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men versus angmar

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Total Game Time: *****
Player 1's Name: Renoronom
Player 1's Faction: Angmar
Player 2's Name: insane
Player 2's Faction: Men of the West
Victor: Renoronom
Great angmar game!!!
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Official Reviewer
[center][c=9966ff]1 vs. 1 on Fords of Isen II
insanesameri (MOTW) vs. Rentaromon (Angmar)[/center][/c]

[b][i]insanesameri (MOTW)[/b][/i]

Build Order: [i]Archery Range >>> Farm >>> Archers >>> Farm[/i]


[+] As always, hurray for stances!
[+] Faramir was a great choice, because he could kill more units will his bow. I would have built him first, but hey, it’s your game. *wink*
[+] Arrow Tower was a good choice to assist with the large amount of units that he had.


[=] I really think that if some cavalry could have rushed his base and destroyed a Barracks or two, you could have set him off balance and possibly won.
[=] A relocation could have worked in this area, maybe.
[=] Where you built your second barracks probably should have been where your first one should have been. *wink*


[-] Though your units were obviously superior, he beat you with just shear weight of numbers. *sad*
[-] After the first rush, you didn’t have anymore attacks near his base, kept back by his attacks.
[-] You lost Boromir about 3 times. :p Ah well, he was expendable.

[b]Overall score: 3[/b]

Despite your losing, you didn’t play such a bad game. You were just faced with an awesome player that knew the game well. Things to work on: Choosing which units/heroes to build at the right time.

[b][i]Rentaromon (Angmar)[/b][/i]

Build Order: [i]Mill >>> Mill >>> Hall of the King’s Men >>> Mill[/i]


[+] An expert Thrall Master rush perfectly executed, with an awesome follow-up of flanking trolls. *nod*
[+] Always had enough resources, mainly because of the low cost of the Thrall Masters and the fact that you were always building more Mills.
[+] Excellent countering of insane’s units. He built a unit, and you countered it, time and time again.
[+] Four Barracks producing Thrall Masters continually. It kind of boggles the mind. :{


[=] Stances sometimes.
[=] I, personally, would have built Rogash to kill his units more quickly. *wink*


[-] Some Snow Trolls to kill his units?
[-] The secret flanking base could have finished him off much sooner.

[b]Overall score: 4.5[/b]

Total. And. Utter. Domination. Without. Being. An. Ownage. Replay. :p the only reason I didn’t give this a five is because you could have finished him off sooner, but well done. :D

[center]Overall Game Score:[b]4.5[/b][/center]

Every player must watch this. There is no choice, you must do it. In this you’ll see the best play of Angmar I’ve ever seen, with continual action and suspense. It’s like the drama movies on TV, but with Thrall Masters as the main characters. :p
rentaromon wow. thx for the complament but if u where me you would be langhing your head off. i just thought this was to pros facing eachother, imigine my surprise to see the second player was myself!!! i thought it was a game with me being crushed by a good player at first glance, becouse the winner ushually is the one who posts. but here is where it gets sad.

I am not a angmar player!

im fully isengard but sometimes i use angmar for fun, but i ushually lose easy. when i played this game i thought i did poorly but won with a nooby spamm. so i was shocked to see i was said to be a master player or something. i didnt even know what a thrall spam or whatever strat i used was i just wanted many units =P

i may just switch to angmar fully after reading this. lol

edit:hay u spelled my name rong its rentaromon.

[Edited on 09/30/07 @ 05:23 PM]

J0nNy oh sorry...clicked wrong

[Edited on 11/07/07 @ 12:48 PM]

to be honest i cant understand a rating of 4.5...in my opinion its not better than a 2.

I really dont want to annoy the 2 players, but let my try to explain why i think the rating is (much) too high:

The men played "wrong" from the beginning on, archer-start is in my opinion a bad choice, because u cant destroy buildings with them until u get fire...and this needs time, so a start with barracks would have been much better.

Most mistakes were made on both sides--->ive never seen one of them saving a hero...a hero is expanseive, dont let them die like normal units
2nd minor mistake was that noone controlled the flanks...both just went through the middle, so both were able to get a good economie...you can easy win if u dont let this happen

but back tot he men...boromir was the onliest hero i would have used...faramir is too weak against lots of units, because he can kill just 1 unit per shot and has no area damage (like the dwarven hero)....boromir is more usefull with his level2-power.
theoden was maybe ok...but he's better to use with cav, cause he has not enough hp for a real fight and for eomer there is no need if u got theoden.

the angmar was the better player, but he could have played better too...for examplehis trolls went most of the tme just to the castle and died there...they can be much more usefull and if he would have attacked good (the eco of the men, who had just the stupid bows) the game wuld have taken not more than 5 minutes

so my rating for the men is 1 (the onliest + was in my opinion that he did enough expanding)
and the angmar gets a 2.5, he had good basics, but not more

entertaining was ~2...so i rate it a 2

EDIT: sorry next time i try to make the review like the other guy

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