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Pro Mordor Mirror

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Player 1's Name: Scipio|Maior
Player 1's Faction: Mordor
Player 2's Faction: Mordor
A great game I just had, worth watching!

Very entertaining and good play shown from both players. A review would be cool too :).

Read this thread to read more about Mordor Mirros :):

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Victor von Doom
Official Reviewer
Rapldler (Mordor) verus Scipio|Maior (Mordor)
A Mordor Mirror played on Iron Hills

Player Review: Rapldler

[+]You got 2 Nazgul very fast
[+]Good Nazgul micromanagment
[+]Very fast level 3 Troll Cage

[=]You got Attack Trolls fast, but a Fell Beast would've been better

[-]Lost a builder early
[-]You attacked with only archers once or twice
[-]You shot at Orcs not his Fell Beasts
[-]When he attacked your base you could've saved yourself by hitting his Catas not his Orcs

Overall: 3.5/5
I think you spammed Archers a bit too much, while you needed some Orcs. You barely harassed him until you got about 3 Attack Trolls, at which point he had Easterlings/Rhuns defending his base. Even after this you made more Attack Trolls, when you could've gotten a Fell Beast instead, which would have been a better option. You had a strong begining, but then you slowed down and turtled with archers too much, it was easy for him to just make Catas and rip apart your Haradrim/Orc Archers. (And yes 3.5 from VvD is a good thing )

Player Review: Scipio|Maior (I assumed this was Bendak )

[+]You had a Forward Orc Pit which gave you a bit better early game harassment
[+]You got Doom Pyres very fast
[+]A very fast Fell Beast
[+]Good cata use

[=]I noticed you clumped a bit, but then you didn't do it anymore, why?
[=]You creeped, but when creeping don't destroy the building right away, wait for more units to spawn

[-]You wasted screech a few times (You only made 1 archer out of many run away)
[-]You could've taken out his archers faster IMO

Overall: 4/5
Not perfect, but who is? You had a great offense in the early game that kept him locked in the south western bit of the map. You got out your Fell Beast early, and harassed with that, which lead to his archer-only turtling. You had a strong offense the entire game which was complimented by a good base defense. I think the entire game he only took down one Orc Pit.

Overall: 4/5
A very well played game, which should show that Fell Beasts aren't the only options (although they help) and you can learn quite a few tactics from the players. One of my favorites is placing all my military buildings around a corner of a base, then building a gate watcher, which scared off all of Rapldler's Attack Trolls. A game that you should definetally watch, although Bendak didn't listen to his own guide (where's the clumping! ). This was a very good compliment to your Mordor Mirror guide.
Dirtyshin Sorry i'm new to this site, how do u watch the file after u download it??
File Author
You'll find instructions in the Replay forum :).
Dirtyshin thank you

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