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Dead Marshes FFA

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 3
Game Type: Multiplayer
Total Game Time: 30 mins - 1 Hour
Player 1's Name: Kester
Player 1's Faction: Men of the West
Player 2's Name: Isaac
Player 2's Faction: Men of the West
Player 3's Name: SuicidalScotsman
Player 3's Faction: Men of the West
Victor: SuicidalScotsman
A 3 way FFA with me, Kester, and Isaac.

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Official Reviewer
Suicidal Scotsman(MoTW) vs Kester (MoTW) vs Isaac (MoTW)
Played on Dead Marshes as a Free For All match

Player : Suicidal Scotsman
BO: farm , barracks,farm ,Soldier Bat (x2)


[+]Nice micro during the game.From the three players you had by far the better micro.
[+]You started building farms in the empty player's location first. Big Empty area = great economy.
[+]I like how did you execute your attacks.Especially the last one against Kester.
[+]You get armor and weapon upgrades first.Your rohs had a great advantage against the enemy ones.
[+]Got Boromir hero first ! This game is actually shows the importance of Boromir in MoTW mirrors.
[+]Nice use of Cloudbreak and Boro's horn.


[-]You should have built stables much earlier.In MoTW mirrors Soldier Spam and then Rohirrim are much preferable.

Player Summary :

I like the way you played.You were aggressive having your base safe at the same time.And if you find a good way to have
your base secured you probably are the winner in FFA matches.You are a skilled player and you do not need advices from me I think. One more thing though. If you have enough resources , try to built an ivory tower asap.It allows you to watch your enemies moves and help you decide the right time to attack.That's especially for the FFA matches.

Rating : 4/5

~~Player : Kester
BO:Farm , Barracks,farm,Soldier Battalion.


[+]You build stables quicker than anyone.
[+]You captured the signal fire first.
[+]You've also built farms in the empty areas.
[+]You got Theoden first.

[=]Not good stables position
[=]Erhm..Average micro.In critical moments you forgot to use stances (especially the defensive one)


[-]You built Rohirrim first.I expected you being more aggressive and perform harassing at the begginning.
[-]Bad hero micro.You left both Theoden and Boromir uncovered many times.
[-]You should have purchased Armor and weapon upgrades much earlier IMO.

Player Summary :
Nah . Average game.You can definately do better than that. I also think you lost the game because you didn't buy upgrades.And your micro wasn't good too.Why didn't try to attack him from behind by the way ? Anyway if you have chosen Mordor as your faction things could be different.You are much better when playing that faction.

Rating : 2/5
~~Player : Isaac
BO:Farm , Archery Range,farm,Gondor Archers.


[+]Nice stable position .

[=]You should have been more aggressive. Especially when you had your first Rohirrim battalion out.


[-]Never start with an Archery Range again ! And never buy Gondor Archers. They are pretty useless !
[-]Bad micro. Didn't use stances.
[-]Aragorn as a the first hero never works. Choose Boromir or Theoden first.
[-]I didn't like how you performed you last attack against Suicidal Scottman.

Player Summary :
I believe you are a new BFME2 player right ? Or new to Men of the West.Yeah , I figured it out when you made Gondor Archers first.You did many mistakes in both building order and in tactic issues.You had a very bad micro and you didn’t use stances at all.You better download and watch some MoTW replays.They can help you become much better player.

Rating : 1/5

~~Match Rating : 2.5/5~~
Interesting FFA match.It's shame it didn't have the "3-side mixed" battles I was expecting in the FFA games.One thing's for sure.The best player won.

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