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Downloads Home » 1v1 Replays » 1v1- GoS[Legolaim] vs GoS[DeathAngel]

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1v1- GoS[Legolaim] vs GoS[DeathAngel]

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Player 1's Name: GoS[Legolaim]
Player 1's Faction: Men of the West
Player 2's Name: GoS[DeathAngel]
Player 2's Faction: Men of the West
CAn someone please review this thanks
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Official Reviewer
SuicidalScotsman (MoTW) vs Legolaim(MoTW)
Played on FOI2 as a WoTR NetCampaign Tournament Match


Player : SuicidalScotsman
BO: farm,barracks,soldiers,farm,(spam soldiers)


[+]You get Boromir first !
[+]You placed your buildings greatly.
[+]Get Ivory Tower ->MoTW's best building IMO
[+]Nice micro.
[+]You used better your PP forces than Legolaim.(Elven Wood, Longshot,Tom)

[=] Double Rax is still better strategy than single in small maps.You may get Boro first with the single Rax but you are in
great risk of being overwhelmed.


[-]You left Legolaim having an inn all the time.(It isn't so important as it was in 1.04 thought)
[-]In the early game when you were defending you had 3 of your bats chasing 1 enemy soldier bat. Spread your troops when defending.
[-]Theoden wasn't needed.You spent money without reason.

Player Summary :

This match reminds me those MoTW mirrors you had played against me before 1.05 comes.You are in defense in the early game , you get Boromir earlier and you turn the tide !
Some comments : Your micromanagement was good except of that moment : (see your second minus).Also you used the single Rax strategy (suitable to get Boromir out quickly) but if you ask me I wouldn't use it in FOI2.It's very risky in small maps.Also,one great advantage you had was the Ivory Tower you built.With this you spotted Legolaim's lv2 stables and blacksmith immediately. Anyway you played very good congrats for the win !

Rating : 4/5


Player : Legolaim
BO: Farm(x2),Barracks(x2),Soldiers Spam.


[+]IMO you had a better early game than SS. It's because of your 2Rax.
[+]In your first attacks you managed to destroy most of his farms.But you were loosing to many soldiers.This is the bad thing with 1.05.You must focus on the soldiers first not on the buildings.
[+]Captured inn first.
[+]Gondor Knights first.
[+]Nice micro.

[=]Not good barrack position.Keep some distance between them so your opponent have no chance to destroy both of them in a
single attack.


[-]Elven Wood is a gift from EA to MotW.This should be your first PP power.
[-]No Boromir.Yeah ,that was your most important mistake.
[-]You were depending too much on your cavalry IMO.Rangers could save you.
[-]You get Aragorn but it was too late.(Note: Aragorn is very strong but you can easily kil him with some FU Pikes.)
[-]Despite the destruction of almost all of SS's farms in the beginning, you lost many soldiers.That's the bad thing with 1.05.You must focus on the soldiers first, not on the buildings.

Player Summary :
You played very good.You lost by a very good player.Check your negatives.The main reason you lost was SS's Boromir.Boro is the most usefull MoTW hero IMHO.You should have get him too.
Also , as I said you were depending on Gondor Knights too much.MoTW isn't a cavalry faction anymore. And tbh you can win without even using cavalry.Soldiers , TGs (for the finishing blow) and (not so often) FU Rangers (even with their nerf they are useful) as their army with Boro and Aragorn as their heroes is what I have mostly seen from MotW players so far. In addition, have in mind that a 1600 (only) cost Ivory Tower is all your money for MoTW !
That's all ! Congrats for the very good game !

Rating : 3/5


Match Rating : 3.5/5
Very good match -> Clan War level ! One of the best I've watched this month (& September).

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