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Nice game in Buckland

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Total Game Time: +/- 20 minutes
Player 1's Name: HighE1venMaster
Player 1's Faction: Isengard
Player 2's Name: HighE1venWizard
Player 2's Faction: Men of the West
Player 3's Name: GoM|Delerius
Player 3's Faction: Men of the West
Player 4's Name: WarriorBlood
Player 4's Faction: Dwarves
Victor: HighE1venMaster and HighE1venWizard
A 2vs2 game in Buckland, showing a SoG spam vs. a SoG spam and Dwarves vs. Isengard.
Please rate or comment if you watched it.
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File Author
Are there still reviews done these days?

[Edited on 06/15/09 @ 03:10 PM]

Naebofcso are the highE1vens a clan just wanted to know
File Author
Yes they are ;)
algis1992 i can watch and point out a few thingys if you want, but i'm nothing of a reviewer...
i'll give you some tips as soon as i ahve watched etc.
File Author
Ok nice
algis1992 Hi, I totally forgot about this but I recently took a look in it again. I hope you where the Isengard player since i looked at him While looking i took notes. Here they are:
EDIT: there are quite some, but just so you know, at least of the players in this 2v2 game you played best and when compared to some other replays here; not all that bad. I consider myself quite a bad player and still in learning but there is far worse than me, and also far worse than you. If you took time too loos through some replays here you know what I mean.

Race: Isengard
BO: Furn Rax Furn UW Furn

A very quick 3r furn I must say. This does result in a bit of idle unit training time, but it gets the not so good economy of the 1furn+pit BO quicker up. If you can put enough pressure using the early UW than this is good, and you did well enough imo. Otherwise I would suggest to go for a 2furn.


Palantir > Wildmen > war cry > crebain > tainted land > devastation.

This was a good choise. Starting with palantir for wildmen is a good idea. The other option is
to go for crebain first. After wildmen you definitely want crebain and than devastation or industry and than watcher and than dragonstrike.
The choise of warcry is somewhat dubious but it's ok to use it to buff up your wildmen. Tainted land was a validate choice as well this time since one of your enemy's had a land power as well and so you get one to counter that.

Another note:
Bad teamwork, for example you could send in wargs to help your friend out against the sog/archer spam. You should try to work together. Try strategies that involve both players. For example let one do a cav rush while the other does a infantry start and support each other. If one is elves send an archer to your ally's base. Double up on an opponent. Aren't you of the same clan?

Notes taken during game:

- Building placement. When you go for a furn > pit > furn build you place your furn and pit at the spot where the builders spawn: as to save running time and such. Build your Furn before the pit: this way the pit won't hinder your furn % rate. What you did was wrong: you ran one builder to the bottom and one to the top and placed your pit and furn far from one other. All this does is cost time. Also because of your placement of your pit there it will hinder later furn placement (3d or 4th furn), they will have to be build farther from the fort or at a lower percentage.

- After you build a building, for example a furn, immediately run your builder to the next location you want to place a building, or hide them somewhere close too it (as to prevent builder kills). This way you won't have to run all the way when you have the money to place the building but can place it immediately. You did not do this the whole game long, remember this.

- Because of the low econ start you could get around with 1 builder after your first 3 buildings for a while. Use the other builder to take the tower to prevent your enemy from doing this. You did prevent the dwarven builder from taking the tower, quite nicely I must say, but it was close.

- I liked how you took the tower with your uruks just before the enemy builder could and how you than, after preventing it from entering the tower killed it with the same battalion of UW. Nicely done.

- You used stances and shield wall quite well, and your clumping was good too. I expect that every player can do this correctly but I found out otherwise about some here :P. However after putting your UW into shield wall but them into defensive as well when engaging units. And aggressive when attacking building, though I have seen good player use defensive to kill building if under heavy attack or fort fire. After putting you uruks into shield wall you left them on normal.

- You went for a 2nd pit before going for wargs.
Nothing wrong with that. It's a good choice against dwarves. But this is not a 1v1 match. Your ally had no cav as well and the enemy men player was spamming archers and sog. A quick warg would have turned the tide for your ally in this battle against the enemy men.

- You abused the towers on buckland by taking one with an x-bow.

- You should have destroyed that outpost much earlier, you let the dwarve have it far too long.
It was quite possible for you to do it.

- Palantir can be used for other purposes than scouting as well: speeding up your units, make sure the units are within the white circle when you cast it.

- 4 Furnaces are NOT enough to support 3 pb's.
2 pits and a warg-pit. You payed for this in idle pit unit training time as you did not have enough money to train from both pits and the warg pit and try to expand and get hero's. This kills the reason for having 2 pits. You need to get 2 more furns before doing this.

- When a unit is lvl2 retreat him and don't let him die, he will heal. I saw a lot of lvl1 units
but no lvl2 ones. This means bad unit preservation, micro better, retreat and heal your lvl2 units. This is especially important if you play with Isengard who has strong but expansive units.

- When I go 2nd pit before wargs I normally upgrade my pit for berzerkers before getting wargs. Especially against dwarves.The reason for going for wargs before doing this would ofc be to help your friend against the sog/archer spam. But than you should have gone for wargs after your first pit I think.

- When the wargs popped out you should immediately send them to help your ally who was in trouble against the sog/archer spam.

- You should have gotten lurtz earlier. To get him to lvl4 and take care of gimli and boromir.

- You sacrificed a warg battalion and an uruk one against the enemy lvl 2 rax without killing it..
After you saw the enemy army pop out of the mine you should have judged the situation an retreated your units. However it's good you did not keep throwing more units at it until you killed it or lost all your units until you had sufficient troops. A lot of people got suicidal intention, luckily yours are within reason.

- At some point you did some bad harassment, there was a mine easy to destroy, and ti was almost the only one besides the one near the fort. You had scouted it with palantir. Why did you not destroy that mine first before trying to kill the one defended by fort fire?

- Upgrade your lvl2 pit to lvl3 before upgrading your lvl1 warg-pit to lvl2. The lvl2 uruk-pit was your most expensive building at the point (350+500=850 = 350 more than warg-pit) and it held key to producing berzerkers. It takes a long time to build a new pit AND UP it. While you can more easily replace a warg-pit.

- Something about lumber mills: after you build them train 2 laborers for maximum efficiency.

- Don't build your siegeworks at home if you plan to use rams. They are slow. Build your siegeworks fwd.

- Nice killing of casfloat by upping pb's and fort. :P.

[Edited on 12/02/09 @ 10:37 AM]

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