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untamed mod

Author File Description
File Details
Code Modification: Yes
things this mod does :

- adds dwarven units to elves
- orcs and orc archers build super fast and are cheap
- slaughter house produces resouces really fast
- adds witchking and two drogoths to men
- orcs and orc archers have a high attack
- makes goblin tunnels really strong
- goblin archers and axe throwers have long range
- adds stable and blacksmith to dwarves
- adds goblins spiders cave trolls and more to isengard
- adds fire drakes to mordor
- adds barrrow wights wargs to goblins
- good gets cheap and faster building lv up
- good ships cheaper and build faster
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Nazzie why would we want to download this instead of another mod this is totally unbalanced
File Author
is it balanced now?

[Edited on 04/08/06 @ 01:20 AM]

Skruffieb_lite Why would you add the Witch-King and Drogoth to the men?
File Author
i felt like it.
SwinginBlade ...
nosferatu666 wtf, have you seen the movie or read the books? this isn't just unbalanced, this is just wrong! Elves and dwarfes in one race? spiders in isengard? you just took the bit of realism in the game away!

i don't think i need to say that the witchking for the men isn't right either....
squashy86 i think its cool
lokenlode OMG! this mod is way ubalanced, and way incorrect. Why put all races in different races. Why not just get the arcade version mod?
Balance: 1
Adding random heroes and units to random factions. That's a big unbalanced thing to do!

Creativity: 1
Wow, adding random things to factions. How creative that is!

Usefulness: 1

Implementation: 1
This is just crap, no comment here.

Additional Comments:
Learn to make good mods...
Elrond1982 I'm not going to bash this mod, but I am going to tear into the problems with it.

I agree with AdmiralLee. Something like this might be good for a personal mod, or good for learning if you're starting out learning how to mod the game, but for an actual released mod, most everyone who downloads it and tries it out will be like, WTF. It will be a waste of time to people who download it. When everyone can download RJ's mod for RotWK or some of the other mods that either change the balance of the game in favor of making it more realistic, they would just go ahead and avoid something like this.

Now, a code modification isn't always a bad thing, but when you're putting Drogoth and the Witch-King on the Men of the West faction, that's just wrong, as per the books, the game, and so on.

The strengthening of the buildings listed...totally random. I could understand it if the Goblins were strengthened so that they could actually be a match for any other race, or if you gave the fortresses more hitpoints so that they were harder to take down, but it just seems random to make Goblin tunnels really strong and basically leave the rest of the Goblin buildings untouched.

Dwarves and Elves in the same faction? Aside from Glorfindel's alliance with some of the Dwarves in Rise of the Witch-King, Dwarves and Elves generally did not get along so well that they would be sharing resources and equipment with each other. Dwarves wouldn't want to waste their time defending an Elven base in Lothlorien when they could be defending Erebor or taking back Moria or something to that effect.

This mod does prove something: that you know how to change the attributes of units and structures and swap them with different factions. I'll be honest - I haven't done very much skinning or modeling in BFME/BFME2/ROTWK, but I have played a lot of mods and in comparison to even other code modifications, I'm sorry to say that this one doesn't stand out and could not stand out among the rest. The only way it stands out is that Dwarves and Elves are fighting alongside each other in the same faction and Drogoth and the Witch-King are fighting along side those such as Boromir, Faramir, and so on.

It's not to say that there isn't some bit of fun in it, but one could say the same thing about the unmodded game if you play a really good game or a really good map! What makes a fun game even more fun is to see some realism in it, and for Lord of the Rings/Tolkien fans, realism is what they're going for - realism is what they want to see and if they see anything less than that, it's bunk. BFME series is not altogether accurate to begin with. Some of the single player campaign missions are realistic to the book on some level, but when you put Dwarves as a trainable unit by the Elves, or put Drogoth+WK on the MotW faction, OH GOD!

Let's say I made a mod where your create a hero is an Elven archer, except that instead of shooting arrows, they throw axes, or I make another mod that gives the evil factions 20,000 command points right off the bat whilst the good factions get 300 command points and that's it. Or, let's say I make a mod where Dwarven walls can build the Elven fortress flood gate expansion, the Archer CAH can summon an avalanche, and the Elves get the Watcher and Dragon Strike as powers. It'd make most of the people who download and play it say...WTF.

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