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Elves vs Isengard

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Total Game Time: fairly short
Player 1's Name: VEN| ENRIQUE
Player 1's Faction: Isengard
Player 2's Name: Terrence0619(Nenya)
Player 2's Faction: Elves
Victor: Terrence 0619
Note that this was a tournament match and he was random, so farsight was necessary.
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Official Reviewer
1v1 on Forlindon
Terrence0619 (Elves) vs VEN|ENRIQUE (Isengard)

Terrence0619 (Elves)


[+]Used stances well
[+]Got hero early
[+]Held a very good line, even though you didnt make any mallorn trees in the space that you had you still kept him in a small area of the map


[=]Used silverthorn on very strong archers


[-]Didn't make mallorn trees in land that you had protected.
[-]Played defensive

Overall score: 2.5
You played well despite the fact that you were playing defensive. It was a slow game with little attacking so you seized that opportunity and got upgraded mirkwood archers which was a really good move i think.

VEN|ENRIQUE (Isengard)


[+]Got hero early
[+]Spammed units out quite fast
[+]Good mix of units


[=] Cripple shot was effective
[=] Crebain used well


[-]Didn't use stances to well, you had stances sometimes but didn't really use them
[-]Played very defensive
[-]Warg sentries are crap, they are a waste of money and arn't effective
[-]Left the game

Overall score: 1
Played very defensive and it wasn't really enjoyable to watch. The best part if your game was how you spammed all the units but other than that it wasn't to good.

Overall Game Score:2.5
I'm not a big fan of the defensive game, there were some attacks but little recourses because no one built mallorn trees or furnaces.

[Edited on 08/23/07 @ 06:20 AM]

Terrence0619 (Elves) vs VEN|ENRIQUE (Isengart)


Build Order: Pit+Furnace--->Furnace
Strategy: Uruks- and xbow-spam--->lurtz--->spam+berserkers

+ good builder order
+ good stances
+ saved builder+lurtz very well

= warg-centuries are strong, but expanseive...i think this game there was no need for them
= im not sure if there was need for 3 pits
= walls are most games useless...i wouldnt have built some

- you used too much xbows i think
- you just attacked one time
- upgrades would have been very usefull

in general i would say you played not really bad, but you did nearly no harrassing and spamming expensive units (like uruks) is no good idea...better try to get upgrades...good was that u expanded in the beginning and used lurtz good...but i cant give you more than 2 points

Rating: 2


Buildorder: Tree+Barracks--->Tree
Strategy: Some Warriors--->Glorfindel--->Mirkwoods--->silverthorn

+ good buildorder
+ destroyed the enemies economy-building (capturable) fast
+ good stances
+ got upgrades
+ saved mirkwoods good vs saruman

= it's very risky to go that fast for mirkwoods...a good isen would maybe have killed you
= maybe u could have used horses to destroy the economy

- in my opinion you started with the wrong power
- at the beginning there was no need for creeping...capturing the building faster would have been better
- you should expand more next game

you went fast for the strong mirkwoods and i was good...this game, against better isen players this can make you lose the game, because its hard to defend good attacks while going for mirkwoods. I give you 3.5 points, you did no important mistakes, but you could have played more aggressive and you could have done more expanding...in other words: you did just the basics of elven-playing...but it was ok

Rating: 3

Overall: Terrence was the better player, he did the better strategy and pushed the enemy back when he get mirkwoods, because of a not that strong isen palyer the entertaining wasnt really good (2.5)...so ill rate it overall 3

Rating: 3

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