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Downloads Home » 1v1 Replays » Dwarves v Mordor-AT and Gloin

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Dwarves v Mordor-AT and Gloin

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Player 1's Name: Thrandur
Player 1's Faction: Dwarves
Player 2's Name: bathedinlight
Player 2's Faction: Mordor
Okay, so this is my dwarven strat that i used when i finally started using heroes. Haha. But the game is pretty good i think for my 3rd time playing online. I use a buttload of AT's and some Phalanx when he cranks out the Nazguls. It took me a while to get them down, but in the end, i oulled it off.
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Official Reviewer
Rating: 1.5
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Additional Comments:
[center][c=9966ff]1 vs. 1 on Harlindon
Thandur (Dwarves) vs. bathedinlight (Mordor)[/center][/c]

[b][i]Thandur (Dwarves)[/b][/i]

Build Order: [i] Mine >>> Mine >>> Hall of Warriors >>> Mine[/i]


[+] Finally, some siege units! :D
[+] Gloin and Dain were a good team to take out his archers.


[=]A steady stream of units was always coming, but they had to travel across the map to reach the battle.
[=] Your forward Range would’ve done much more damage with the element of surprise if it had been hidden, say, in the flanks of his base. *wink*
[=] Your builders were inactive a majority of the time.


[-] No stances.
[-] I wouldn’t wait so long to attack; the faster you attack and bring the fight to his base, the sooner you can put him off balance and win.
[-] Mines are not only used for resources! A forward Mine could have transported reinforcements much faster to his base. Mines are the most powerful tool of the Dwarves.
[-]Why didn’t you build more pikemen?! You saw that his deadliest units were the Nazgûl, but you kept on building AT that just got mowed down.

[b]Overall score: 2[/b]

Although you won, you still have to delve into the intricacies of the Dwarves that make them powerful, like Mines and upgrades. I would work on employing tactics like that to finish off a relatively bad player like this quicker.

[b][i]bathedinlight (Mordor)[/b][/i]

Build Order: [i] Slaughter House >>> Slaughter House >>> Nazgûl >>> Orc Pit[/i]


[+] That was certainly an interesting strategy you used, buying a Nazgûl so early and relying on Tainted Land to protect your base. If your opponent had rushed you would have been at a major disadvantage, but it kind of worked out well. :)
[+] Excellent micros on the Nazgûl (even if you didn’t use stances *sad*)
[+] Early Fire Arrows gave you an edge. Not much, but it kept you alive for some time.


[=] Stances sometimes.
[=] That tavern kind of sat there doing nothing after the Fire Arrows were researched.
[=] Relocation?


[-] You didn’t seem to have any desire to take the fight to your opponent’s base (i.e. no offense) (N)
[-] You could have killed Gloin faster with the Morgul Blade power once you got it.
[-] Basically no melee units at all, except a couple of Orcs. Trolls? Easterlings? More Orcs? Archers can’t do it all!
[-] MoS?! You had two leveled up Nazgûl! Why did you build the MoS?!

[b]Overall score: 1.5[/b]

I only give you this high of a score for you because of the awesome use of Nazgul, nothing else. You had no offence, no desire for offense, and some pretty bad turtling. Things to work on: basic offence. Seriously. If you can’t attack, you can’t win.

Overall Game Score:[b]1.5[/b]

I would not watch this unless you really want to see the Nezgul micro, but it’s really not worth it. There’s no really awesome strat used here, just domination that took too long to end.

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