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Downloads Home » Player Created Maps » Masters of Middle Earth (2 and 3 Players) (Map VERSION 1.3/ Error FIXED) - Patch 1.06

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Masters of Middle Earth (2 and 3 Players) (Map VERSION 1.3/ Error FIXED) - Patch 1.06

Author File Description
File Details
Number of Players: 3
One Ring: No
AI: Yes
The ENEMY CPU should be Dwarves and one CPU for ALLY (The Ally can be random). The waves are very hard. So you have to use heals very wisely and try to start every wave with refreshed blade master abilities of heroes. Every hero has blade master. Some of their ability names are different but when you read the information about abilities you'll understand which power is blade master.

The scenario is very simple. Everybody knows The Lord of The Rings story. I just wanted to approach with different story which is the greatest heroes of middle earth can face with darkness instead of sending Frodo and Sam to destroy one ring. There are six heroes who are Aragorn, Gandalf, Elrond, Haldir, Thranduil and Legolas.

There are sixteen waves. 7th, 12th and 16th waves are Boss Waves. Ally CPU plays on Boss Waves. Ally CPU has only troops in 1st Boss Wave, Ally CPU has troops and Gimli in 2nd Boss Wave and Ally CPU has Galadriel, Celeborn, Eagles and troops in 3rd Boss Wave.

This map has been tested by few players who are Sharx, Gannicus, Miss Pokou, D3th^ and NotoriousBRD. I would like to share that I'm thankful for helping me on testing. This map has been beaten by [BANG]BIGBANG, Sharx and Gannicus.

There is one unique side of that map which is I've disabled or removed some of the basic AI behaviours that is coded by EA Games. After that i've coded new algorithms for AI behaviours. All algorithms are created by me. You'll see most of the new AIs in Boss Waves. CPU can play like humans. These are the CPU AI behaviours that they can do:

1) They can heal each other. In 1st Boss Wave Enemy CPU heroes protect each other between 30%-40%. In 2nd Boss Wave its 40%-50% and in 3rd Boss Wave its 80%-95% primarily that they look after each other.

2) 11 of 15 heroes have ESCAPE AI (Enemy CPU). That means if they are at very low HP, they run away from the battle and start recovering themselves. Of course there are few things that they do during the ESCAPE AI, but I can't tell them here. You have to see them in the Boss Waves :). Ally CPU heroes have ESCAPE AI too. But these ESCAPE Behaviours are different from Enemy CPU heroes'. By the way there are some conditions to they can escape. When the conditions are going true their ESCAPE AI will be disabled. You'll understand when you reach the boss waves. There will be information about that.

3) I've also defined weaponset AI for Lurtz and Mount AI for Goblin King. These algorithms killed me (i have to admit). 8 different algorithms for Lurtz weaponset AI. It was very hard because sometimes Lurtz can change his weapon with wrong decision. Still he changes but with very small posibility. Mount AI also gave me some hard times but not like the weaponset AI. When you come closer to Lurtz, he uses his carnage. When you go away from him, he uses his bow. Goblin King Mounts and Unmounts when he attemps to use Poison Stinger ability.

4) The Boss Waves Difficulties are different. 1st Boss Wave is the easiest one and the 3rd Boss Wave is the hardest one. So in 1st Boss Wave the Enemy CPU attacks together with 25% ratio. 2nd Boss 40%-50%. But Lurtz and Wormtongue always attack together especially when they use their abilities. 3rd Boss Wave more than 50% less then 70% ratio that they attack together. In 2nd Boss Wave The Enemy CPU heroes attack the weakest heroes with 25%-30% possibility. But in the 3rd Boss Wave, all the Enemy CPU heroes go after the weakest heroes when they attemp to use abilities.

5) The Ally CPU heroes can act together with human players. For example, if most of your heroes run away from battles, The Ally CPU heroes follow you and when you all run, the Ally CPU heroes use their ability and then keep running. If they have no refreshed ability, they just make some hits then keep running with you. If some of your heroes in a battle The Ally CPU heroes join you. There will be information about that in the Boss Waves that how they can do it.

6) The Ally CPU can request heal from you. If you have refreshed heal and if you don't heal them The Ally CPU notifies you that you have heal but you don't heal.

7) The Enemy CPU makes nonduplicated random attacks in very few waves. The algorithm is very simple. CPU takes a decision randomly and when it needs to make new one it doesn't repeat the other decisions that already has been made. Always makes nonduplicated random decisions for 6 decisions. In every 6 decisions CPU resets the decisions that already beed decided.

8) If troops of the Enemy and Ally CPUs have abilities they always use. For example, the poison arrows of Goblin Archers. Even structures (Fortress abilities)...

9) The Enemy CPU and Ally CPU heroes always use their abilities. If somehow these heroes are blocked, they use the abilities few seconds later. For example, When Sharku attemps to use an ability and if you knock him down, he will attempt that ability again. If you keep blocking them (which is limited, it can't take forever), they will use their abilities when they can... The Boss Waves ability AI algorithms are different. I've coded them with different approaches by scripting methods.

As you can understand these behaviours haven't been done before (as i know). So if you like, you can study on my algorithms and use in your maps, even improve my works. But i suggest use these algorithms in Arena Maps. You can use these algorithms in normal custom maps (for example, CPU vs Human maps) but there will be so much things that you have to code by scripting methods and trust me this is very hard (for me creating algorithms are easy but coding in World Builder damn takes like forever). The problem is World Builder... I haven't calculated, but I think there are about 2500-4000 lines for AI algorithms.

The map.ini contains 46219 lines. I've mixed my map.ini with some of JBV3737's and Beserkidiot's map.ini works then changed half of their FXs and abilities (probably more than half). All damages are different. Some FXs are same. Most beautiful works in one map.ini for Arena Maps. This is worth to see... 800-1000 lines from Beserkidiot's, 17000-19000 lines from JBV3737's and Rest of the lines (26219 lines) from me.

I have to tell something too. I did not realize that the whole map takes about 120 minutes to finish it until i finish the most of the works of the map. I am sorry for that because i have no time to make it shorter. World Builder is painful and i can't find the mood to make it shorter. You guys can modify the map as you like. The map was finished in July. I can upload it just now. Unzip the File and Put 2 Maps into "Maps" Folder. Make sure that 2 maps must be placed in "Maps" Folder.

There is/was a guy who talks about some shits that scripting (etc.) are easy things on making maps and he says in his maps that there are AIs for CPUs. lol... Using the basic AI behaviors of EA Games that he says "Maps work by AI" :D... Anyway good luck with your maps man. Have Fun everybody.
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