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Downloads Home » 2v2 ROTWK Replays » Ludson244&Cinnis vs SexyPistol&DIAsbestGOD part 2

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Ludson244&Cinnis vs SexyPistol&DIAsbestGOD part 2

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Player 1's Name: Ludson244
Player 1's Faction: Dwarves
Player 2's Name: Cinnis
Player 2's Faction: Elves
Player 3's Name: SexyPistol
Player 3's Faction: Men of the West
Player 4's Name: DIAsbestGOD
Player 4's Faction: Isengard
Victor: Who do you think? :D Ludson244&Cinnis
Personally I think this was the better game for us. Really great lancer rush from cinnis (apart from that one little accident)
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Official Reviewer
[center][c=9966ff]2 v 2 on Minhiriath – Part 2
Ludson224 (Dwarves) and Cinnis (Elves) vs. SexyPistol (MOTW) and DIASbestGOD (Isengard)[/center][/c]

[b][i]Ludson224 (Dwarves)[/b][/i]

Build Order: [i] Mine >>> Mine >>> Hall of Warriors >>> Guardians[/i]


[+] I didn’t even notice King Dain for a long time! *surprised*
[+] I just noticed how you capture that outpost every game. Good thought.
[+] Excellent uses of the Battlewagon against his rangers.
[+] Destroyed his fortress, causing him to quit. Again.


[=] Stances… sometimes.


[-] It might help to turn your mines around so they’re facing the way you want. For example, turn your first one to the Barracks so your units don’t have to go all the way around to get in. Small things like that really help.
[-] An idea to counter those rushes like the Warg one: Build another mine in the midst of Cinnis’ buildings so you can get your pikes there quickly.

[b]Overall score: 3[/b]

A good game for you, but kind of repetitive. I think some upgrades to that forgotten forge would have done you well, but a nice win for you. :)

[b][i]Cinnis (Elves)[/b][/i]

Build Order: [i] Tree >>> Tree >>> Green Pasture >>> Lancers[/i]


[+] Stances!
[+] I must say, that’s one of the best Lancer rushes I’ve ever seen, made especially effective by the two-pronged attack! *surprised* :D
[+] Outstanding offense throughout this game; you kept him distracted enough for Ludson to fight the battle on the other end to the finish.


[=] [b]Builder[/b], not the building!
[=] So-so use of Rallying Call. Use it when you’re attacking immediately, otherwise you’re just wasting precious time with that buff.
[=] For a better micro next time, I would try using hotkeys to keep track of the rushing unit quickly.


[-] You definitely had the chance to destroy his Warg Lair or Uruk Pit, but you didn’t, instead choosing to destroy more resources. When you have such a powerful force early on and a wide open chance to cripple him, take it.
[-] You needlessly drove your Lancers into a battalion of pike men to no avail.
[-] Glorfindel was unnoticed for quite a long while.
[-] Lost builder very quickly.

[b]Overall score: 3.5[/b]

Excellent Lancer rush. What more can I say? :D There are some things you still need to work on, but I can see you improving. (Y)

[b][i]SexyPistol (MOTW)[/b][/i]

Build Order: [i] Archery Range >>> Farm >>> Farm >>> Archers[/i]


[+] Stances!
[+] *Very* quick Rangers and Fire Arrows, an effective counter to Ludson’s infantry.
[+] You and your partner had a very nice defense system by your sheltering him when he was down, as you can see from your first Arrow Tower expansion.


[=] It’s amazing to me how long you could go with only one unit out there. That’s was a risky move, because if your base had been attacked, you would have been defenseless.


[-] When you saw your partner getting clobbered by his Lancer rush, why didn’t you at least send a builder to build a supporting barracks?
[-] Too easily lost archers.
[-] You wimp. You left the game, again. *angry*

[b]Overall score: 2[/b]

I hate quitters. A good, quick upgrade of archers resulting in an nice, early offence, but you still quit. *sad*

[b][i]DIASbestGOD (Isengard)[/b][/i]

Build Order: [i] Warg Pit >>> Furnace >>> Upgrade Warg Pit >>> Furnace[/i]


[+] Good on ya for having another relocation ready early.
[+] Good location of your buildings.
[+] An alright rush, destroying a couple of buildings. :)


[=] You started to (again) use the Lumber Mill in the back of the base, but it was too predictable from the last game and was easily destroyed by Cinnis.


[-] No stances. *cop*
[-] You should have built a pikeman unit *first*, instead of after a unit of warriors.

[b]Overall score: 1[/b]

Weak game with one gleaming Warg attack, but really, don’t give up once your mate has left you. Things to work on: Rushing, building the right units, mixing up the strategies.

Overall Game Score:[b]2.5[/b]

An enjoyable game featuring a superb Lancer Rush by the Elves and a wimp of a player who left once his Fortress was destroyed. Not much else in here, though, so watch only if interested. *wink*

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