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Dwarves vs men

Author File Description
Sir Snoopy
File Details
Player 1's Name: Sir Snoopy
Player 1's Faction: Dwarves
Player 2's Name: Someone
Player 2's Faction: Men of the West
Victor: The under dog
Please tell me what I did wrong
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majordima Well, first i'm surprised not even one of you captured the outposts.
The main problem was the lack of attention to the first archer hero faramir built by him, he took your first rushing team without you even doing anything about it, your enemy built a lot more resources earlier than you.
I didn't like the only axe throwers thing, you could've tried building a hero, by the time he built boromir it was lost for you, as he had rangers, a L10 hero and started taking down all of your mine shafts.

So, to sum it up:
- Build resources earlier, even while rushing you can still devote some time to sending the builders to build.
- Use heroes!
- Capture outposts early.
- More unit diversion may work, tho with slow dwarves I'm not sure since they are my least favorite army.
Sir Snoopy
File Author
How do you get more heroes? I never have the eco untill late, late, game, or I play elves
majordima Dwarven heros are expensive, but theres one cheap hero, Barand, costs 1200 I think, to get proper eco for early heroes build earlier resource structures and take over outposts.

for other factions, men have Boromir, faramir, theodon (weak so I don't recommend building), Eomer (excelent hero at L2 gets resource pillaging and can be used to make a lot of resources) and Eowyn, all 5 are cheap, I recommend taking boromir and eomer early.

Angmar, got Morgomir and hawaldar which are fairly cheap and can be built early.
Elves got Haldir, Erwen and Glorfindel which are cheap, I suggest Glorfindel of course.
Mordor got Gotmog and mouth of sauron, both excelent and cheap.
Isengard got lurtz, good hero countering with cripple shot and later on pillaging and leadership can be a good army support, there are some other cheaps too but he is the best one.
Goblins got azog, but I don't play goblins so I don't know about them.

[Edited on 07/08/07 @ 12:10 AM]

Official Reviewer
[center][c=9966ff]1 v 1 on Withered Heath
SirSnoopy001 (Dwarves) vs. Yulio (MOTW)[/center][/c]

[b][i]SirSnoopy001 (Dwarves)[/b][/i]

Build Order: [i] Mine >>> Archery Range >>> Mine >>> Axe Throwers[/i]


[+] It seemed like your economy was very strong to begin with. You never ran out of money, giving you a continual stream of units to harass him. :D
[+] Killed his builder! Nice job!
[+] Good job being aware that he wasn’t building pikemen and countering it by your battlewagon.


[=] You used stances, but then forgot to later on.
[=] Relocation could have been an option, but that’s difficult.
[=] So-so location of the Range. Behind the fortress is the way to go, IMO.
[=] Good use of Rallying Call.


[-] When performing a rush, it’s normally better to ignore the enemy units and go straight for his buildings, economy first. They’ll continue to attack you, but you have new throwers coming in all the time, so it wouldn’t have been a problem.
[-] Your offence fell down, due to Rangers and two Heroes. That’s hard to counter, but if that happens again, try and get him off balance by destroying his archery range or barracks. If you can do that you can get back, but that’s a tough situation. *sad*
[-] Why did you lose? You stopped attacking the buildings and started attacking his powerful units.

[b]Overall score: 3.5[/b]

An excellent rush that just needs a little more offense. You had the upper hand at first, then for some reason fell apart. You’re almost there, and I can see you improving. Thing to work on: Moving into the late game strategies (upgrades, heroes, siege).

[b][i]Yulio (MOTW)[/b][/i]

Build Order: [i] Farm >>> Farm >>> Barracks >>> Soldiers[/i]


[+] Good quick Faramir that you leveled up [i]very[/i] quickly.
[+] At the end you had an overwhelming amount of units with two powerful heroes leveled up. I’m still not sure how you got them, though.
[+] A pretty good location for your Archery Range, which was made even better by the Fortress expansion to guard it.


[=] Spearmen were unnecessary.
[=] You really had no rush or forward anything; you won by superior troops in the end.


[-] No stances. :angry:
[-] I’ve an idea, let’s stop and destroy this lair on our way to destroy our enemy! Wrong!
[-] Really bad location of your barracks.

[b]Overall score: 3[/b]

Meh, you played a good win, but it was really boring to watch you play. You spammed Soldiers until you changed to spam Rangers. Some cavalry would have defeated his only unit, Axe Throwers even more quickly.

Overall Game Score:[b]3[/b]

An interesting (relatively quick, too) game with a nice Axe Thrower rush, but nothing no one has seen before. if you have the time. *wink*

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