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King of the West
File Details
Number of Players: 2
One Ring: No
AI: No
A 1v1 map with two opposing continents. Naval warfare is pivotal.

WARNING: read the Readme carefully to understand the map.

This is my first map. I am in no way affiliated with the SEE mod team, nor can I take credit for any of their work. Play the map with the mod though, and you'll see how it changes things for the best.



This map was created with emphasis on naval warfare and strategy.
It does not require the SEE mod for BFME II, but it is recommended,
since all balancing was done based on that mod.
Other mods may work, especially those that add realism and rebalance
naval warfare, but they have not been tested.

Read the following carefully before playing to understand the
design premises of the map.

From experience with multiplayer, I would say that this map
requires multiple runthroughs to fully understand/master.



- Resources: no farms/mallorn trees/etc. can be built in
this map: resources are gathered from the 5 Outposts on
either side of the ocean. Locating the Outposts may at
first be somewhat tricky: they blend with the towns.

- Territory: control over territory can be established by
protecting key strategic points, such as towns or forts.
Walls cannot be built in this map.

- There are two defensable forts in the south of the map.
On the Elven side, however, there are no walls for
protection, meaning troops are vulnerable to counter-
attack at all times.

- Defense: Towers can be built along the coast for added
defence, but their cost has been changed.
The SEE mod adds enough strength and hitpoints to the
towers for this change to remain balanced.


The two sides are not the same. Read the following
carefully to understand the basic situation. Then
continue to read the example tactics chapter.

- MotW have a good defensable position: their city is
surrounded by mountable walls and gates. The city districts
require some exploring in order to appreciate: there is
a purpose to many alleys and gates. Be advised however,
that most buildings will collapse when bombarded, eliminating
otherwise useful choke-points.

- Trebuchets guard the port's exterior walls: once destroyed,
these cannot be replaced. Regular trebuchets can still man
the walls.

- MotW have only 1 Shipwright in their city, but have
a beachhead wide enough to allow them to board units unto
ships. This is also weak to enemy transport invasion. Watch
the port carefully or prepare for inner-city defense

- MotW have a good sized city but limited build space. Angling
buildings correctly to prevent blocking further expansion
is essential. Inner-city planning was a problem even then.

- MotW have one chokepoint: between the desert town and the
middle port. The rest can easily be sweeped by Rohirrim.

- Elves have natural defenses: the forests provide cover,
and natural and man-made cliffs provide height for archers
and Ents.

- The Elvish port-city has no walls on one side, and must be
protected well with units to prevent invasion.
Waterfalls provide water for the typical crashing water
defense. Once these structures are destroyed, they cannot
be rebuilt. These also cover the port's entry, but not the
Southern beachheads.

- Elves have 2 Shipwrights in their city, but must move
troops out of their city and move towards the South beaches
in order to board and ship out troops.


- Build two archery ranges and Faramir. Have the citadel guards
re-enter the city and immediately take over 2 Outposts for money
and the Shipyard to build a warship as soon as possible.

- Consider whether you play defense or offense: either build a
workshop in the left corner behind the wall or save up to build
Rohan stables and a Golden Hall and Armory. Eventually, you will
need them all for defense and offense, but aggressive players may
be rewarded with more resources at the start of the game: taking
Outposts and assaulting the pirate Bay.


Limited multiplayer testing means balancing may remain a
problem. In an effort to make both sides feel different
yet well balanced certain problems, most notably choke-points,
may prove to give players an unfair advantage. If there are
any problems with this map, or you have any advice/tips for
me to think about, please PM me.


- The map is graphically quite intense. It includes around
1800 objects. It was intended this way from the start, for
the simple fact that most people I know own PC's strong
enough to handle it.
If the demand is big enough, I will provide a LIGHT
version of the map, stripping it of non-essential eye-candy.

- Transport Ships now carry 6 units, rather than 4.
The last two units boarded do not show up in the Palantir
but will exit nontheless.
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King of the West
File Author
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