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Isengard Vs MOTW

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Total Game Time: 9.5 Minutes
Player 1's Name: Negoseth
Player 1's Faction: Isengard
Player 2's Name: Unknown
Player 2's Faction: Men of the West
Well this is my second online match and it seems that watching these replays on this site helped as I slaughtered the MOTW
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Official Reviewer
~~Negoseth(Isengard) vs Goldurynn (MoTW)~~
Played on Celduin River


~~Player : Negoseth


[+]Started Capturing Inns first ! That's the most important in maps like Celduin.
[+]Get hero (Lurtz) first and quite early.
[+]Nice timing of the Wildmen of Duneland summon power.

[=]Why didn't use your Wargs howl power during the battle ?


[-]Warg Rush ! This map is full of inns and taverns ! Wargs can capture all these buildings very quickly !
[-]Bad micromanagement , really.No stances used.
[-]Your opponent was too weak for you. (Yeah , I consider it as a negative)

~~Player Summary

You are newbie in this game ,don't you ? Unfortunately I must see you playing with a strongest enemy.This MoTW player was too

weak for you.Some things you can use:


-Use Warg Rush as your main strategy.Isen is a different faction.Go for Wargs first and hit his buildings (avoiding his

-Use stances (agressive/defensive).Stances can save you many times !
-Crebain birds as your first 5Points Power and not War Chant. ( Wildmen of Duneland just after you reach 10 Power Points.
-After Wargs make a Uruk pit and purchase Crossbowmen.
-Lurtz is the more usefull Isengard hero.Buy him as soon is possible.

~~Player Rating : 2


~~Player : Goldurynn


I would like to leave this section empty. To be presice I didn't find anything positive in your game.See Player Summary for

more details.

Your game was very bad But since you are a new BFME2 player and you can be improved.Apparently , you do not know the game
basics.Here's suggestions I usually give in newbie players ! :

"Without many details here are the most important things (IMO) when playing BFME2.

[*]Know that every unit has a counterpart.For example, Archers can pwn Pikemen,Pikemen can pwn
Cavalry/Monsters(Trolls,Drakes,etc) and Cavalry/Monsters can pwn Archers.

[*]In BFME2 turtling usually leads to defeat.(with some exceptions).To win a game you must be aggressive. And "aggressive"

doesn't mean only to attack enemy troops. You must destroy his buildings his economy (harassment).

[*]Good micromanagement(or simple micro) of a unit means you use it as better as possible with maximum effectiveness .Learn

how to use [b]stances[/b] too."

These are the basics. Useful links :

[url=http://bfme2.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=t&fn=6]The Innsider[/url] - Our strategy forum. :)

There you can read and learn about some useful strategies and ask everything you want.I am sure that all guys there will be

glad to help you !

Player Summary : You can be improved.:-)


Match Summary : 1

Well, it's a not a good game.Nothing interesting hapenned.Not challenging opponents and an easy win.

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