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BFME2: Arcade Edition

Author File Description
File Details
ROTWK Modification: Yes
Code Modification: Yes
This mod opens the ROTWK right open by giving you all heroes, all abilities, an immense selection of super powers plus brand new heroes and structures. You can build the ultimate army from any faction to take on Middle-Earth.

check out the below link to view the official trailer for the mod.

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lyrick i have been trying to get this mod and the arnor faction mod to run for days, i cant seemm to get them to work. please help!!!!!

and what is up with the bfme3 i saw on here?

is that for real?

hope so.

Elrond1982 This is a pretty good modification considering it's a code mod. It does go to show what good coding can do for a game!

About Bfme3...yeah...chances of that ever happening is slim to nil. Considering that EA has pretty much completely abandoned the series and gives almost no support at all for the games, it's highly unlikely that there will ever be another Battle for Middle Earth sequel. Their lack of support for Rise of the Witch King was uncalled for, and many of the people who play the game probably wouldn't buy Bfme3 if EA made it. Pandemic will keep Lord of the Rings gaming alive, hopefully, with Conquest. Only time can tell.

Plus, many were disappointed with Rise of the Witch-King. Everyone spent like 39 USD for the game expecting an actual expansion to the original Bfme2. What they got was two new factions - one that fell short and one that you can't even play (Arnor) unless you mod it (and that's a nightmare let me tell you because Arnor's heroes you find would be completely unbalanced unless you modded that too). Rise of the Witch-King did add a few new features, but for the most part it seemed like just a glorified mod for the game instead of something you would expect from an actual addon. Heh, pay 39 dollars for what was essentially a mod - when there are plenty of modders out there who can make RotWK a really good game. Some people are working on mods that take place during the First Age, which I'd say would be more of an expansion to Bfme2 than RotWK was.

So yea, another reason why Bfme3 probably won't happen. I'm kinda curious myself what they would do the third time around with the series, but EA would abandon it in four months just like they did Rise of the Witch King. Sad but true.
mikkopekka Can anyone tell how to install this? I did as the install guide said, but it only opens the normal game without the mod...

Edit: Works now, i named the path wrong :)

[Edited on 04/18/09 @ 03:11 PM]

Shwoozar Incredible,
I have downloaded it after some trouble with windows vista, and it is great, my favourite unit would have to be treebeard, as he can do anything.

[Edited on 11/28/09 @ 08:44 PM]

ChrisMDQ Hello!
I discovered that this mod doesn't allow custom maps... Why? How can I put my custom map list again? I wih could someone help me about it, because this mod is amazing, and I'd like to try it in custom maps. Thanks for reading.
wow304 ChrisMDQ Posted on 07/04/10 @ 08:37 AM
I discovered that this mod doesn't allow custom maps... Why? How can I put my custom map list again? I wih could someone help me about it, because this mod is amazing, and I'd like to try it in custom maps. Thanks for reading.

That's because you have to delete yor "My Battle for middle earth 2,rise of the witch-king files" and that deletes your custom maps;(

[Edited on 07/22/10 @ 12:00 PM]

ChrisMDQ Yes, I know, but... Should be some why to play them... There's always a way. That's why I'm asking some help about this, to find a way to play them right.
startled sloth
Balance: 3
I love using all of the new buildings and powers but the AI just spends the money so I could basically destroy them at any moment

Creativity: 5
Love all the new heros, buildings, and powers. Really really great job

Usefulness: It really gives me a break from the bore of ROTWK

Implementation: 5
This mod is just amazing

This is the one of, if not, the best mods on this sight and ill be playing it for a while
nils keizers
Balance: 3.5
the player himself is a bit overpowerd ;)

Creativity: 5
ive never seen such a great mod before :D

Usefulness: 5
now i can own enemies with eas

Implementation: 5
dunno what it means, so i give a five xD

Additional Comments:
this is a great mod, keep up the good work! :D
(BTW: could you make this for lotr bfme 2? cos that has better and cooler campaigns ;D)
u rock! :P
masterm2113 I got the game to work now but when I try it, it just acts as the normal Rise of the Witch King game and their doesn't seem to be any modifications made to it?
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