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Great Isengard vs Motw game!

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Player 1's Name: [HG]Scipio
Player 1's Faction: Isengard
Player 2's Faction: Men of the West
Isengard vs Men of the West - good game!

Well, I start out with warg rush which kindof succeeds, but my warg pit AND my uruk pit get destroyed early :(. Though, I seem to recover even when my enemy has more troops, heroes and recources. At the end there is constant action!

Have fun watching :)

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Official Reviewer
Bendak (Isengard) vs WKMorpheus(MoTW)
~~Played on Rohan~~


~~Player : Bendak
BO: furnace (x2),Warg Pit,Warg Riders,Uruk Pit, Crossbowmen


[+]Good Warg Rush for a Isen beginner I must say.It could be perfect if you haven't lost the 2/3 of your riders.
[+]Your purchased Lurtz exactly at the right time.
[+]You win the most important battle.That in the center of the map.Mostly cause you captured the towers there first !
[+]Very good use of Summon Wildmen of Dunland Power.The "Gain Attack Force + money" power
[+]Good Zerk sneaking behind enemy units at the end.

[=]The enemy captured more Outposts than you.


[-]Lost your starting military buildings too quickly.Keep distances between buildings in the beginning.
[-]Nah , your first Warg bat wasn't destroyed by your enemy but mostly by that gaia Troll.You should be more carefull there.

Player Summary :

Being a good player in a faction usually doesn't mean you are a good player in all factions .But you are close to be an exception. You handle Isengard very well.You used the old and succesful Warg Rush as your main strategy and the Crossbowmen as a supportive unit before you create Uruks and Zerks.Your only hero was Lurtz.Classic Isen game !
Some comments : I do not know if you realised it but your enemy didn't made Rohs ! And he had the money to do that.It would be interesting to see how you would have encountered them.Also , you had a better micro and that's why you won the most critical battle.That in the center of the map.You garrisoned your crossbowmen in the towers first and your enemy was obliged to use his pikes against the towers and not cover the rangers from the Wargs.Also , in all factions except Mordor (mostly cause it's successful turtling) is quite preferable to keep distances between your military buildings. Especially if you are planning to be aggressive (you always are if your playing with Isen) so a surprise attack from your enemy will not result in the destruction of all military buildings.A single crossbowmen bat is capable to defend your base from your enemy (at least before he gets horses).

Rating : 3/5


~~Player : WKMorpheus
BO: Farm,Barracks,Soldiers (x1),farm,T-Guardians.


[+]I really liked how you performed that counter attack at the beginning. If you had a better micro there you would have
change the battle's result.
[+]Very quicly Boromir and level him to lvl 2 !
[+]You captured 2 Outposts first -> Very good economy.

[=]Hm...It's me or you didn't use Rallying Call ?
[=]Your micro wasn't bad.However your opponent had better micro than you.


[-]Man! Where are your Rohhirim ? MotW's best unit and one of the most OP units in the game ! Rohs vs Isen ->win !
[-]Both use of Boromir horn were pretty bad.
[-]Slow Pikes hunting Wargs never works.
[-]You left your rangers uncovered many times.

Player Summary :
An average game from your part.As I said the most critical part of the game was the battle in the center of the map.Your enemy captured the towers and he had a clear davantage.You should have retreated there.Also the most important mistake was that, despite your good economy, you didn't built stables ! You didn't created Rohhirim ! You could have easily created a hidden stable somewhere.That map has some very good spots.Without Rohs usually MotW player looses the game.

Rating : 1.5/5

~~Match Rating : 3/5~~
Quite interesting much. A classic Isen rush match.The replay's highlight was the successful MotW counter attack right after the Warg Rush.Yeah , you must watch that !

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