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Downloads Home » 1v1 Replays » iamdarkelf(me) vs. DarkTalon68

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iamdarkelf(me) vs. DarkTalon68

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Total Game Time: ~10min
Player 1's Name: iamdarkelf
Player 1's Faction: Dwarves
Player 2's Name: DarkTalon68
Player 2's Faction: Goblins
Kinda a fun game. Its about 10minutes long.

It features me(iamdarkelf) playing dwarves, trying to do a Guardian Rush and failing miserably (i get my builder killed before i get the forward mine set up, lol). DarkTalon then attacks my base with only 2 goblin warriors and gets his army massacred by the guardians that i built anyway. I then try to take control of the inn about halfway between our bases. I send 1bat of guardians and a builder. While the guardians are fighthing Talons gob infantry, my builder sets up a mine nearby. In the a battle soon develops between me and Talon. He builds a spider cave back at his base, while i start an archery range. He builds 'lings/gob warriors, archers and (later) spider riders, along w/Shelob. I build a mix of axe throwers, phalanxes, guardians and a few bats of MoD. I evnetually win that battle and advance on his base. I kill one of his tunnels, and his last bats of archers and spider riders. After i start to attack his goblin cave, he gives.

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Official Reviewer
iamdarkelf (Dwarves) vs DarkTalon68 (Goblins)
Played on Ettenmoors as an EA Ladder Game


~~~~Player : iamdarkelf~~~~
BO: Mine,Hall of Warriors, mine(x4),Archery Range


[+]You used good the superior defensive stance of the Dwarven infantry.
[+]You captured and defended the inn successfully. That provided you cheap and quick Men of Dale.
[+]Phalanx just in time to counter spider riders and Shelob !

[=]Average use of Rallying Call. However you used the Summon Dale Men the best time.
[=]You used only the defensive stance.


[-]You lost one of your two starting workers pretty quick !
[-]You failed to execute the Guardian Rush.(Mainly because the worker who was going to built the forward mine was killed by Gaia gobs
[-]In my opinion you should be more aggressive.

-Player Summary :-

It wasn't a good game. You defeated your opponent but if he was someone stronger you would have lost the match.That's for sure. Loosing one of your workers so quickly is unacceptable. Poor game from your part. You defeated only because Dwarve infanty is stronger than the goblin and (mainly) because your opponent was a newbie player.

Rating : 1.5/5


~~~~Player : DarkTalon68~~~~
BO:Tunnel,Goblin Cave,Tunnel(x4),Spider Pit.


[+]You had the Map's control for most of the game.
[+]You captured the Fire Signal first
[+]Quick Hero.You created Shelob very quickly !

[=]You didn't use your great economy well.


[-]You need more Goblin Caves ! More military buildings !
[-]Bad micro.No stances and bad Hero micromanaging
[-]Bad use of Powers (War Chant & Cave Bats.
[-]Why didn't use Poison Arrows ?

Player Summary :

From your game I guess you are a new BFME2 player.If you are gonna use the Goblin faction in your games have in mind that Gob's power is the big number and the speed.Also it would be good to check some replays and learn some good Building Orders or tactics that may help you become a better player. Your greatest mistake in that battle was that you didn't make many military buildings.Many Goblin caves and Goblin Warriors spam is a standard but still good stategy.

Rating : 0.5/5

~~~Match Rating : 1/5~~~
Not a good match.Watch it only if you have 10 minutes to spend from your life

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