Comments:
Awesome, maybe add some polish with a proper mini-map and a picture with a description
ThatNamelessOne Excellent map.
File Author
Thanks :D
Please review it so I know what to improve
Map Design4.0
Playability: 2.5
The main flaw of the map is how the landmasses connect to each other. Players in the right won't need to defend much, as those exceptionally narrow bridges are no good for crossing an army through them. I had send a lot of my troops just to get splatted by an attack troll's crush. Besides, building a small garrisoned tower on each end is more than enough to secure the bridges.
This leaves the main battlefield to the West (left), making the players who play there die real quick as they are attacked from both sides.
Once those middle players are killed, it can take AGES to kill the remaining players as they become so isolated from each other. I had to build two secondary bases (with fortresses) just to kill the remains of the enemy.

This was just against dumb brutals, but against human players the game will stall.

Balance: 2.5
Players on the right will win (If they are patient enough to kill each other at least).

Creativity: 4
Well the idea itself is pretty good, having four landmasses connected to each other and smaller bridges in the middle. Wish there was a bigger mass in the right side too.

Map Design: 4
The textures are fine, they didn't look boring at any place. However, I would have liked to see more shrubbery, rocks and plants. And why not a few animals here and there. Also, the mainland was a bit too smooth, try to make hills and mountains a bit more rough.

Story/Instructions: 5
Not much to it, it's just a skirmish map ^^

Additional Comments:
Just had to review this map with the perfect 5, which is really not perfect but a lot better than most custom maps around :)

If you wish, check out my map, Legends :) (It's split into 3 parts). I'd surely love a brief review if you have the time :)
File Author
Thanks for the amazing review. I noticed some issues with the balancing as well. I'll look into it!
Also thanks for the general feedback, I'll make changes accordingly and upload a new version later today or tomorrow. Please check it out and update the review:D
Yeh sure, I'll definitely check your maps out!
File Author
I revised the map with your suggestions, please tell me what you think :D
btw I don't understand what you mean with "I just had to rate this map with a perfect 5", if the score you gave it is a 3.6. Its alright though cause I need to have criticism :P I'll improve the map and then maybe it'll be a perfect 5 :D
I'll check out your maps tonight,

[Edited on 02/25/10 @ 04:04 PM]

Crusard Sorry, I meant "I had to check this map, which had a perfect 5 review" :p

Btw, I forgot to mention you should look into adding a minimap and title/screenshot image. I'll make your maps look much more pro :)
File Author
Yeh, I'll check out how to do that.
Just uploaded the new version (2min ago), tell me what you think :)

[Edited on 02/25/10 @ 05:32 PM]

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Map Design4.5
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