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GeneralVon VRS Legolaim

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Total Game Time: about 20 minutes
Player 1's Name: GeneralVon
Player 1's Faction: Angmar
Player 2's Name: Legolaim
Player 2's Faction: Dwarves
Victor: The Better Of The Two
Good Game. Before we started this game we came up with some rules.

1 - No Op units
2 - No Op units
3 - No Op units

yep.... one of us broke one of those 3 rules. find out who couldn't handle the pressure in this game and turned to the OP units.

(to fast foward during watching a replay hold "CTRL" and push "/" or "\") on of the 2 cant remember which.

Never Trust A General Of Sauron [GoS]

(mine and legos tourny game)
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Official Reviewer
1 v. 1 on Fords of Isen II
Legolaim (Dwarves) vs. GeneralVon (Angmar)

Legolaim (Dwarves)

Build Order: Mine >>> Archery Range >>> Axe Throwers >>> Mine


[+] You repelled his first wave quite easily.
[+] Overall a very nice early game; you had good building placement, steady units, and a well-located forward mine.
[+] Nice job focusing on stances!
[+] Good use of Rallying Call.
[+] This isn’t big, but I liked the lair farming.
[+] You kept at it, even when your base had been destroyed. Outstanding job.


[=] More resources buildings would have helped, IMO.
[=] Your early economy wasn’t great, but then, you were focusing on churning out units.
[=] Relocation of base could have happened sooner.


[-] By not at least building a Hall of Warriors in the early game, you gave him a rock-paper-scissors advantage from the start.
[-] Resource floating. We all do it, but that doesn’t make it right.
[-] Two buildings were used for the majority of the game: the mines and the range. Having a variety of buildings, or at least another Range, would have sealed the deal way sooner.
[-] Keep control of your axe-throwers! You let them just stand there and get killed!

Overall score: 4 You did very nicely! I feel that you should have won this game. Watch for the transition from early-game to late-game.

GeneralVon (Angmar)

Build Order: Mill>>> Mill >>> Hall of the King’s Men >>> Mill


[+] Excellent use of Fell Wind! I must take my hat off to you.
[+] Kept with the assualt on his fortress. That is what won that battle for you.
[+] Nice, quick relocation.


[=] Nice variety of heroes, but didn’t they die rather quickly and repeatedly?
[=] When you see a building, and a builder in late game, who do you go for? *listens* That’s right, the builder.


[-] Why did not not go searching for his forward mine?! You let him come at you time and time again!
[-] Trolls? They would have helped against his axe-throwers!
[-] Standing units? They destroyed your fortress; get some payback!

Overall score: 3.5 Your game was pretty good, but I think you won it because of Lego’s refusal to transition from early-game to late-game strategies. You used them quite effectively, IMO.

Overall Game Score: 4

This was an excellent game. It shows you a top-notch axe-thrower rush, relocation techniques, and other strategies to make this match worth your time.

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