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Cobra Map Pack

Author File Description
File Details
ROTWK Map: Yes
Number of Players: 4
One Ring: No
AI: Yes
Ethir Anduin V3
(Newer, better version than the original)
The Delta of Anduin, where the river Anduin flowed from western Gondor into the Bay of Belfales, where the isle Tolfalas is situated.

Three large islands are separated by the sea with a player on each island and ships are the only means of travel.

This map is intended to incorporate ships into the game as much as possible and will lead to quite impressive naval battles. It is intended for 1v1 (a plyer on each large island), 1v1v1 (A player on all 3 islands), or 2v2 (Players 1 and 3 allied against 2 players on Player 2's island.) I have tested the map in each scenario and found it possible to win on each side.
Transport Ships have been modified to hold 6 units instead of 2; and are given a higher armor rating.
Transport Ships' build cost has been reduced to 50 and their command point cost to 5.
A healthy amount of creeps keeps the islands interesting and allows for some Hero experience.

Player 1 starts on the 2nd largest island mass formed around a giant waterfall at the top of the map. The bay is protected by a large water gate, to guard their shipwrights, but the shore is left vulnerable on the island's southern coast which is unprotected
by the island's steep cliffs. There are 2 shipwrights in the bay and 1 on the islands western coast. The island also contains 2
outposts, an inn, and a signal fire.

Player 2 starts on the largest island on the bottom of the map. There are two starting positions on the island, so the player may
choose where on the island to begin. One starting location is on the western cliff of the island, protruding into the sea, the
other is located in the center of the island. The western cliff of the island is easily defendable but lacks room to expand,
while the center of the island is roomy but not as easily defended from coastal attacks. This island is not as defendable as
Player 1's due to it's extended coast line, but it's resources are plentiful. This island contains 2 shipwrights along the
eastern shoreline, 2 shipwrights along the western coast, 4 outposts, an inn, and a signal fire.

Player 3 is located on the smaller island on the right side of the map. Once again, 2 options are available for starting
locations, one in the northern end of the island and one in the south. This island is the most vulnerable of the 3 islands and
was originally intended as an area for a player to expand to another island for resources. Testing has proved this island easily taken over and the 2 larger islands have been known to constantly fight over control of the islands resource structures to gain an immense advantage over the other player. The island contains 3 outposts, an inn, a signal fire, and 2 shipwrights protected in a small bay.

The AI have proved to be unable to grasp the concept of transport ships; so, playing with a friend is the only way to have real fun on this map.

:::::::::::::::Nan Dungortheb:::::::::::::::

The Valley of Dreadful Death. The valley between the precipices of Ered Gorgoroth and the Girdle of Melian. It is named after
Ungoliant, who resided there after escaping the Balrogs of Morgoth and Lammoth.

This dreaful battlefield is full of creeps of all sorts to keep any battle interesting. Ungoliant's children will keep the
players entertained. The other players are not your only enemies in this God-forsaken valley, so watch carefully.

Player 1 starts where the 2 rivers meet in the upper right hand corner of the map.
Player 2 starts in the lower right hand corner.
Player 3 starts in the lower left hand corner.
Player 4 starts in the upper left hand corner.

This map offers a fun, non-historical battle in a dark, historical setting. The map contains 2 Inns, 6 Outposts, and 3 Signal


Andunie was an important city and port in the realm of Numenor, located on the Bay of Andunie. Though not the capital, it was
initially the largest city of Numenor. To the west lay Oromet Hill and it's Tower.

The map consists of the great port city of Andunie, it's outlaying fields and farms, and the mighty Tower on Oromet.
Inside the city are 8 unique capturable buildings in the city to generate resources. There are 4 Signal Fire towers along the
coast of the bay as well. There is also a unique Inn buliding and 2 Shipwrights. Outside the city are Signal Fires, 7 Capturable
Wind Mills, 4 capturable farms, an Inn, and an Outpost.

Player 1 starts in the city's inner keep.
Player 2 starts on the city's docks.
Player 3 starts on Oromet's mighty Tower.
Player 4 has taken control of a local lord's estate.

The city is not meant for a seige, but merely a change of scenery; however, being a city, it is somewhat more defendable than the
2 locations outside the city's walls. The outside locations are less defendable, but have a generous amount of room to expand in.

Incorporating a trading system into this map seemed important as this city is famous for it's trade. So, when a player gains
control of one of the city's Shipwrights, ships will trade with the player give them resources. This gives the player controlling
the resources gained from the docks an advantage. Pirates along the shore line are a small problem that will give the players
some thing to deal with in their down time. Also, the city's many inhabitants are all killable, however, some have been known to
fight back. Even the farmers and their sheep can fall victim to the players.

This map is intended for a 2v2 or a 1v1.


To install these maps, unzip the file and place the 3 map files here: C:\Users\(Username)\AppData\Roaming\My The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king Files\Maps
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File Author
That's some pretty mixed reviews... I would appreciate if you would give a reason for such a low rating Bobay. If I know what needs to be fixed I might be able to do something about it. Thanks for the ratings though, I appreciate it.

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