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2 Elves vs Elves & Men

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Total Game Time: 15-20 minutes
Player 1's Faction: Elves
Player 2's Faction: Men of the West
Player 3's Faction: Elves
Player 4's Name: Shintaro
Player 4's Faction: Elves
Victor: Shintaro(me) and the other player on my team
I think it was a good game by both me and my teammate. I have never played with any of this guys before, but the guys on the other team knew eachother. I would really like someone to review this game so that I can improve the things I can do better.
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Official Reviewer
Shintaro(Elves) - Her Tur Tur (Elves)
Kinglord(Elves) - nobeldieganz (MoTW)
Played on Buckland as a 2v2 Game.


~~~~TEAM 1~~~~

~~Player : Shintaro
BO: Malorn Tree, Barracks, Malorn Tree, Lorien Archers (x1),Lorien Warriors.


[+]I like how quick you attacked at your MoTW opponent's base ! Just after you repelled his Gondor Soldier attacks you quickly destroyed all of his military buildings and almost all his farms.
[+]The 2 Forward Elven Barracks you made was the main reason for the quick MoTW player's defeat !
[+]You were aggressive even after Kinglord came to help his mate. In general you didn't give to your MotW opponent much time to reconstruct his base.

[=]Eagles definately did their job !But if I were you I wouldn't use them against the "in-one-minute-I-am-defeated" MotW fortress.
[=]You could have built the Eregion Forge much earlier.


[-]You lost your first Warrior bat pretty fast. You left your Archers far away from this conflict.
[-]Bad first use of the Rallying Call power.

~~Player : Her TurTur
BO: Malorn Tree,Barracks,Malorn Tree,Lorien Warriors,Lorien Archers (x1)


[+]You captured the the signal fire first.
[+]You get a hero (Legolas) first.
[+]Your Green Pasture's position was pretty good.


[-]You didn't use stances !
[-]You could have helped your mate to destroy the MoTW player much more quicker !
[-]You should be more aggressive. You shouldn't have left the enemy elven player to help his mate !

TEAM Summary :
Sounds strange but they played better than you as a team.You were better players than them (especially than the MotW player) but you din't cooperate much (exept of the end of course wher there was only one opponent remaining)I don't know if you agree to : "I'll take the left opponent, you the other !" ,but have in mind that this usually do not work. Next time try to attack a player both of you. You can say ,of course, "Yeah , but the other player will destroy one of our bases! ". Strangely nobody is doing that. Usually they are all trying to help their mate ! And until your opponent's mate units come for help you can destroy most of his buildings.A final suggestion. In a 2vs1 match (I mean after one player's defeat) try to attack from different sides.In the match ,both players, you gathered all your forces at the same point.You were lucky your opponent didn't have the Longshot ability ready !

Rating : 2/5
~~~~TEAM 2~~~~
~~Player : Kinglord

BO:Malorn Tree, Barracks,Lorien Archers(x1)


[+]You were aggressive ALL the time ! Even after your mate's defeat ! Well done !
[+]You helped your mate pretty good , I must say, but it seems it was too late for him.
[+]Clever position of your Green Pasture !
[+]Nice use of stances. Not the best possible of course, but still nice .

[=]The Forward statue was a good idea but your ally's destruction ruined your plan.


[-]You could have captured the Signal Fire first
[-]You should have used your summon Eagle Allies Power much better.Your opponent 2 damaged and with very few time remaining before they disappear, Eagles managed to destroy yours ,while you were busy with destroying his infantry.

~~Player : nobeldieganz

BO:Barracks ,Farm (x2),Gondor Soldiers (x3)

[+]You killed Shintaro's first Lorien Warrior bat very quickly !


[-]You didn't use the defensive stance ! It is very important for a MotW player against the elves !
[-]Very bad position of your barracks and especially of your Archery Range !
[-]You lost both of your starting workers easily !
[-]When you tried to reconstruct your base you should built Barracks first and no stables. 3 Gondor Soldier bats would be more useful than a Gondor Knight one.

TEAM Summary :
One player of your team played good(Kinglord) but the other played pretty bad(nobeldieganz) .That usually ends in failure.I really don't have to say more about you. Nice game Kinglord !

Rating : 1.5/5

~~~~Match Rating : 1.5/5~~~~
Again ,it's an average game.You can download it to see if you have much free time.


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