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Paronsplit&Pigelin vs some other guys

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Total Game Time: 40-50 min
Player 1's Name: Pigelin
Player 1's Faction: Mordor
Player 2's Name: Paronsplit
Player 2's Faction: Men of the West
Player 3's Faction: Goblins
Player 4's Faction: Goblins
Victor: we did :D
Haven't had time to watch the replay myself, but as I can remember it we(me and Pigelin) did pretty good in the beginning. Kind of forgot my defense in the whole game and especially in the end when I lost my fortress right before our last opponent died :S
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Official Reviewer
Paronsplit and Pigelin VS CNE|Mordor and Fuma89

Player Review: Paronsplit (Men)
Starting Strat: Farm, Farm, Rax, Farm, Rax, Soldiers (X2)

[+]Good placing of your barracks
[+]Good choice Choosing Elven wood, its Men's lifesaver
[+]Placed Blacksmith well
[+]Got Boromir early
[+]Good Rushing

[=]OK defending your base, you left it alone at times.
[=]Got Rangers, but never bought Fire arrows (Crucial if you want Rangers)
[=]Your Soldier spamming got sidetracked a few times, try focusing more on churning out Soldiers then getting Boromir so early
[=]OK Clumping, Some of it could have been better

[-]You Spammed Tower Guards (See my Comments)
[-]You never bought banners from your fort or your barracks
[-]You got Siege Works WAY Too early. Focus more on Soldiers, Siege is a mid-to-late Game thing.
[-]Ivory Tower is a MUST
[-]You creeped a troll with Tower Guards?

Player Rating: 3/5

Comments: You played well, But there were some instances where you didn't play so well. (IE not spotting that last troll, not upgrading your fortress, not Buying Banners) A word of advice. Do not under ANY circumstances Spam Tower Guards! Soldiers are infinitely Better then Tower guards Unfortunately. For all their Power and Armor, they're useless because they move slower then a constipated turtle stuck in molasses. For the Future, Focus on an army of Soldiers supported by Pikemen, Not the other way around. I also suggest to work on spamming soldiers some more, and buying Banners from the barracks (It enables Shield wall for Soldiers) Because it is still mens best Early Game Strat.

Player Review: Pigelin (Mordor)
Starting Strat: SH, Pit, SH, Pit, SH, Orcs (Spam)

[+]Good Spamming
[+]Took outpost
[+]Used Powers well
[+]Managed to hold off the Goblin horde
[+]Nazgul Pwnage!

[=]No Mouth of Sauron? He's less Durable, But packs a mean punch thanks to his splash damage
[=]No Pikemen?
[=]Mumakil are good for siege, But Catas are better
[=]Archers would fare well in aggressive mode

[-]No Haradrim or Pikemen, Vital to Mordor because of their high Quality
[-]Orcs are not meant to take down buildings, so don't try
[-]Warchant? No!
[-]You stopped chasing builders and let them escape

Player Rating: 3/5

Comments: Not bad, Mordor is quite an odd and difficult race now. They've got a bizarre mix of powerful and pathetic units. I would suggest Looking into pikemen or Haradrim Archers. Haradrim are perfect thanks to their Barbed arrows, and Pikemen because of their Durability and power in battle. Upgrades are not as useful in Mordor, but in the future, if you're going to play Mordor, Make sure to put a few battalions of Evil men in the mix. A final word, Warchant is a waste of powers for Mordor.

Player Review: CNE|Mordor (Goblins)
Starting Strat: Tunnel, Fissure, Tunnel, Cave Troll

[+]Good Goblin Tunnel Placement
[+]Well executed Suprise attacks

[=]Held on for a good while
[=]Saved both your builders

[-]NO FISSURE! You spelled doom for yourself the minute you built that!
[-]Hardly Any Goblin warriors at all
[-]You almost lost your builders by leaving them in the thick of battle
[-]Do not place a Vital Builder in a tower

Player Review: 1/5

Comments: I don't care what anyone says, A cave troll rush is not Practical, let alone suicidal! With all their nerfing and changing about, Goblins pride still rests in spamming Goblin warriors. Use that for a better faring on the battlefield.

Player Review: Fuma89 (Goblins)
Starting Strat: Tunnel, Cave, Tunnel, Cave, Goblins (Spam)

[+]Excellent Spamming
[+]Good Clumping
[+]Well used balance of units
[+]Got Gorkil

[=]Tunnels are good for suprise attacks, place hidden ones
[=]OK use of powers

[-]Warchant = Useless
[-]Goblins, Like their orcish counterpart, are practically useless against buildings.
[-]Do not place a builder in a tower unless you plan to put archers in it. Which Goblins have none. (no Decent ones at least)

Player Rating: 2.5/5

Comments: You played hard, and fought back against some pretty tough units. But in the end, you can chalk it up to a partner who had no clue about 1.06 Goblins. Focus more on attacking the base and less on turtling, because Turtling sucks in BFME2 (Still)

Match Rating: 2.5/5
Final Comments: An ok match, All the players (Like many of us) are still getting used to this new patch. (I, for one, would choose 1.04 over this any day) watch it if you have time, But don't expect anything spectacular.


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