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ArYeS vs. TrAx

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Total Game Time: 34min
Player 1's Name: ArYeS
Player 1's Faction: Mordor
Player 2's Name: TrAx
Player 2's Faction: Elves
The game was interesting and fair to the end, we could play more tactical but we are not so experienced. Some nice moments, worth watching, non-stop fighting.
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Official Reviewer
ArYeS (Mordor) vs TrAx2222 (Elves)
Played on Fords of Isen II


Player : ArYeS
BO: Slaughter House (x2),Orcpit,Slaughter House , Orc Warriors (x2),Orc Pit


[+]Good economy without lamber camps !
[+]Great comeback in the mid game.If you were more aggressive you would have defeated your opponent.
[+]Many OrcPits.Orc spam was your main strategy.
[+]Fellbeast just in time !

[=]You should have selected Eye of Sauron as your first power , and not warchant.


[-]You didn't purchase of important Mordor units like Catapults.Catas are very useful against Archers and not forget that Elves are supposed to be the "Archer" faction.
[-]No use of stances.Pure use of powers.Bad micro in overall.
[-]Pretty bad Fellbeast micro.
[-]You should be more agressive ! Man , you had a great chance to win him ! (Check summary for details)
[-]Very bad use of your Attack Trolls.

Player Summary :

Your game wasn't so good.But you are a new player and you can be improved.Apparently , you do not know the game
basics.Without many details here are the most important things (IMO) when playing BFME2.

-Know that every unit has a counterpart.For example, Archers can pwn Pikemen,Pikemen can pwn
Cavalry/Monsters(Trolls,Drakes,etc) and Cavalry/Monsters can pwn Archers.In your game you left your Attack Trolls (which btw
is a GG (very powerful)unit to be easily killed by the enemy pikes.Plus his Archers destroyed your infantry in secs.You should have used your ATs against his Archers and your Orcs against his Pikes.

-In BFME2 turtling usually leads to defeat.(with some exceptions).To win a game you must be aggressive. And "aggressive" doesn't mean only to attack enemy troops. You must destroy his buildings his economy (harassment).Also you should have attacked from different sides.

-Good micro of a unit means you use it as better as possible with maximum effectiveness .Learn how to use stances too.
These are the basics. Useful links :

The Innsider - Our strategy forum. There you can read and learn about some useful strategies and ask everything you want.I am sure that all guys there will be glad to help you !

Rating : 1/5


Player : TrAx2222
BO:Mallorn Tree (x1),Elven Barracks (X1),Mallorn Tree (X1),Lorien Warrior.


[+]Like your opponent, you had a great economy.
[+]You were more aggressive than your opponent. That gave you the (fair)victory.
[+]I liked how you used your Lorien Archers.
[+]Quick upgrades. Your great economy helped you here.

[=]In the beginning you lost a great chance to defeat him !If you had a better micro this game would be much shorter.


[-]Erhmmm...Why disn't use defensive stance ?
[-]You should have get a hero much earlier.
[-]Man ! Why didn't create more military buildings ! You built only one barracks !

Player Summary :
Apparently you are also a new player too.I cannot find a good reason for building only one barracks ! Also I am bit surprised you didn’t finish him in the beginning. That’s why you were focused on his endless-creating Orcs and left his buildings unharmed.

Rating : 1.5/5


Match Rating : 2/5
The players are both newbies but this match had many good battles. It is fun to see but is nothing you can learn from it.

[Edited on 07/17/06 @ 05:05 PM]

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