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Nenya vs Shawdster

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Total Game Time: Find out
Player 1's Name: Shawdster
Player 1's Faction: Men of the West
Player 2's Name: Terrence0619 (Nenya)
Player 2's Faction: Angmar
Victor: Shawdster (about time)
Shawdster finally wins this game.
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Map: Tournament Snow 1v1
Starting positions: Terrence0619[Angmar] - South
Shawdster[MoTW] - North

Terrence0619[Angmar] - South

Build Order: Mill->Mill->HotKM->Mill->Thrall Master->Mill
PP Path: Fail Wind->Summon Orcs

You had a very good build order that would set you up for a good economy come mid and late game but you rushed into it too fast. Angmar is a spam faction and you should make good use of their cheap thralls to harrasse enemy resources. You got your 2nd HoTKM which was a good idea but ideally you should have at least 3 to maintain a good thrall spam going. The game was basically decided when you tried to keep your opponent on his side of the map by building a defensive tower near the eastern inn which was not a good investment. Since you reached the inn first, you should have destroyed the inn to deny him fast and cheap access to Rangers. As Angmar, it's not a good idea to capture inns since wildmen are really weak to cavalry and archers. You also focused too much on getting fast upgrades when you should have been focusing on trying to cripple your enemies economy. You did a good job defending and you were eventually able to repel his waves of Rangers but you continued to play defensively. After you had pushed him back you should have destroyed the inn instead of recapturing it and tried to raid any nearby farms. You made a good choice recruiting Hwalder since you needed the leadership to match up with Boromir but you didn't put it too good use by not building enough thralls and instead continued to build Dark Rangers which would get killed as soon as they spawned.

[+] Got an early Hwalder
[+] Good use of Fell Wind

[=] Built first two mills at 97%+
[=] So-so use of stances

[-] Built a defensive tower in early game.
[-] Captured inn instead of destroying it.
[-] Tried to go into late game a little too soon.

Tips for Improvement:
1. Be more aggresive. He can't reach your base if he doesn't have the resources to recruit units.
2. Defensive towers are rarely worth building except on rare occassions.
3. Use your thralls more effectively and try to get a 3rd HoTKM built.
4. Don't rush into late game without having your opponent under control.

Rating: 2/5

Shawdster[MoTW] - North

Build Order: Farm->Farm->Barracks->Farm->Soldiers of Gondor->Soldiers of Gondor
PP Path: Rallying Call->Heal->Arrow Volley->Summon Tom Bombadil

You played a pretty good game. You took a risk at building your archery range and upgrading it to level 3 right away without having complete control of the game but it paid off in the long run. You did well to stay from the defensive tower your opponent built making him waste resources. You took advantage of the map and inns to gain access to fast Rangers which controlled the remainder of the match. For future games, just work on keeping your rangers alive. A good majority of the Rangers you lost were due to his fortress fire and his defensive upgrades. Target the upgrade itself and not the dogs which Im sure was probably something you might not even have noticed. I also noticed you kept your Boromir in aggressive stance for quite a while, maybe you hadn't noticed but it is best to keep hereos in defensive stance while fighting units to keep them alive longer.

[+] Good use of stances and block formation with SoG
[+] Good use of the inns to get access to Rangers/Fire Arrows.
[+] Good use of Arrow Volley
[+] Took advantage of the opponent's mistake to gain control of the match.

[=] So-so use of Rallying Call
[=] Built first two farms at 97%+

[-] Always keep your heroes in defensive stance unless destroying structures.
[-] Didn't expand as much you could have but minor flaw since it was a small map.
[-] Didn't protect archers very well.
[-] Use clumping when destroying structures. You'd be surprised how much faster they'll fall.

Tips for Improvement:
1. Try to keep a set of SoG of Pikes in front of your archers as a meatshield to avoid losing them.
2. Work on your hero stances but nothing too major.
3. If you see that he has nothing much left but are still unable to take down his fortress then destroying his outposts on either corner. Outposts are equivalent to about 2.5 resource buildings so losing them would greatly hurt his economy production.

Rating: 3/5

Overall game rating: 2/5

Explanation: The game was pretty one sided but it is still worth watching to get a small idea on how to use MoTW on tournament snow.

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