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Downloads Home » Player Created Maps » Gladiator Servants of Darkness (3 Players) version 3 (Edited Version)

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Gladiator Servants of Darkness (3 Players) version 3 (Edited Version)

Author File Description
File Details
ROTWK Map: Yes
Number of Players: 3
One Ring: No
AI: Yes
Put BRUTAL for Computer. I fixed the lag problem but if you still have that problem, lower your graphic settings. Tested in different graphic settings:

Ultra High: In 6 waves there was lag. Playability was 65%

High: In 4 waves there was lag. Playability was 75%.

Between Medium and High: In 3 waves there was lag. Playability was between 80% - 90%

Medium: In 1 wave there was very little lag. Playability was between 90%-100%

Below Medium: There was no lag.

I've changed almost everything: Waves/Abilities of heroes and added new heroes. This edited map based on to have fun. Do not look for a logic on this map. I've added more waves then changed all old waves AND 2 MORE BOSS WAVES also have been added. TOTALLY 17 WAVES. Read the full Description for details on how to avoid Out Of Synch. When you reach the BOSS WAVES you will see how good that map is. The AIs of BOSS HEROES have almost your minds. At the begining I COULD NOT BEAT MY OWN CREATED BOSS HEROES :). 3 Human Players vs 1 CPU Player. Each human player has 3 heroes.


After the Third Age, the nine heroes became rebels. Galadriel and Celeborn owned Middle Earth. They brought Sauron back and are using him as their puppet. Middle Earth is at Civil War. Middle Earth's last hope are these nine rebels. They are here to destroy this dictatorship.

Created By JBV3737 - Joseph B. Visscher / Edited By [BANG]BIGBANG.

VITAL NOTE TO PREVENT OUT OF SYNCH: Before Starting Ask Everyone if they have a clean INI.file, and they just restarted their BFME2 game by exiting it and restarting it up. Also check for extreme lagers which will be very hard to transfer and load the large map!

Out Of Synch Note: Almost all cases of "Out of Synch" is caused by players having different version ini.files while playing each other online (Another example of this is cheaters/hackers). INI.files are the part of the game that makes units have their abilities, attack, armor and even images, everything in the game that needs to be put in place, the ini.file does it. It goes Out Of Synch because Two or more players don't match each others ini.files, how is this? By playing a Map that has a ini.file override, maps such as Ring Wars, or my Gladiator Underworld series and even this map. It is alright to repeat a map that has the same ini.file. But that is not the problem and is not the cause of the problem, its the version of the ini.file does not go back to its default form after a game. How to avoid Out of synch all together is to get EVERYONE (even you) to restart their whole Battle For Middle Earth 2 game before joining and playing this map, or any map! LAGERS can also make Out Of Synch, I suggest you find people that have very good connections before trying to transfer, load, and play this map!

How to Install A map into bfme2:

You unzip it first, and you will get the Map folder,

then you open up windows explore
or my computer.

then in the top address bar near the top of the window, copy and paste or Type in C:\Documents and Settings\**Username**\Application Data (OR AppData)\My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files\Maps

**Username** is what ever your computer is named**
Or if you can't get to it that way, try this

1.just go to drive c.
2.then Documents and Settings then
3.there should be your computer names or your name if you have it right,
4. then appilcation data (or AppData)
5. then My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files
6. Maps
7. Then drag and drop your map folder(this map) that you unziped into the folder "Maps" in "My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files" Folder

This is the default place where bfme2 installs itself, if you installed it somewhere else you will have to find it, most likely in Application data
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Earthshaker If you want, i can dig deeper. If you really think the map Dark Mountains worths a 5 star rating at map design, you can eat a big pile of %$#@. You 2 kids are alt'ing each others and you know it. If THIS map worths 5 stars http://oi67.tinypic.com/2qwcwmo.jpg
you are an idiot.
And the scripting on this map isn't something extraordinary, been there done that.
Yes, I can make AI's behave totally different. Scripting is easy.
But that's not the matter of the problem. You see, putting there made by JBV isn't enough. That would have been ok if you HAVEN'T used his other map too.
File Author
You are on ini's :). But if u have knowledge about designing a real AI that u don't do actually making AI in world builder tool or ini :). U r just using what EA defined & designed in .exe. For example routing algorithms, attacking algorithms. Ini is part of the database. Do u see any math calculations in ini which is related with algorithms? Another example u put that "SpecialPowerAIType = AI_SPECIAL_POWER_ENEMY_TYPE_KILLER_STRUCTURES" in ur ini so What CPU calculates or enable which algorithms to activate that special power?

I am making new map and that's gonna be my last map.

I just wanted that players actually have fun. I was not planned to offend anyone. As i said u have issues. I did not steal anything or i did not own anything. If the damages are different that means it is different. If i wanted to steal something, i steal and say i made it lol. I don't have to give specific information about what i did.

Anyway, good luck with your thoughts.
Earthshaker The algorithm's aren't even defined in the exe, that's in the game.dat. And game can easily select on wich unit to target due to the KindOf's defined in the object. Lol. So don't try to fool me with things you don't know. Just edit the map description saying you used underworld stuff too and we'll be fine. And stop giving unfair reviews.
File Author
You actually know what i meant :). Just stop trying to give lessons.

[Edited on 05/01/16 @ 04:46 AM]

Earthshaker I'm not giving any lessons, you are just trying to fool someone who is around bfme2 modding since ever. Just be a good guy and understand alt'ing isn't nice. Neither is plagiarizing. Have a bit of respect for other mappers around here.
kaspar0v I also tested the map and im his one of friends. We all know what he did in his works and he explained what he used. He told me yestarday that u've called him stealer lol. And i see now u are talking about imaginations that he cant imagine lol. He answered all of ur questions but u cant even give one simple example about algorithms that he mentioned. We all support our back because we are friends. We are here to have fun. Don't be a moron. He wasn't even going to post the map on here... He said i wanted to change this map as i like then he worked on that map for 2 months we tested the map for 2 months. When the map was done some of us said post the map, most player are gonna like the map. Another shit that ur saying; "underworld" underworld map also has been created by JBV. Does he have to mention about it lol? And Thranduil is not exactly same. Anyway u can now finger urself.
Earthshaker You see, my job isn't creating algorithms, and I do modding for fun. And what do you prove by asking me that? There's absolutely no binding between what I'm talking about and his question. It's like asking a cooker to forge you a sword. lol.
It's about copyright issues. JBV clearly stats in his underworld INI that you can use it BUT YOU HAVE TO GIVE CREDIT. Do you see ANYWHERE in this map description the word UNDERWORLD? Don't fool me with Thranduil, it's easy to copy-paste golden arrow from underworld to this map, and say it's different.
But let's leave this to JBV. I will find him and I will contact him.
The problem is, the reviews. If dark mountains is worth 5 stars you dude have no sense of comparation and you clearly rated it like that because of a deal, or alting. This is my last comment here and if you do not edit your map description to match what's inside of it in 24hours, I will mail an admin and he will sort things out.
File Author
dont give me 24 hours contact anyone now. Because i did not do anything bad here! Underworld was also created by JBV! When i mentioned about JBV that means everything is related with all of his works.

Don't threat me!
Earthshaker You constantly dodge to answer about the reviews.
File Author
Was underworld created by someone else? Give me an answer for this question!

U r against the rules. You are threating me! You have no right to do that. First u tryied to punch me with "altering" when it didn't work out, u changed the subject. I don't deny that i used JBV's work. U understand the things different. Because u r a person like what u think about me. You are the one! You have psychological issues.
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