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VvD vs Darth Persia

Author File Description
Victor von Doom
File Details
Player 1's Name: Darth Persia
Player 1's Faction: Mordor
Player 2's Name: TehVvD
Player 2's Faction: Isengard
A game where the leader of the ladder at the time (Darth Persia) plays VvD in one of our normal match ups, except it ends a bit differently then normal. O_o
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Official Reviewer
Victor Von Doom (Isengard) vs Darth Persia (Mordor)
Played on Fords of Isen II as a BFME2 Heaven Ladder Game


~~Player : Victor Von Doom
BO: Furnace (x2), Warg Pit,Warg Riders Battalion (x1),Uruk Pit


[+]Nice managing of both Attack and Defense. You used your Wargs to destroy your enemy and your crossbowmen to repel your enemy's attack.Nice , simple and Isengard-ish !
[+]I could say you did a good job on harassment.
[+]The position of your first Warg Pit was very good.Just behind the fortress as most Isen Players do.
[+]Nice use of the Wild Men power.They helped you destroy both of the 2 Persia's bases.

[=]Just of curiosity : why didn't you use the Crebain power ?
[=]A hero (Lurtz) would have made your life much easier.
[=]Nah, your crossbowmen positions in your defense weren't the best.


[-]Not so good Warg micro in the beggining.You lost your first Warg battalion quickly.
[-]You left your Uruk Pit unprotected.His Orcs managed to heavily damage it in their first attack.
[-]After destroying his Fortress you could have defeated him much more easily and quicker that you did.Why didn't combine Crossbowmen and Wargs in the attack ? You used only Warg and the Wild Men power(and 2 Zerks in the end) !
[-]Bad economy.It's me or you really built only 3 Furnaces in the whole game ?

Player Summary :

You won but I believe you didn't played so good.Your opponent didn't make any Easterling to counter your Wargs.That usually leads to a quick victory of an Isen player.Plus I believe you should combine your Crossbowmen and Wargs when you are attacking.One other negative I saw it was your bad economy . You made only 2 furnaces in the whole game ?! Try to hide your furnaces if you had problems with his orcs harassers.A suggestion : Download and watch some of the top Isen player's replays.(daliskhan no3).There are some awsome daliskhan's replays in the Madness Tournament sector.It will help you for sure !

Rating : 2.5/5


~~Player : Darth Persia
BO:Slaughter House , Orcpit (x2),Slaughterhouse, Orc Battalions (x2)


[+]You didn't give up when you lost your fortress.That was great cause you have the potential of a winner.
[+]You destroyed his (first) Uruk pit quite quickly.

[=]Nice idea to make a forward orcpit.But you forgot that your top priority was to defend your base.


[-]Easterlings ? Pikes ? How did you expect to counter his Warg Rush.Mass Orcs are good and sometimes it is working.But definately it is not enough.
[-]You lost one of your workers very early !
[-]Your continually Orc Attacks didn't have any good result for you.They were all totally destroyed by VVD's crossbowmen.
[-]You left your base completely unprotected.The enemy really didn't find much trouble when he was destroying your fort.
[-]It's me or you didn't used the defensive stance with your Orcs ? Especially when they were gonna be trampled by VVD's Wargs.

Player Summary :

You didn't played well, that's obvious.It's really interesting to let me know why did you use the Orc Spam against the Warg rush.Usually when playing against Isengard most players are creating Pikemen to counter Wargs.Plus , you used Orcs all the time , why didn't you try to make some Trolls which can pwn cavalry? One possible way to win was to maintain and defend the Orcpits in your base and send (only) a worker to create a hidden Trollcage somewhere on the map.(The place where you made your 2nd base was perfect) With one Attack Troll out you could have wn the match ! The only thing I like in your game was that you didn't give up and you continued to attack VVD even with your fort destroyed.(Stupid attacks, of course ,cause his Uruk Crossbowmen were killing all your Orcs in secs).

Rating : 1/5

~~Match Rating : 2/5~~
Not a good match but it is not very bad either.The mark is low but I think it deserves a download.I would like to review a rematch between you two on FOI2

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