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Downloads Home » Player Created Maps » Rohan open-world v1.2 (for Edain mod only)

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Rohan open-world v1.2 (for Edain mod only)

Author File Description
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ROTWK Map: Yes
Number of Players: 2
One Ring: No
AI: Yes

Hello people :)

I present today my new map. It is a big Rohan open-world map! :D

The map contains almost the whole Rohan, including Edoras, Helm's Deep, Isengard, Fangorn, fords of Isen, and a big plain of Rohan.

When you play as Rohan, you have to protect the civilians of Rohan from the invasion of Isengard. They are represented by 6 "battalions" of civilians, which are at the start in Edoras. You can bring them to Helm's Deep, which offers a much better protection than Edoras, but much less recruitment buildings. You can also decide to keep them in Edoras, but I think it is harder to protect them there. You should also defend the Rohan farms and villages which are outside the cities, because they produce almost all the resources you will need. To win the game, you have to destroy the dam of Isengard. For that, you can have the help of the Ents of Fangorn.

When you play as Isengard, you have to destroy the people of Rohan (so kill at least half of the 6 battalions of civilians). :P
At the start, you can only train wargriders and wildmen if you explore a little bit. More buildplots will appear after unlocking spells on spellbook (except the 3 first) in your base, but if you want to have more buildplots, you have to destroy the farms and villages of Rohan. When you destroy them, buildplots appear for you at the same places. :)

I make it to be played in multiplayer 1v1, so don't expect a good challenge against AI.

Changelog of the 1.1 version:

- There is now a working AI! You can now play as Rohan against AI Isengard or as Isengard against AI Rohan, and that should work pretty fine ;) But I'm repeating myself: it is much better to paly againsta human player. There are many strategies and scenarios possible on this map.
- I added Dunharrow as a new location! It begins as a simple Exile Camp that you can get by a very logical way ;), and after that you can obviously upgrade it to King's Camp. There you can recruit quickly Rohirrim, and the 3 Rohan Captains. Dunharrow gives also another access to Helm's Deep, through the mountains.

- I added 3 new units (Rohan swordsmen, pikemen, and axemen) in the Rohan Barracks, which we can have at Edoras and at Helms Deep. This barracks also provides access to the normal Rohan archers, and to the normal Rohan Captains.

- I reworked the system of buildplots of Isengard: now the buildplot in the base doesn't unlock by time, but by buying spell in the spellbook. Each spell you will unlock will make appear a buildplot in the base. (except the 3 first spells).

- I reworked the spellbook of the 2 factions, especially Rohan. I removed powers such as the 3 Hunters, Haldir's Elves and the Ents, because those units are all recruitable on the map. I replaced them by other nice power, I let you see by yourself ;)
Additionnaly, now most of the spellbook summons are permanents, because I don't like temporary summons :P

- I added 2 buildplots in Helm's Deep, so there are 3 now.

- I changed a little bit the objectives for Isengard. Now they have to kill half of the 6 battalions of civilians, AND destroy the Golden Hall of Edoras. Note that if you destroy the Golden Hall of Edoras firstly, the CIty will be destroyed, and Rohan won't have acces to his buildings anymore. He will have to rely only on Helm's Deep ^^

- Many other new features, balances fixes and bugfixes



- better spellbook for Rohan: you can now summon reinforcements of all free people of Middle Earth! You can summon them juste one time, and these powerful armies will appear at the different edges of the map! :P

- Dunharrow passage problems fixed

- Heroes of both factions are now not recruitable anymore. You have some of them at the start of the game, and you will get the other as long as the game will progress. So if they die, it is forever! Additionally I increased their healthpoints.

- Rohan captains are now recruitable only if Theoden is cured.

- Eomer with a couple of exiles is wandering on the fields of Rohan. They will attack Isengard units if they see them, but they will be allied with the Rohan player only if he meet them with some certain units :P (I won't say which ;) )

- When ents are rallied to your cause, you will get immediately Treebeard, 2 Ents and Merry and Pippin, instead of the entmoot only.

- Many other changes...

Have fun! :) I'm looking forward to your feedback!
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Zzzzz Your maps are awesome!!

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