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Downloads Home » Player Created Maps » Erebor (for Edain 3.8 & 4.0) by Gagolin (ver. 1.0)

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Erebor (for Edain 3.8 & 4.0) by Gagolin (ver. 1.0)

Author File Description
File Details
ROTWK Map: Yes
Number of Players: 4
One Ring: Yes
AI: Yes
These are two Erebor maps for Edain 3.8 and 4.0 respectively. I packed them together in one ZIP file, but every map has it's own directory with number in the name ("38" or "40"). Just simply copy and paste the map you want in "maps" directory.

Some objects are missing in demo EDAIN 4.0 (new dwarven statue), but I hope that it will be there again in final Edain version. Because of that, in Thror's throne room is no visible dwarven statues, yet.

A few more details:
- The Smaug is not in maps.
- There is the secret entrance, however, only dwarven race can open it from outside. From inside any race can find and open this door.
- The maps are containing over 9400 Objects, so be advised about it (PC performance) :)
- The best graphical depth of "Erebor" city comes with, at least, "High" shadow and shader options.

First photos I've uploaded earlier:

These are two new photos for comparative purposes (there are some simplifications outside the Erebor - I did that because of some issues I've found later)

Enjoy playing or just explore my interpretation of PJ's inside and outside parts of Erebor :)
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
BayTown BEST EREBOR MAP EVER!!!! It is totally spectacular in detail and is really the best movie-interpretation map of Erebor for Edain mod (and for Bfme2) I've ever seen =D
NetoD20 Ok, I have mixed feelings about.
At one hand I love it, it is amazing visually.
But the playability doesn't bear well with me...

I believe the map does exceedingly well in its role to portray Erebor just before the Battle of the Five Armies, and my major problems with it are exactly the elements crucial for this portrayal, like the fog of war, the lack of a functional gate and the fact that you control no build plots inside the fortress, and instead gets a camp and construction flags to explore.

So, instead of asking you to remove the elements I dislike, which would discharacterize the map, I ask you to do another version of the map that does not portray the ruined Erebor of The Hobbit, but rather one that portrays Erebor functioning as one inhabited and garrisoned fortress.
I'll then divide my suggestions between the ones for the current ruined version of Erebor and suggestions for a possible restored garrisoned Erebor after the Battle under the rule of Dáin II Ironfoot, if you desire to create such a version.

Ruined Erebor suggestions
-Since it's Five Armies battling outside the fortress, I guess it you could augment the size of the map around the ruins of Dale, if that is possible, in order to add three more players to the map. It may seem excessive but, aside from the "reenacting the Battle of the Five Armies" reason, I'm a defensor of the idea that fortress maps should have at least three players outside to give the defender player a hard time, and I guess playing inside Erebor against five enemies would be great.
-Instead of the "hold this position to clear the rubble" mechanic, I'd suggest you to make the rubble a normal destructible object with a lot of hit points. Because, for example, I was playing inside Erebor and wanted to put rangers atop the balconies, but if I did that I would clear the rubble after some time, and I certainly didn't want that to happen.
-Remove the pillars on the room where player 2's camp is.

Restored Erebor suggestions
-Put only one player inside Erebor, after all it's an unified fortress now.
-Instead of giving the player a starting camp make it like a traditional Edain 4 fortress, like Helm's Deep or Minas Tirith where the player controls all the build plots inside the fortress and its fort is an object inside, probably Dáin's throne like in the old EA Erebor fortress.
-Aside from the build plots distributed in the places where the old settlement flags were, put something like three or four settlement flags inside Erebor and at least one Outpost flag.
-Turn Dale into a restored walled city and put a player inside it.

Overall I love your map, I have played your older version of movie Erebor, and this one is a great improvement. You and Dark Lord from Revora are the best BfME mappers.

Have a nice day, my friend ^^

[Edited on 05/31/15 @ 03:12 PM]

BayTown Erebor has rubble at the gates because the gate has been destroyed, and as you can see it's covered in rubble in the Desolation of Smaug, and in the Battle of the Five Armies. You start with camps most likely because there are two players inside the fortress and it wouldn't be appropriate to start with build plots, in my opinion, unless there was only 1 player inside.
The fog of war is a bit time-consuming to reveal, but I'm okay with that, and if you wish, it's easy to remove it in WorldBuilder.

Speaking about an unruined version of Erebor (at the time of AUJ, perhaps), he doesn't have to make an entirely new map to do it. He can alter slightly this current Erebor map to make it look like it's 'inhabited' (change the grass textures outside, retexture the black-textured places in Erebor, like in Thror's room, edit Dale to not be in ruins, place a few forests in front of the gate and around Erebor, alter a bit Ravenhill to make it unruined too, and maybe change the lighting a bit). But, he can make an inhabited, AUJ Erebor, if he wishes; after all, he already gave us an amazing enough Erebor map to play, and while we all would appreciate an AUJ Erebor, this current Erebor map is enough for me, mainly because I am collecting maps for Edain mod that are at the time of the Desolation of Smaug.
And I agree with you, Gagolin and Dark Lord from Revora Forums are the two best Bfme2 mappers ever :D
File Author
Thank you guys for your opinions. I accept every critic I can get.

Your suggestions are ok and to be honest, in the early phase of planning the map I've been thinking about the same things you've said.
First: Fog of war; For Dwarven maps I usually enable that kind fog, because I want to you to be a bit surprised about new areas which you discover during the gameplay. Since I know that some do not preffer this "thing" I usually recommend to disable the fog of war by deleting the dedicated script in Worldbuilder (it is easy to find it - inside the "neutral" script directory.
Second: Gates; I removed the gate because, the gate is destroyed (according to the book and movie). My initial idea was to make the rubble's destroyable too, but the problem about that concept is in smaller probability that other AI players would attack the rubbles except the human player. So I made at least a trigger for all players to be able to remove the rubbles besides of any other player's intentions.
Third: Balconies and trigger; The "problem" about putting your rangers atop the balconies is quite easy to "pass by" :) Well, the trigger is positioned to affect only "near door areas". That means, only first level balconies are affected (second level is free), although in order to reach those balconies you'll still trigger the script, but if your units stay away from ground zero near door area and first level balconies, nothing will happen.
Forth: Pillars; In the future version I'll remove pillars where the player 2 starts. That is no big deal.
Fifth: Restored Erebor and reconstruction ideas; Believe me when I say "damn with Erebor" :) I really have no mental power to invest for such big changes, outside and inside the Erebor. However, I could use the building plots, in some areas. That needs to be properly tested. For such changes I am waiting for the full version of EDAIN 4, still. It makes no sense to invest more time in this map without full Edain version. Why? Simply because, If I need to change and make the map better, I need to wait and see if some new objects will be available too, and to have possibility to use more beautiful objects, etc. So for now I have good basis for the future, and as I always said "any user can use my maps and change them without restrictions". Just mention me somewhere, and that's it :)
Sixth: Third Player outside the Erebor: Well, if you open the map in Worldbuilder, you'll notice that overall number of dedicated player is "5". I've planned to make it so, but for that wasn't enough free place (inside the Dale - with camps, etc.). I need to test (that is also in the future possible to come) the dale's "possible" player (fifth) with Building plots and to see if it is able to play enough good as AI player too.

@BayTown and Neto20D; Other problem with Restored version of the Erebor is need for greater number of objects, like more trees. I tested one version of this map, with more trees, and the playability and stability of the map was not so good, even for my taste and nerves. So, I erased some stuff. You have to keep in mind, here we have 9400+ objects :)
You can notice very easy that playability is not so "perfect", but considering the idea and colossal project I wanted to present, it still works like a charm :)
I always say to all who will try out my maps: "the purposes of my maps are not just to have opportunity to have one smooth fight, but to imagine the depth of middle-earth (in this case the dwarven culture and the greatness of their halls) and to give all of you who want to make own maps more creative thinking and solutions".

So, in the future I'll try to change some stuff or make them better if possible, but for now I am just gathering opinions from players, because I know they are very important (like the advice with building plots, etc.) to make one map even better.

At the end, thank you for your kind words, but I don't think I am so good mapper, because I think, real mappers make real magic with texturing, and in that department I am not so good.
I am patient mapper, that is my only good side :)

[Edited on 06/01/15 @ 06:55 AM]

NetoD20 Thanks for the answers!

Of course I understand if you do not want to work this map again, making the existing one must have been really tiresome.

So, I'll probably take it upon myself to make a new version of your map where Erebor is restored after the war. I just wanted some tips, if you could give me, I'm relatively new to World Builder, but I've been working in coverting some old maps into Edain 4.0 maps. Could you tell me, if it's not a problem, how do I replace the rubble with a gate? I'll just delete the rubble object, but I don't how to put a functional gate under Player_1's control in its instead, even though I'm having some ideas.
Also, could you give me more detailed instructions on how to remove the fog of war?
Aside from that I think I know how to implement my other suggestions.

Many thanks for your attention :D I hope I'll be up to the task of working on this amazing map of yours.
File Author
No problem, I did it gladly!

So, concerning your questions:

1. You have two door choices: in Toolbar you need to press "place objects" button. First door choice is in: Bynativetype / Civilian / Structure: BlueMountainsGateDoor
- Second choice is in: Bynativetype / Moria / Structures: MMDBalinDrB

Test both doors and watch if they prevent units to walk over the balconies etc. In other word, whether they represent an obstacle for units.

Who controls the door you can change in "Object Properties" (and other stuff too, like size, hitpoints...)

2. To manage the scripts you need to find "Edit scripts" button in toolbar. Then, open the "neutral" directory, and then "Fog/Shroud Management" script directory.
There you have two choices: first, to erase all scripts. After that you'll have normal fog/shroud properties, or (second) you can disable "all invisible". If you need to test the map and to see if everything works, you can enable "all visible" script. You will be able to see everything now.

If you succeed in your "journey", and if I find some of your solutions viable for my future map updates, I'll incorporate them for sure. ;)
BayTown Speaking of improving the map, does anyone know how can I make the map include a larger part of Dale, maybe the entire city? Right now Dale is cut off by the map's borders, and I'm relatively new to mapping, so can anyone help me do this?

[Edited on 06/01/15 @ 11:59 AM]

File Author
@ BayTown

My map has max. size 600x600. It is not possible to enlarge this map any more. If such thing was possible, I would do that immediately.

You can copy that part of the map, and paste it into yours new one. There is a tool for that in toolbar "Terrain copy tool".
BayTown Hey Gagolin do you think you can edit a bit (with new objects from the Dwarven faction) and re-release Erebor when the Dwarven faction is available for Edain 4.0? It will include the Dwarven statues, and you can use the buildings of Dale from the Dwarven outpost, here you can see them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvQ3rQLtOfo
File Author

Look, I've planned to actualise this map when full version of Edain 4 comes out, if possible of course. Other updates will occur too, like small scripting tweaks, clocks, etc.
At the same time, in the map version 3.8. you can see all objects, including the statues.

btw.1. Thanks for the ratings :)

btw.2. I've tested the building plots, as NetoD20 suggested and I wasn't happy about the results. Mainly because of the fact that if you play as, let say, Mordor, it is odd to have rohan's or gondor's buildings under the command :) That problem could be resolved with much "scripting", but I wouldn't recommend to overhaul the map with scripts too. It is the matter of taste and objectives which you want to achieve with particular map. That's why I allow everyone to experiment with my maps.
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