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Downloads Home » 1v1 Replays » Isen vs MotW on FoI 2

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Isen vs MotW on FoI 2

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Total Game Time: 30min
Player 1's Name: SoA|Nomad
Player 1's Faction: Isengard
Player 2's Name: CF|Pr3TiX^
Player 2's Faction: Men of the West
I decided (rather unwisely) to try out a new Uruk rush in CW...this replay is the result.
CF|(Unpronouncable) went for a dual barracks rush, my build was...

Furnace,Furnace,Uruk Pit,Furnace,Uruks x1, Uruk Pit. Uruks...

Sounds pretty crap right? You'd be surprised...

I lose my fort, which for me is par for the course, however I happen to have about 4.8k cash when that happens so up it goes again. The beauty of this build is that it grants you a storming early economy, the problem is that it does leave you a bit open...

A Review would be much appreciated.
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Official Reviewer
Played on Fords of Isen II


~Player : SoA|Nomad
BO:Furnace (x2),Uruk Pit,Furnace,Uruk Hai,Uruk Pit


[+]Great comeback ! Your enemy crashed your base in the beginning but you managed to rebuilt Warg Pit and UrukPit in other hidden locations.
[+]You get Lurtz this time. He is great anti-hero and anti-infantry unit.
[+]Great economy. Maybe that was the key of your comeback.


[-]Bad beginning. You won the game cause your enemy did several important mistakes
[-]Again , Wargs is far better strategy than Uruks.
[-]You should have get crossbows much earlier I believe.They would help you defend your base better.

Player Summary :

Congratulations for your win !
Anyway , you must admit your beginning wasn't the best.MoTW's soldier spam overwhelmed you. Your enemy managed to destroy both of your Uruk Pits (those near your fortress) and your furnaces .Of course you had create some buildings hidden but when the enemy takes your base that usually leads you to a defeat.
The critical moments for you ,were two.The first one is that despite your opponent’s very good beginning he destroyed your fort too late, allowing you to get Lurtz ! The second one was that he didn't scouted for your rest of your buildings .
Anyway , I like how you performed your attacks this time.Clamping-stances-micro were all awesome. With your bad beginning your rating could be lower but I was very impressed with your great comeback and with the fact that for one more time you stayed cool and didn't lost your temper once your fort and your base was down. *thumbs up*

Rating : 3.5/5


~~Player :CF|Pr3TiX^
BO: Farm(x2),Barracks (x2),,Gondor Soldiers (x5+)


[+]Perfect execution of Double Rax strategy and Soldier Spam
[+]I loved how you performed your attack in the early game.(attacking from different sides)
[+]Get fire arrows quite early.

[=]Average use of the Rallying Call power.


[-]That match was yours.You underestimated Nomad after you destroyed his base.
[-]No scout ? After you destroyed your opponent's base you didn't searched for the rest of his buildings !
[-]Stables ? Rohirrim ? You had the time+ money to make them !

Player Summary :
I really can't believe how you lost that game. You did a great start , one of the best Double-Rax attacks I've seen.But then for an unknown reason you stopped being aggressive ! Perhaps you underestimated your opponent and you didn't scout for other buildings (believing that only his fort was remaining).Also , why didn't get Rohs ? They would be ultra usefull in this match!

Rating : 2.5/5


~~Match Rating : 3/5

Very good game.It includes one of the best comebacks I've ever seen. Definitely is worthy of a download.

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