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Downloads Home » Player Created Maps » Gladiator UnderWorld (By JBV)BFME2

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Gladiator UnderWorld (By JBV)BFME2

Author File Description
File Details
Number of Players: 4
One Ring: No
AI: Yes
Three New Heroes, New Aragorn, New Gandalf, And New Haldir. All Armed With A Arsenal Of New Ability Powers, The Three Heroes Of Middle Earth Go Far Deep Into The Misty Mountains To Slay Balrog And All Evil Minions That Follow The Powerful Demon.
Fight Online Against 15 Waves Of Insane Intents Combat. Then Fight The New Improved Balrog With Tons Of Scripting AI To Make Him More Smart Then You Are!
This Is NOT A Map To Miss!

Everyone That I Have Played This Map With, Has Said It WAs The Best Map Ever, You May Not Even Need To Get It From Here Its All Over The Game Already.
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File Author
Please Read all of this and understand it!!!

I tought i would tell you guys how to make bfme2 not go out of snych.

the out of snych program is for cheaters, if there was no out of snych i could make a cheat in 3 seconds flat.

But for almost all cases this is what happens:

Out of Snych is caused by players haveing difrent ini.files,
ini.files are the part of the game that makes units have there abillitys, attack and armor the images everything in the game that needs to be put in place. the ini.file puts it there.

It goes out of snych because 2 or more players dont match eachers ini.files, how is this?
by playing a game like ringwars, or even this map gladaitor underworld, or any map that changes and has a ini.file

How do you fix it?
You must restart your bfme2 game, aswell anyone that has a bad ini.file, if you dont every game u play will go outa sncyh unless the person(s) your playing with has the same ini.file as you do

so in summory, after playing this map and then u want to play another map you must restart your bfme2 game or else it goes out of snych.

If you have clean ini.file but others don't that join ur game, ask them questions like what maps did you play before this?
if they say none, or just a few normal maps, then they are clean, and kick the onces that arnt clean.

*about the map*

Just to tell you, if you have a hard time killing army of the dead, use gandalfs word of power.


for balrog, best way to slay balrog is to have one hero run and lure balrog around while the other 2 heros use spells,
Also keep in mind whne he used a power himself he then goes on to attack the closest hero.

the lower health balrog is the more deadly he becomes, useing more abillitys as he goes,

when hes very very low health he will try and fly to the top,
there he will do all his abillitys almost none stop
when he flys to the top of the area u must use all ur abillitys at once.

once you beat him, the light will come and you will win.

anyone who beats this map is branded *good commander* lol and also it counts as a win!

Enjoy and have fun


[Edited on 03/23/06 @ 12:07 PM]

isaac331 Noob Question: Where do you place the ini file?
File Author
If you want to learn how to install the maps into your computer go to the Grassland of favnor Map, it has more better comments on how to install it

[Edited on 03/25/06 @ 04:15 PM]

File Author
lol I by passed your question I thought you said where do you put the underwolrd folder.
you keep the folder together. just put the hole folder into the maps which is in My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files.

if you don't have all 6 files in there it will be another version.

dont changed the name or anything in there or the files will not match and map will not work.

After you unzip, just move "Gladiator UnderWorld (By JBV)BFME2" folder that u just unziped
into Maps, which are in My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files.

P.S. I love typeing so much fun!

[Edited on 03/25/06 @ 04:17 PM]

Gilzenaarkas Hmm, I liked the map. It was quite easy, but i have tried 5 times to get passed the attack with those shelobs and small spiders, but I have never made that attack a live. Okey, I was only playing with CPU so that could be the reason. I think you should make the first attacks hard, especially that dragon attack!
File Author
First: i am thinking of making a harder version, or leveling out the easy waves to be harder, and the very hard wave to be easyer.

Second this map is for 3 human players and one computer in the top right corner, not just your self.

For the shelobs, thos are easy if your gandalf, use his fast istar light, and get a human aragorn to heal him when ever possible.

your gona love the next rounds after the shelobs lmao.

I have slayed balrog and won with only 2 heros, me and my buddy who is very good at the map,

also i made the map for all types of players, noobs, medium skilled players and good players.

if i am gona make a hard version my goal will be that no one ever beats it. lol.

P.S. Im working on a *god* hero, should be about 10 times more powerful then one of these underworld heros.

also the dragon attack is easy, but if he does attack haldir, haldir dies one fire blast from the dragon.

: D


[Edited on 03/25/06 @ 04:48 PM]

mobhit NOOOO WORRIES!!! who cares what they say! that was the sickest(best) map I've EVER played in that game (and tower game. but i like yours more)!!!! WOOT! good job my friend. keep on makin those GREAT maps! congrats
File Author
thanks you mobbit, and i think u just say a rating in here and the host will put it up, i think*

Go to the Review Guidelines just below the All Downloads read most of what is there.

i am not sure, can a admin or host please tell us how your rate a map?
File Author
I am just about done making the evil hero god for gladiator underworld War for hell (By JBV)

He will be almost 10 times more powerfull then these heros.

( hes gona be the last wave, all 6 heros will have to fight him lol.)
pulkit To rate a file, you need to write a review. Just click the 'Post Review' button beside the 'Post Comment' button, and follow the instructions carefully.

Reviews are not mere ratings, but descriptions of various aspects of the map. Reviews help other people make a good decision about the map and on downloading it. It is therefore wise to write an informative and truthful review. Review Guidelines are available for you to get a good idea on how to write. The link to the Guidelines can be found on the left column of this page. :)

[Edited on 03/27/06 @ 02:45 PM]

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