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Rise of Wizards Mod V2

Author File Description
File Details
ROTWK Modification: Yes
Code Modification: Yes


1.Be sure to have updated your game to the 2.01 official patch

2.Be sure to have a backup of the files that will be relaced in case you want to return to the unmodded version

3.If your game is currently a modded version, it may not work.


Libraries.big - this is where the Spellbook purchasing scripts are.

englishpatch.big - contains the descriptions of the new skills, its the text you see when you read what the skill does

Maps.big - Just found this in the internet, it raises the camera's maximum height

Ini.big - Everything else i guess

*There is a bonus player created map file "Custom Hero Challenges" which is the same as the one posted here in bfmeheaven, but this has been modified to work properly with this mod. (If you played the one thats in bfmeheaven site, the heroes with map wide ranged abilities like gandalf blink and saruman lightningbolt will interrupt your 1v1 match with other heroes)


1.There will be four .big files inside: the ini, libraries, Maps, and englishpatch

2.Copy paste the files called "Ini", "Maps" and "Libraries" inside the BFME2 ROTWK folder

3.The "englishpatch" file on the other hand goes inside the "lang" folder found inside the BFME2 ROTWK folder

4.You are ready to play

What started out as me slightly changing the data in the ini.big file to my liking, to now me giving some abilities to other units. Throughout the many times i played this game i wondered "Why isnt the AI using this ability?" or "Why doesnt this unit have this ability?" or "The computer can actually be strong if it used this ability!" so i decided to see why looking through the ini.big file. I noticed around half of all the abilites doesnt even have the needed code for computer to activate it. I added ai codes to almost all the abilities i could find. (I spectated many brutal difficulty 6 player computer vs computer matches to verify if an ability activates or not) I fixed practically all of it.

This is an updated version of my previous mod. It fixed some of what was not part of the previous version and added abilities to Custom heroes, heroes, and other units.

Here are what to expect most
- Almost all abilities are AI usable, the only ones that dont have AI are the ones computer can never properly use (like teleport army lv 2-3) or an ability that will not help them (like bloodlust which will cause Isengard's faction to eat itself, literally)
- New abilities and stat changes to many heroes
- In general, heroes are stronger, but not to the point they can become a one man army (well... until a wizard reaches rank 10 maybe)
- Hard and Brutal Computer can now purchase and use all spellbook abilities (only fixed hard and brutal difficulty) (Easy only purchases 1st stage spellbook and medium only up to 2nd stage)
- Custom Heroes get a lot of new abilities, maxing out the ability list. (The ability list can hold 21 non-chained abilities, adding more will make other abilities disappear by exceeding the list) Also any custom hero class can be used by any faction
- Wizard class has staffs with different weapon properties, be sure to try all of them

More changes can be read through the notepad inside the zip file. Please read the bottom sections for the latest update changes.

NOTICE: Custom Hero's AI doesnt work on player created maps. (worldbuilder) Dont know why but thats the way it is. All other units have perfectly working AI, so its only the custom hero.

I will try to update the mod every now and then, I only mod the game when i feel i wanna change or add something to make it more fun.
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File Author
------------------Update: November 05, 2018-------------

-Elrond's regular leadership is replaced with Renown Leadership which effects heroes and requires level 5
-Elrond also gets Elven Fury ability at level 3 and replaces his heal ability
-New ablilities for CAH
-Create a Hero cost of abilities are now cheaper (the prices of some heroes were getting outragous, i think everyone will be happy with this change)
-Gloin gets "Steal resources" ability at level 3
-Did a rework of "Capture Structure" and "Steal Resources". They are now small area target abilities instead of single taget. Why i did this? So AI can use these to steal or take enemy farms.
-AI can now use CAH ability "Reinforce Structure" on their resource structures and towers
-"Spear Throw" projectile now has an arced flight trajectory
-Alot of heroes have a small health boost (CAH is now cheaper, so all heroes need a power creep)
-Eomer gets "Riddermark Charge" ability which temporarily reduces damage from arrows and spears
-Fixed AI where goblins wont summon dragon ally spellbook
-Azog gets "Capture Structure" ability (he did capture moria before dying to thorin)

-I added a bonus player created map file "Custom Hero Challenges" which is the same as the one posted here in bfmeheaven, but this has been modified to work properly with this mod. (If you played the one thats in bfmeheaven site, the heroes with map wide ranged abilities like gandalf blink and saruman lightningbolt will interrupt your 1v1 match with other heroes) Just open it with worldbuilder and save it

[Edited on 11/04/18 @ 09:36 PM]

lord aic wow, one update more... i am most luckly man in the world.
i am learning how use final big and trying make your mod powers instant and also redusing their cost too.
I am going to study computer programming in December and i think i can expand your work for myself of course. i will try to learn give 2 tiers of powers to heros and some usefull tricks.
if something will be really done, you will see it first. i am very glad to see new update as soon.
i wish everything best to you.
You will be allways best i believe.
soon or later if i will be alive i will make full expancion for rotwk and your mod will see every bfme fan and everyone will know your name.
thanks for best work.
i will allways wait to you and your news
Ainc Ual Goun
File Author
If ou want to change the cost of abilities, open commandbutton.ini with FinalBig and go to the bottom of the page. The bottom is where the cah ability command buttons are. There are 4 lines below each commandbutton. The minimum level for purchase, the class that gets the ability, the prerequisite button(if you change this to "None" then it will be removed from its ability chain and be its own ability, there is a limit of 21 abilities which all classes have reached, and doing this will make other abilities disappear in the list), and the cost which can be either a number or a word that ends in "_COST". Just write the desired cost after the "=" and place a ";" at the left side of the old cost. Or delete the old cost, that works too.

I will stop updating for now and maybe mod again when my time is a bit more free.

Goodluck =)

[Edited on 11/11/18 @ 06:54 PM]

lord aic thanks for help, i will change it, i will intend all my mind to develop your mod now, it is best hero creator mod and i will learn everything that is needed to improve it. then i will end, everyone will admit your genious work as best.
i will do everything best. My way is total power. hero must be cool as deserves. and you gave heros chance to be hero.
Everyone will see power of creativity and hard work.
I wish good luck to you every project or work that you must do. I believe, you will be best.
let's do it.
Time to see world that you can everything.
i will wait your return allways, you will be in our hearts.
Ainc Ual Goun
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