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Nenya Vs Shawdster

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Total Game Time: find out
Player 1's Name: Shawdster
Player 1's Faction: Men of the West
Player 2's Name: Terrence0619 (Nenya)
Player 2's Faction: Elves
Victor: Nenya
This is a pretty good example of how scouting can save you, when watching the replay, look for where I use farsight.

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Map: Fords of Isen II
Starting positions: Terrence0619[Elves] - West
Shawdster[MoTW] - East

Overall game rating: 2/10

Explanation: This matchup featured two defensive players, one just happened to be more defensive than the other so he lost. The game played out way longer than it should have and I do not reccommend this replay to anyone who is trying to learn how to play. In higher level play, the players are a lot more aggressive and so defensive players almost always lose. There are certain cases when playing defensive plays off but playing defensive when you have your opponent cornered? Not something I would do...

Terrence0619[Elves] - West

Build Order: Mallorn Tree->Mallorn Tree->Green Pasture->Rivendell Lancers->Barracks->Lorien Archers
PP Path: Farsight->Rallying Call->Heal

Alrite, well it seems your play style is a very defensive style that's is trying to become more aggressive. The first thing I noticed was that your build order was on the right track and that you were trying to hide your Green Pasture. It was a good idea overall but the location you picked to hide your Green Pasture wasn't that great. Any player that knows what he is doing will go around your base looking for resource buildings and would have stumbled upon your production building, same goes for your two barracks. Had your opponent been any good, he would have destroyed them easily. It is better to play it safe and just place all your production buildings witihng firing range of your fortress. You have the right ideas but you seem to be getting your priorities wrong. You got practically every Elven hero on your side instead of investing into all that money into Mirks and Silverthorne. You had him cornered but didn't expand as fast as you should have. Your goals throughout the game should be as follows: Map control->mass units->upgrades>heroes.

[+] Good cavalry build order
[+] Took advantage of a camping opponent and expanded/upgraded
[+] Prevented MoTW from obtaining Rangers
[+] Good choice of Glorfindel and Haldir
[+] Nice use of Mirks camo abilitys

[=] So-so micro of cavalry.
[=] Harrassed early resource buildings.
[=] So-so use of clumping.
[=] Proper stance usage could be better.

[-] Building your production buildings outside of your fortress' range of fire is really risky.
[-] Bad priority between heros and upgrades.
[-] Too defensive

Tips for Improvement:
1. Try to keep your production building withing firing range of your fortress unless you're going for a really aggressive approach which you didn't do in this match.
2. Heroes should always be in defensive when under attack. You lost your Glorfidenl stupidly by chasing his builder when he probably could have got him and lived in defensive stance.
3. Try not to destroy the lairs. Have your heroes destroy the monster to level up and then return to them again once the monster has respawned. Its a good way to level up heroes. (Unless you REALLY need the money.
4. You had the money to get fast Mirks+Silverthorne and you chose to go with Elrond?

Terrence0619's Rating: 2.5/5

Shawdster[MoTW] - West

Build Order: Farm->Barracks->Rohan Spearmen->Farm->Soldiers of Gondor->Rohan Spearmen
PP Path: Rebuild->Tom Bombadil

Alrite, where do I begin. You started off with a really aggressive build order so I assumed you knew what you were doing but then I noticed you sent your first battallion to attack the warg lair when they should have been sent to attack your opponents resources. You have the game won just by your early decisions but it all fell apart when you chose to play defensive. You also attempted to capture the inn one second too late. That should have been your first priority because spearmen plus rangers would have put the elven player under more pressure. You also took a risk by building investing a lot of money into a stables without having any control on your opponent. Then you got two sets of KODA and lost them both stupidly. I reccommend you watch this replay for yourself so you can see all the openings that you missed due to your lack of aggressiveness.

[+] Tried to capture inn for cheap Rangers.
[+] Good use of Rohirrim against unguarded Mirks
[+] Early KODA.
[+] Good use of Rebuild

[=] Fast
[=] So-so use of Tom Bombadil

[-] Rebuild as a first power.
[-] Played defensive.
[-] Didn't expand.
[-] Horribe use of KODA.

Tips for Improvement:
1. When playing against Elves, you must play very aggressive because if you let them upgrade then it will be very hard to come back.
2. MoTW can outspam the Elven faction very easily but you need to expand more to keep up with your soldier spam.
3. You tried too hard to defend when you should have been raiding his resources. You could have easily destroyed his level 2 barracks with Rally Call if you played your cards properly.
4. Work on stances and micro.

Shawdster's Rating: 1/5

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