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Overpowering Goblins vs MOTW

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Player 1's Name: Slayerthis
Player 1's Faction: Men of the West
Player 2's Name: rikolous
Player 2's Faction: Goblins
Its goblins vs MOTW. Rikolous vs MOTW.
I started with creating goblins and capturing resource buildings then try and attack with goblins, no luck so i bring in the mountain giants.
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Official Reviewer
~rikolous(Goblins) vs Slayerthis(MoTW)~
Played on Celduin River (4000 starting resources)


~~Player : rikolous
BO: goblin cave,tunnel(forward),tunnel,Gob Cave,Gob Warriors,Gob Archers.


[+]Nice use of poisoned blades and arrows.
[+]You had better micro than your opponent. You also used stances.
[+]I like how you used Mountain Giants in the end.

[=]You should have been more aggressive at the beginning.
[=]Forward Tunnel was a great idea but you didn't use it much in the beginning.
[=]Mountain giants isn't the best unit. Most Goblin players are using the powerful Half-Troll Marauders to destroy buildings
and cavalry.


[-]Starting with 4000 resources and playing against MotW a quick Troll cave should be your priority. You built it too late.
[-]You should have started capturing buildings much earlier using goblin's great number.
[-]You built a hero very late.
[-]Despite your great economy you didn't buy any upgrade.

Player Summary :

You are a newbie player right ? You have much to learn.You won this battle only because your enemy was newbie too.(using Gondor Archers and Knights isn't the best strategy).Some tips when playing with Goblins against MotW so you will win much easier in your next game. :
First , Goblin's strong points are speed and number.(It's a very good combination.)Rush and harassment with Goblins Warriors is a very good strategy. Even a single battalion of warriors can give you an clear advantage from the beginning. When you are playing with rush you must ignore the enemy units and hit their buildings.(farms or barracks when playing against Men-not fortress). Also ,in your base build 4 or 5 goblin caves so you can create great numbers of Goblin Warriors or Archers any time and replace your dead units very quickly.Send them in big waves and keep your enemy under pressure. Attack from the beginning is BFME2's key for successful play.
In late games you must use Half Troll Marauders
Two battalions of Half Troll Marauders can wipe a fortress in seconds.In addition if you fully upgrade them ,they are completely unstoppable !
When playing against MoTW : MotW strong point is their cavalry.Rohirrim is the ultimate MotW unit.But Goblins have the ultimate MotW anti-unit.HT Marauders .Also if you are playing maps with inns do not let MotW player capture them first.They will built quick and cheap Rangers.And Rangers can pwn goblin infantry.
Finally , if you want to become a very good player you must watch replays.

I hope I helped you.

Rating : 2/5


~~Player : Slayerthis
BO: Farm(x2),Barracks,Archery Range ,Gondor Soldiers (x1),Gondor Archers(x1)


[+]You captured most inns and outpost first.
[+]Erh...? I can find anything more...

[=]It's me or you didn't use Rallying Call or any other power ?


[-]You used Gondor Knights and Gondor Archers as your main army !
[-]You didn't use neither Rihhirim nor Rangers ! I've never seen any replay of a MotW player winning without them !
[-]Not stances at all ! Not micromanagement at all !
[-]You get a hero too late.And you shouldn't have chosen Aragorn but Boromir.
[-]Why did you built statues in some..."strange" locations ?
[-]Didn't buy upgrades.

Player Summary :
You are definitely a newbie player.Or you do not know anything about MotW at all.Men of the West strong units are their Rohhirim (stables level 2) and Ithilien Rangers (Archery Range 2).Gondor Knights and Gondor Archers are very weak units ! Never use them again ! (in patch 1.04).Your knowledge of the game is pretty limited.
But everyone can be improved ! Try to watch some replays and learn about the game. Here at BFME2 Heaven we have many replays you may want to see.

Rating : 1/5


~~Match Rating : 1.5/5~~
Not good match. Both players have no experience (especially the MotW one),not many battles, some long periods of the match in where nothing important happened(both players were waiting their enemy).With one sentence : it's a very boring match to watch.

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