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Helm's Deep Expanded

Author File Description
File Details
ROTWK Map: Yes
Number of Players: 5
One Ring: Yes
AI: Yes
This map is kinda the same as your normal Helm's Deep, but with some extra uruk-hai and such.

The intended way to play is with 2 human players inside Helm's Deep with 3 Isengard AI attacking, but it can be done however you like, such as defending the Deeping Wall alone and not worry about some pesky uruk-hai breaking down the rear gate, or you can bring in friends and fight over Helm's Deep in a pure PvP setting. The only thing that won't work well is if you try to have AI defend the fortress whilst you attack. They don't really know how to do that.

The map should work with most mods and game versions, such as both AotR and Edain 4., but the map is mainly made and balanced in vanilla RotWK 2.01. For further balancing you might need to use handicaps.

Small note: The map works in 1.09v2 as long as you do not have singleplayer option on. If you play another version, or you have that option on, you crash.

The map has both a "hard" and a "nightmare" mode, both imposing different changes to the map, and they can stack into a "hard nightmare" mode, so to speak. There is also an easteregg in the map, with plans for more.

For those who have not used custom maps for BFME before, here are installation instructions for custom maps:
1. Search for "%appdata%" in your search bar, without the quotation marks obviously
2. Find the folder "My The Lord of the Rings, The Rise of the Witch-king Files" (might go by a different name if you don't have it installed in English)
3. Drop the map folder from the .zip into the "maps" folder
4. Launch the game and enjoy the map

Any suggestions, feedback or similar is always welcomed, and if you wish to further tweak the map, go right ahead, just please credit me for the original map.

This contains both my own "cinematic camera angle" (view out from within Helm's Deep) version along with a "default camera angle" (vanilla, look towards Helm's Deep) version.

Latest update: 02/01-21 - The sun actually rises, kinda. You will get it when you see it.
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Marmadoc Longhol Really enjoyed the map, and its great how you can play on Rotwk and age as well.

Ive been looking for a waves style map like this for helms deep so it ticked all the boxes for me. Great job.

One small request, is there any way you could create another player spot inside helms deep? Maybe to the right where outpost are? I usually play with two other mates and it would be great if we could all play the map together.
File Author
Marmadoc Longhol

You should be able to add a third spot yourself without much issue (if you know how to use the worldbuilder. Just put Player_6_Start waypoint where you want it). It won't have any effect on the number of enemies nor the reinforcements you get, but as it *does* limit build space it should be somewhat balanced. You might need to put 5 to 10% handicap on yourself, unless you don't already crush the "hard nightmare", in which case you can up the difficulty with that instead.
Marmadoc Longhol Thanks for getting back to me, i did look into this and tried to add an extra player on world builder but for whatever reason it wasnt letting me.

I went to add player but the box didnt come up to allow me to set up another player, i checked online and followed the guide to add a player but every time I tried it just wasnt allowing me.

Any further help or advice would be greatly appreciated
File Author
A: This is an inconvenient way to chat, but oh well.

What you do is use the waypoint tool in the worldbuilder and place a waypoint where you want the next player, then name the waypoint "Player_6_Start" (without the quotation marks). No need to go to player list or anything. Players in the player list are mainly used for doing script-related things, so not having a player 6 there won't affect you at all.
Marmadoc Longhol You`re a superstar thank you. All sorted, thanks for your help and creating a great map
samwisetheg Hi gotyam, made an account just to say thank you for the map and instructions on adding another spawn point - with a little common knowledge i managed to set it up.

Will come back and review once I've played it with the gang - first time solo immediately crashed due to memory usage issues, dropped down the graphics and seemed to work okay!
Edelmar Hi, same as above. I created my account to thank you for the map, and also to give a little feedback. I tried it with a mate of mine and it was hellish (but really cool) xD

We have not been playing this game for quite some time, but then we got the BFME2 fever again these past weeks. I play Dwarf, and he goes either human or elves. On your map, usually I'm on the left and he on the right. After beating 2vs2 in normal, we tried 2vs3 normal. The usual way it goes is that I quickly get overwhelmed and him, soon after. Archers' pathfinder makes them go down and up the stairs, and they end up being destroyed by arrows from our opponents, and so we end up losing both the left, and the right soon after. We felt like we had tried everything frankly, and we couldn't figure out a way to overcome the enemy units and the wave. That being said, after several tries, I found a loophole. Basically, we give up all of Helm's Deep, except the last room (the base of the player on the right), and we fight in it. Full archers, couple of heroes, lots of towers and two full-built bases. And it's a magnificent slaughter.

It was a lot of fun, so thanks again. :) Now a couple of questions and some remarks (in case you wish to improve your map one day):
- Once the base on the left of the Deep is destroyed, the uruk units just stand there. They don't move and will not attack anything unless one of our units is in the vicinity. I don't know (and doubt) this can be fixed (as I think it might be linked to the AI of the game, but in case you didn't know, I wanted to give you a heads-up).
- THere is a talk of a nightmare mode. That being said, we just couldn't figure out how to activate it. There doesn't seem to be a way to capture the signal fire. We can just destroy it. Maybe we missed something ?
- Though I'm completely new to WorldBuilder, I'm going to try to modify a bit the map, in order to add some room to the right, and a third player inside Helm's Deep.

Anyway, for all people interested: cool map. Can be quite hard. 100% will play it again.

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