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Hero Gladiator (By JBV)V2

Author File Description
File Details
Number of Players: 8
One Ring: No
AI: No
Basic map, but looks cool, Used for Custom heros, insted of lairs you use level upgrade objects. fight other enemy costom heros, good for trainging your costom hero and building the best costum hero that you can!
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mobhit hey!!! why didn't you tell me you had another gladiator map!!!!!! well whatever. i'll just see you in the game so we can play. i'll post another comment as soon as i get to play it, im sure it WILL be good....or else jk :P

*o yeah, sombody has to tell me how to vote or whatever
File Author
this iwas the first map i made on bfme2.
It not a real gladiator map, its just a custum hero war. 4v4 humans* or 3v3, 2v2. 1v1.
took me 10 minutes to make heh compaired to gladiator underworld, this is rated by me, to be 1 out of 5. gladiator underworld would be 4 outa 5.

gladiator underworld, war of hell (by JBV) will be 10 out of 5.
(not done yet)

[Edited on 03/26/06 @ 01:31 PM]

Kromium Just a quick question on your Gladiator maps. I've just recently purchased BFME2 but am unable to get online on my comp(this is my wife's). Are the maps playable/fun in offline mode?? Do I need anything other than the maps to play?

File Author
My gladaitor maps are able to be played offline, but you will only get one hero.,
not this map though, this was the first map on bfme2, and i did not know how to program Ai's

so this map u cant play offline, but gladaiator underworld u can play for a few rounds, then it will get to hard, you need all 3 or at least 2 heros, to beat underworld,

only in test mode i can set up so player 1 gets all 3 heros, but im not going to make another version and post it here,

tho I may make an offline version of gladaitor underworld Return Of Morgoth, (the next map, im making.)

grassland of favnor and tournement tundra is set up for computer, but there normal maps.

: ) sorry.

[Edited on 04/13/06 @ 07:20 PM]

Gilzenaarkas Quite a funny map, but I will not review it, cos it is not a real map, but just a custom hero 'trainer'.
File Author
true lol i made it in 20 minutes, the day i got the game, lol anyways lotsa people like it and play it, better then trying to level up on lairs. :)
deathvermin dude ur maps rock(except this one)
i ve got a questoin for ya: how do u make them?
when i try to open a map with worldbuilder to study it all i get is a flat area! what is goin wrong?!? could u plz tell me?
LordUhtred157 I havent played all of your maps, and i havent played this one, but by the reviews, they sound amazing! i was able to easily MAKE the map. But, i was looking online for help on making them but i found nothing except a few tips, and a link to ur other gladiator map. i posted a message earlier today, then i went back on the game and REALLY liked it... so my problem is: how do u A) make units on the map, B) make WAVES of units on the map, and C) make UBER HEROS!?!?! im trying to make a map like ur gladiator maps, but i have no clue as to how to make the dang things! Please send me feedback at rellimtam15714@yahoo.com in fact, anybody that sees this and knows how do do the things above, please send feedback, because i REALLLLY want to finish this map!
Map Design1.0
Playability: 1.5

Balance: 2.5

Creativity: 2.5

Map Design: 1

Story/Instructions: 1.5

Additional Comments:
Not cool

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Map Design1.0
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