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Insomniax Siege Mod v2.5

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Code Modification: Yes
Insomniax Siege Mod v2.5
for Battle for Middle-Earth II
By LedMirage 5/09/2006

a) While installing or uninstalling this mod make sure you have quit the game and are NOT running the game alt-tabbed out (minimized).
b) Do NOT delete the original files "ini.big" and "bases.big" anymore, the -mod method does not require modifying the original game files.

1- Unzip all contents of this zip file into your: "..\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\" folder, you should have the following folder after you extract them:

..\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\Mods\Insomniax\ (There will be 3 folders inside, Art, Data and Bases)

2- To load up the mod you will need to make a new shortcut on your desktop for the game and add a command line to it, to do this right click your existing game shortcut and from the menu choose COPY, then right click on your desktop and choose PASTE, you will now have a new shortcut, rename it so you know it's the one for the Insomniax Mod.

3- Edit this new shortcut by again right clicking on it and choosing PROPERTIES, on the TARGET box you will add the command line -mod followed by the path to the Insomniax Mod, fot example my game is installed in C:\Games, and this is how my shortcut for the mod looks (Note: You must use all the quotes):

"C:\Games\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\lotrbfme2.exe" -mod "C:\Games\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\Mods\Insomniax"

If your game is installed in say D:\My stuff\BFME2, then your shortcut would look like this:

"D:\My stuff\BFME2\lotrbfme2.exe" -mod "D:\My stuff\BFME2\Mods\Insomniax"

(Note: You must use all the quotes)

4- To launch the game with the modified version use the newly created shortcut with the -mod command, to launch the normal non-modified version of the game use the original default shortcut, in this manner you can have multiple mods and launch with whichever you choose at any time.

5- Play and have fun!

1- Delete the folder ..\Mods\Insomniax\

What does it do?
The very short version:

1- All buildings take one fifth the normal base damage from all damage types except from Siege units and flame damage; Siege units (catapults, ballistas) do half the normal
damage; Ents, Mumakils and Mountain Giants do their normal siege damage. This rebalancing is short from just a small armor type change, all faction and hero powers were
tested and had their damage vs. buildings scaled specifically vs. Buildings to offset the armor change and thus retaining the original intended "end game" damage from
special powers.

2- Improved A.I.: Better counter logic, better group maneuvers, better army composition, new base layout, will upgrade all units, will use all units.

3- Elves will use the Giant Eagle and Goblins will use the Fire Drake, I still have to find out a way for the AI to use the other Fortress super weapons properly.

4- Fixed a number of game bugs: Mordor Doom Pyres bug, Mirkwood Archer Population count bug, Dwarven Guardian classified as cavalry bug, etc.

5- Global Wall Changes:
Wall Hubs have 3 times (300%) more health.
Wall Gates cost reduced to 250 for Isengard and Elven faction.
Dwarven Wall Postern Gate Health fixed to match those of all Dwarven Walls
Wall Armor value tweaks.

6- Added a new elven infantry unit the Galadhrim Soldiers, this was inspired by Steve Shepherd's (AKA Gholin) Elven Guard mod, however I ended up completely redoing all the
animations and other stats, it took me more than four days to get all the animations working properly (EVERY animation works properly). Also new text strings, buttons, and even
a much higher resolution set of unit textures were created and added by me, enjoy!

7- Added health regeneration for Monster units (Trolls, Mumakils, Giants, Ents, Berserkers) and Banner Carriers for ALL races, there is a standard delay when out of combat for the
health regeneration to kick in: 15 seconds for Monsters, 20 seconds for Banner carrier hordes. This was completely based on Troll Buddy's "Monster and Banner Regen Mod" so
credit for this much needed modification go to him.

8- Troll Create a Hero weapons are now Area Effect, they are balanced and have 3 different statistics based on size of the weapon, it works properly with the Poison special ability.

9- Treebeard has been improved vastly, his melee and ranged attacks deal 50% more damage, has a much better armor, a much larger Area effect melee attack, and can summon Ents!
Cost changed to 6,000 from 2,000 and command point raised to 100 from 50.

10- The Mordor and Goblin Special Power Untamed Allegiance has been changed, it now summons 3 cave trolls. There is a known bug currently: If you summon the Trolls on top of other
units the trolls will not appear but the power will count as being used, I am looking for a way to resolve this, meanwhile simply avoid summoning the trolls on top of other units.

11- New Improved Damage Scalar Values for damage taken when crushing Pikemen for all Big Monster units and Mounted Heroes. The damage for cavalry remains the same; these are the changes:
Damage Taken reduced to 5% for: +WildGoblinKing +MordorMouthOfSauron +MordorGothmog +EvilMenBlackRider +IsengardSharku +RohanEomer +RohanEowyn +GondorFaramir +GondorGandalf +RohanTheoden +CreateAHero
Damage Taken reduced to 10% for: +DwarvenBattleWagon (default value) +MordorMumakil +RohanTreeBerd +WildMountainGiant +RohanGenericEnt
Damage Taken reduced to 20% for: +WildFireDrake +WildShelob +MordorMountainTroll +MordorAttackTroll +MordorDrummerTroll +GoblinCaveTroll
The basee damage taken for crushing a pikemen (regardless of unit type) is 250 per unit ran over, a mounted hero at 5% is still taking 12.5 damage per unit MULTIPLIED by it's armor vulnerability to Pikemen, even at the new current values pikemen are deadly to these units, the difference is your Mumakil or hero won't die in under 2.1 seconds while you look away.

12- Cave Trolls now have knockback resistance. Both Mountain and Cave Trolls have a better Area effect melee attack and can run over infantry as cavalry would (much like in BFME1),
they retain their vulnerability to Pikemen, but have improved armor vs. all other infantry types. The Troll Drummer has Troll Armor now as the default game had them with Cavalry
armor. Both trolls come out in melee mode as default, cost increased to 600 from 500.

13- Ents and Mountain giants command point cost reduced to 25 from 50, this is to offset the fact that other races can have low command point and lower cost siege weapons. Both
Ents and Mountain Giants have improved armor which allow them to fight better in melee.

14- New Textures for the Galadhrim Soldier unit addition (button, unit, banner) and new textures for the Elven Lorien Warriors and Archers.

15- There are a lot more tweaks and balance changes to list here, enjoy!

Version History:
Version 2.5 5/09/2006
- More art tweaks to the new Summon Cave Trolls power (replaces Untamed Allegiance).
- Cave Trolls now have knockback resistance (like all other Trolls)
- Cave Trolls and Mountain Trolls have an improved melee weapon and can run over units like cavalry (the way they were designed), their armor vs. all infantry is improved slighty
but they retain their vulnerability to pikemen.
- New Textures for the Galadhrim Soldier unit! No more blurry elves and banners! :-)
Version 2.4 5/07/2006
- Fixed a bug with the Men of the West and Goblin AI Bases (oops!)
- Fixed a couple of the new strings for the Galadhrim Soldier unit.
- Silverthorn Arrows Magic damage vs. Heroes, Machines and Structures reduced significantly (no more insta-dead Balrog!)
- Structure, Farm and Tower Armors damage vs. Flame reduced (half).
- Mountain and Cave Troll Melee attack area effect increased slightly and Armor vs. infantry increased significantly.

Version 2.3 5/06/2006
- Moved to better -mod command line system for mod loading.
- Created a loading screen to indicated the mod is correctly loaded.
- Treebeard Improved vastly and can now summon Ents!
- Mountain Giants and Ent Armor Improved
- Tweaks to retaliation damage vs. large monsters and mounted heroes, your Heroes should not insta-die anymore!
- New Textures for Elven Lorien Archers and Warriors... no more insta-blonde archers!
- Untamed Allegiance Special Power changed to Summon Cave Trolls!
- Mumakils now take 300% damage from siege weapons for balance reasons.

Version 2.2 4/30/2006
- Update to work with official v1.03 patch
- Tweaks to wall armors.
- Galadhrim Soldier now has the Fire Arrows upgrade available instead of Silverthorn Arrows.
- Galadhrim Soldier cost increased to 800.
- Galadhrim Soldier Horde size increased from 10 to 15.
- Galadhrim Soldier Health reduced from 520 to 250.
- Galadhrim Soldier Melee damage increased to 160 and 320 with upgrade.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
I have the same problem as Warg Lord. I did as you said, instilled the orignal ini.big file, unziped the mod folder, used your -mod command and some error.

Unknown field 'ShadowLOD' in block 'StaticGameLOD'.

Error parsing field 'ShadowLOD' in block 'StaticGameLOD' in file 'Data\INI\GameLOD.ini, line 20

Error parsing INI block ' ShadowLOD' in file 'Data\INI\GameLOD.ini'.
5 addresses:
(unknown)(0): game.dat+241854 Debug::PostStaticInit+390
(unknown)(0): game.dat+2293586 UnicodeString::UnicodeString+55427
(unknown)(0). game.dat+2324267 GameClientRandomVariable::setRange+15884
(unknown)(0): game.dat+6447883 Xfer::operator==+119771
(unknown)(0): kernel32.dll+93519 RegisterWaitForInputIdle+73

Because of the severity of this error the game will now exit.

I hope that this will help you, because I really wanna try out your elf unit.

I use the 1.01 version! Should I have any other?

I played a little and deleted the GameLOD.ini file. Then he had a problem with miscaudio.ini. After that the ELVEN_MIRKWOOD_ARCHER_DAMAGE_UPGRADE_PIERCE error.
After that it had problems with your create-a-hero special powers and special powers themself. I'm sorry to say, but it looks like your whole edit is somehow corrupted/buggy (don't know how, but it looks that way on my comp)!

PLZ fix it :)

BTW, could you make a single ini.big file, like Gholin did on his elven guard, but only for your new Elven unit.

[Edited on 06/18/06 @ 03:35 AM]

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