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MotW vs Elves, Redhorn pass

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Player 1's Name: SoA|Nomad
Player 1's Faction: Elves
Player 2's Name: Piscolo
Player 2's Faction: Men of the West
Right, I have ahd it with Rohirrim, the next guy who asks for a buff to their bows needs his head smashing against a wall!

This game will demonstrate very clearly, why.

I'd like to know, if anybody can tell me, how I could have won (after a certain point), because once the rohirrim were massed, nothing I had seemed able to make a dent.

A review would be great.

P.S. Sunflare is a joke.
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Official Reviewer

~~~SoA|Nomad (Elves) vs Pisolo(MoTW)~~~
-Played on Redhorn Pass-


~~Player : SoA|Nomad
BO: Mallorn Tree (x2),Green Pasture,Rivendell Lancers (x1), Elven Barracks


[+]Successful Lancer rush.You destroyed his barracks very quickly(Clamping ).Your early game was very good.
[+]Map Control most of the times. That results in great economy too.
[+]Clever Green Pasture Location.
[+]You captured the Outpost first.
[+]Good micro. You were exchanging stances from defensive to agressive and vice-versa continuously.
[+]Quickly Elven Upgrades Researching.
[+]Good job on harassment.
[+]Tower+Silverthorn Arrows is always useful.

[=]You eventually destroyed his first stables but it was too late. Your opponent managed to make a Roh battalion.


[-]Searching for his stables should be your top priority. You destroyed his stables (especially his 2nd stables) too late.
[-]I didn't like how did you placed your Mithlond Sentries in your defense.
[-]Soon after you destroyed his barracks you should have sent your Lancer Remnants to capture that inn. Know that every MoTW player is always trying to capture every inn in the map for cheap and quick Rangers.
[-]Your last Lancer Attack in his base was badly executed.I would say it was more "desperated" move than an attack. In late games all your attacks should be combined with Powers.(Yeah ,I know Elven 25P powers suck)
[-]Late game->Elrond and try to level him to 7.

Player Summary :

You played very good ,indeed.Your early(especially) and ,believe it or not, your late game was very good. But NOT your mid game.You shouldn't have allowed him make a 2nd level stables. Destroying his stables should be your top priority. Also it would be good to bring some more Lorien Archers in the early game's battles. Lancers and Lorien Archers combination can pwn in early game. Anyway ,in the late game : He has a fortress with flame arrows rangers inside,1 Boromir + 3 TGs around his fortress and several battalions of Rohhrim as his attack force.You should have hit his military buildings from behind (not his fortress ! All the other buildings).And when I say "hit" , I dunnot mean "hit him with your Lancers".You tried this several times.Hit with the Summon Ents + Farsight (+ Tom Bombadil against Rangers)combo, preferably when he is on attack (having, apparently, his Rohs busy ).Also I strongly believe that Elrond could be much usefull.His tornado power can keep Rohs "busy" or even kill them if they have low health .As I said earlier you played very good.But the Elven weakness in late & siege units make you loose the game.

Rating : 3.5/5


~~Player : Pisolo
BO:Barracks,Farm (x2),Gondor Soldiers (x3),Stables


[+]You captured the Inn pretty quick.
[+]Early 2nd Level stables and Rohhirim !
[+]Quite quick level Theoden up to 6 lvl.
[+]Great use of Cloud Break + Longshot Combo.

[=]Average use of Army of the Dead.Bar your last attack, you were preferring hunting his units with your AoD than covering Rohs.Having Rohs destroying hs buildings and Army of the Dead covering them from Elven units would have end this match,much earlier.


[-]You didn't used your Rohs for harassment purposes. Only for major attacks and assaults.
[-]Average use of Theoden's Glorious Charge power.Use it to crush your enemy . not for defensive purposes.
[-]You should have researched Forged Blades much earlier.
[-]In overall , you had many chances to win that game earlier.

Player Summary :
Rohhirim + GC overuse without good tactic. However, your early game was good , I must say. You manage to make a Roh battalion before you lost your stables and that probably turned the tide.Also I didn't like how you used the GC power.Use it mostly when you are attacking the enemy base, otherwise your enemy can run and make your GC useless. That's all.

Rating : 3/5


Match Rating : 3.5/5
It's a good game to watch. Bit long but still full of fun.Balanced game with many battles(especially with cavalry).Also the Elven players must watch this replay and learn how to execute a Lancer rush.

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