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RPG Advencture byTheNotorius

Author File Description
File Details
ROTWK Map: Yes
Number of Players: 3
One Ring: No
AI: Yes
Ok it's my first map for ROTWK.
In this map, each player has a new hero. A warrior, archer or a wizard. Then in the game (but there is also a intro that explain that) you can go where you want in the map, and in the cities you have to do some main missions to advance to the adventure. Also you can do some bonus missions to increase powers and money. With money you can increase th attack defense life or buy a new power, from special structures in the cities. It is designed for multiplayer or single player. Keep in mind that do it on singleplayer will take several time (probably you need to have powers and great stats)and save the game.
If you found any error please tell me so I can update it
Enjoy ^^
I will post a screenshot as soon as possible

p.s: I used a word of power for my wizard similar to one of jbv (just some particles) because i liked it, i wanted ask him if i could do it but he is never online..
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3.5
good to play if youve got a lot of patience...and time...
Balance: n/a

Creativity: 5
first like this ive seen... not too shabby...

Map Design: 4
decent layout.. i really liked the massive amounts of hordes... only a couple of down sides.. spelling at first i thought was bad but then it did become humourous after a while "ehy solder! i have thin to do!" maybe it was on purpose..not sure..nice job with the mission and upgrade system...a few minor glitches here and there(the treebeard mission completed like 20 sec after taking it, the spear throw ice effect froze me as well) but minor and not really too inhibiting...and while the intro was nice, its be good if there was an option to skip it, so if your playing through it multiple times you dont have to go through it every time. the cities were very nicely done...pretty and sparkly and all..

Story/Instructions: 3
took a little while to figure everything out, failed a mission and wasted money trying to restart it (glorifendel(sp?)'s mission) still not too hard to understand.

Additional Comments:
well done. definitly room for improvement and additions, but overall i do suggest trying this out if you want a challenge and have a little time to kill.
File Author
Well it's my first version released, I knew it wasn't perfect :P
I will work to repair these few things, but I never saw some glitches you told like that of Treebeard...it worked fine to me.
however, yes, in singleplayer is veeery long, that's why I told "Better if you save the game, then continue another time".
I played also in multiplayer (and I also won)and I have to say It never go out of synch

p.s: the mini map has been created with worldbuilder in very low resolution and without objects, in the game textures are better
eliec This map is VERY good but I found a glitch.. In the mision where you get the 3 ents and unblock the river when you finish only treebeard dissapears and you keep the other 2.

And also you should make the characters move a bit faster and have more entrances to each city for when you come from a different direction.
File Author
Ok i will do I was thinking of increase speed (in my original idea I thought to do 3 special powers instead of the stance one to increase attack one defence and one speed). Also i will pay attention to each glitch (Mission of the ents have too much :P).
However thanks to notice all the bugs I didn't see...so I will do my definitively version soon!

[Edited on 01/17/07 @ 10:12 AM]

The_Slayer90 Hey, I'm kinda new here. Where exactly do I place these files? I really want to play this. It sounds good!
Briggsby Oh I noticed something as well, of course you knoe about the elf mission how waves of enemies attack you. Well when you do this the hordes just keep on coming, I had to alter the scripts to stop it doing that, so now the map is actually possible. But You really should fix that, and you might want to make hte map slightly shorter, takes a bit too long for multiplayer I found, but still great.

Otherwise, INCREDIBLE map, I must say, in fact I might make a map like this, probably won't be as good if I do, lol.
Aratus How do u get this 2 work? I put it in the ROTWK world builder map folder and it never shows. Can somebody pls help me?
File Author
Well, I know there were the waves that never stopped, but If i remember right, in this last version I have resolved the problem. In fact, when timer finish, no more hordes are summoned (exept for that have been already summoned). So probably it seems that continue a bit, but then it stops. For the problem of time...Yes, it's quite long in multyplayer, but this map was mainly created for singleplayer for a long advencture...However I forgot to submit the singleplayer map where you can use all 3 heroes, which make more easy win in singleplayer..I will do soon (also I have finished another map so I will post them in the same time).

Secondly...Aratus, you can't play it or you can't open it with worldbuilder?
Aratus Yeah it dosent appear in either world builder or the game, but this other ROTWK map i downloaded works just fine. Does anyone know what the problem is?
File Author
I don't know but if this one works, the problem is not important ;)
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Map Design3.5
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