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Downloads Home » Player Created Maps » Isengard Maps- Before and During the War

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Isengard Maps- Before and During the War

Author File Description
File Details
Number of Players: 4
One Ring: Yes
AI: Yes
These two maps consist of the time periods of Isengard where it is still beautiful with gardens and trees. The other is when it is a wasteland and the Uruk-Hai have just left for Helms Deep. These two maps are ones where it is 1vs3. I will be launching two new maps of Isengard where it will be 2vs2 where no one owns Isengard. These will be when it has been flooded, and when the Ring of Isengard is destroyed by the Ents and all that remains is Orthanc. Only the Map where Isengard is still full of Trees has Gollum and the other does not because Gollum was no where near Isengard at this point ;) If you ahve any comments or suggestions about these two maps please feel free to post them (duh) or email me at the one posted on my profile page. Thankyou and rate if you wish ;).
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File Author
Can you please (after you have tried the maps) comment or email me flaws, suggestions and or good things you like about the map? Thankyou :D
witchkingsheir no offence, but i dont think very many peaple play the original version, i downloaded them and just today i relized they werent for rotwk. i will have to get my original back (loaned to freind) ill post about them later

- witch kings heir
witchkingsheir ps
do you have rotwk?
File Author
umm witch... you don't need BFME 2 ONLY to play these maps. ROTWK allows you to play both BFME 2 maps and ROTWK maps. The only reason I made them with the BFME 2 Worldbuilder, is that so EVERYONE can play them no matter what verison BFME2 or ROTWK. It doesnt work obviously with BFME 1. If you don't Believe me then try them out yourself.. and yes i do have ROTWK. :\

[Edited on 07/24/09 @ 10:42 AM]

witchkingsheir well, for some reason i cant play them... at all.

maybe you can make them on rotwk platform?

if youthink you can play original bfme2 maps on rotwk, maybe you should try it with my nazgul keep/ witch kings tomb, tell me how it works out
File Author
Yea... Well Witch I can't help ya there bud. But I know for sure that you can play BFME 2 Maps on ROTWK beacuse if you have ever heard of Helms Deep Morning Light, then you must know it had been created for BFME 2 first then had been played on ROTWK without "conversion". But if you can't play them on ROTWK, then mabye you didn't put them in Documents and Settings/(YOUR USER NAME)/ Application Data/My Lord of the Rings, Rise of the Witch King Files/Maps?

Oh, and as for your map, I dont need any more maps thanks. I dont play maps like, well i don't play maps for ROTWK anymore since I like BFME 2 Better and only use ROTWK for the RJ-ROTWK mod. For some odd reason, your the only one that has complained, so I really think this is all just a way of trying to discredit my map.

The emails I have received say things completely different to your comments.. :S. SO if you are trying to Buddy, then you need to get your head out of the game and realize that yes, IT IS JUST A GAME :P


[Edited on 07/27/09 @ 01:43 AM]

witchkingsheir sorry for troubleing you, i just really want to play these maps.

witchkingsheir wait what was that about putting it under my documents with my username?

ok thanks
witchkingsheir by the way, i can play all the maps made for nonrotwk on my original but not on rotwk (until now) so thanks for making it origional bfme2 platform just in case
File Author
Its no trouble friend, but if you would like I can try helping you out. If you have MSN or any other emails just add me or tell me if you want help that way because I am sure you know where to put ROTWK maps in that folder I mentioned.

But as for not being able to play them, well I could always just give you them by email instead of compression. Mabye thats what is causing the difficulties.

So try making sure the maps are in the correct folders, and see if the maps open alright with WinRAR or Windows ZIP wizard.

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