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WizMod v1.02

Author File Description
File Details
ROTWK Modification: Yes
Code Modification: Yes
This mod is wrapped in an installer, for the newbies that have trouble adding mods and linking them. comes with uninstaller, etc.

This is a modification to the game that helps the Wizard class live up to most people's expectations of a "wizard". It replaces the melee attack of the Wizards with a ranged firebolt. This modification was made with balance in mind, and DOES NOT overpower wizards, at least not by much.

Here's the essential raw data for the firebolt:

Weapon CreateAHeroBasicMagicWeapon
LeechRangeWeapon = Yes
AttackRange = 400 // set this in his special power
WeaponSpeed = 150 // dist/sec
MinWeaponSpeed = 100
MaxWeaponSpeed = 200 // dist/sec Upper limit on scaling, when attacking past nominal "max" range
ScaleWeaponSpeed = Yes // Used for lob weapons, scales speed proportional to range
HitPercentage = 80 // When this weapon is used it will hit exactly 100% of the time.
ScatterRadius = 0.0 // When this weapon misses it can randomly miss by as much as this distance.
DelayBetweenShots = 1200 // time between shots, msec
PreAttackDelay = 1 // 1467 is the prep time for archers, no prep time here.
PreAttackRandomAmount = 400 // amount of additional preattack variance for archer type attacks only . used here to fit animation and balance
PreAttackType = PER_SHOT // Do the delay each time we attack a new target
FiringDuration = 1500 // Duration of the archer firing shot is 500ms.
IsAimingWeapon = No
AcceptableAimDelta = 15
AntiAirborneVehicle = Yes
AntiAirborneMonster = Yes
FireFX = FX_SarumanFireball
CanFireWhileMoving = Yes
DamageType = MAGIC

ProjectileNugget // Default projectile, (arrow) with fireball SFX
ProjectileTemplateName = WizardFireballProjectileL1 // Visual
WarheadTemplateName = CreateAHeroBasicFireballWarhead // Damage-Dealing portion

Weapon CreateAHeroBasicFireballWarhead
ProjectileCollidesWith = ENEMIES NEUTRAL STRUCTURES WALLS // Primary target that can take the damage

FireLogicNugget // Fire Logic
Radius = 15
Damage = 20

DamageNugget // Basic Damage Nugget
Damage = 560
Radius = 15.0
DelayTime = 0
DamageType = MAGIC
DamageFXType = BIG_ROCK
DeathType = BURNED

Basically, this has a 20% chance to miss, a very small splash radius (generally hits about three in a batalltion of goblins), and a medium DOT damage burn effect. No meta impact here.
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Benmrules hey (haven't posted here in a while, but i'm still rubbish at this lol)

would it be possible to remove the fire effect but keep the damage radius and knockback effect?

similar effect then to when Gandalf and Saruman were throwing each other around in the first film.

if anyone would be kind enough to post a guide as to how to do this, i'd be very grateful.
nickwalker12 Hiy, new to the forums. I downloaded and installed your mod, but when playing the game it doesnt appear to work. I've tried 2 custom hero's (both wizard), one new and one that I already had, and neither worked.

Have I missed anything?

Cheers, and nice mod if it works.
Balance: 5
You gave the wizards the power they deserve, but you didn't overpower them (:D)

Creativity: 4.5
Everyone has always wanted something like this to happen, but you just made it happen. XD

Usefulness: 4.5
This makes wizards actually have a chance against a captain of Gondor in hero duels (yay)

Implementation: 5
You pulled this mod of pretty well.

Additional Comments:
For those of you having trouble installing this, use the installer, move the file "Wizard.dll" to your basic "C:\" drive (no more folders after that!!) and make the properties of the shortcut after the default shortcut target: -mod "C:\Wizard.dll"

Great mod, and I hope to see you do more things with this mod!

[Edited on 07/16/10 @ 06:45 PM]

skylinedreams34 I'm running Windows XP SP3 and cannot seem to get the mod to run. I've made all the appropriate changes to the shortcut that gets created. I moved "wizard.dll" to the c:\ ... However, when it runs I get an error and the game crashes. It says the error has something to do with a "weapon.ini" file but when I search my entire hard drive looking for it, the file doesn't exist anywhere. Any suggestions?

[Edited on 05/31/12 @ 05:14 PM]

BigBrainiac Did you set the target on the shortcut to "C:\Wizard.dll" ?

If you have I don't know how to help you.

[Edited on 07/24/10 @ 01:19 AM]

BigBrainiac Could I use these files in my mod?
I really love this mod.

If you reply, thanks for your answer.
Dynorapter how do u get to the wizard.dll file. i cant figure it out
ell132 okay i am having similar problems as the last few here but what i did was i went to where Wizard.dll is originally located and moved it to c drive i just draged it to there. then i went into the shorcut that the installer created for me and changed the target ending:
changed it to C:\PROGRA~2\ELECTR~1\THELOR~1\lotrbfme2ep1.exe -mod C:\Wizard.dll now is that correct or...
i have also tried putting quotes in the beginning and ending and still nothing when i go to click the shorcut an error shows up. Any suggestions on how to do it i would be real appreciate. :) email me at elliott-law@live.com or reply here THANKS
AzzaAP Uuum. Where is the Wizard.dll file? It would help greatly if you helped. :D
Undbitr Is this just for RotWK or can this also be used for BFME2? :)
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