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Rise of Wizards Mod V2

Author File Description
File Details
ROTWK Modification: Yes
Code Modification: Yes


1.Be sure to have updated your game to the 2.01 official patch

2.Be sure to have a backup of the files that will be relaced in case you want to return to the unmodded version

3.If your game is currently a modded version, it may not work.


Libraries.big - this is where the Spellbook purchasing scripts are.

englishpatch.big - contains the descriptions of the new skills, its the text you see when you read what the skill does

Maps.big - Just found this in the internet, it raises the camera's maximum height

Ini.big - Everything else i guess

*There is a bonus player created map file "Custom Hero Challenges" which is the same as the one posted here in bfmeheaven, but this has been modified to work properly with this mod. (If you played the one thats in bfmeheaven site, the heroes with map wide ranged abilities like gandalf blink and saruman lightningbolt will interrupt your 1v1 match with other heroes)


1.There will be four .big files inside: the ini, libraries, Maps, and englishpatch

2.Copy paste the files called "Ini", "Maps" and "Libraries" inside the BFME2 ROTWK folder

3.The "englishpatch" file on the other hand goes inside the "lang" folder found inside the BFME2 ROTWK folder

4.You are ready to play

What started out as me slightly changing the data in the ini.big file to my liking, to now me giving some abilities to other units. Throughout the many times i played this game i wondered "Why isnt the AI using this ability?" or "Why doesnt this unit have this ability?" or "The computer can actually be strong if it used this ability!" so i decided to see why looking through the ini.big file. I noticed around half of all the abilites doesnt even have the needed code for computer to activate it. I added ai codes to almost all the abilities i could find. (I spectated many brutal difficulty 6 player computer vs computer matches to verify if an ability activates or not) I fixed practically all of it.

This is an updated version of my previous mod. It fixed some of what was not part of the previous version and added abilities to Custom heroes, heroes, and other units.

Here are what to expect most
- Almost all abilities are AI usable, the only ones that dont have AI are the ones computer can never properly use (like teleport army lv 2-3) or an ability that will not help them (like bloodlust which will cause Isengard's faction to eat itself, literally)
- New abilities and stat changes to many heroes
- In general, heroes are stronger, but not to the point they can become a one man army (well... until a wizard reaches rank 10 maybe)
- Hard and Brutal Computer can now purchase and use all spellbook abilities (only fixed hard and brutal difficulty) (Easy only purchases 1st stage spellbook and medium only up to 2nd stage)
- Custom Heroes get a lot of new abilities, maxing out the ability list. (The ability list can hold 21 non-chained abilities, adding more will make other abilities disappear by exceeding the list) Also any custom hero class can be used by any faction
- Wizard class has staffs with different weapon properties, be sure to try all of them

More changes can be read through the notepad inside the zip file. Please read the bottom sections for the latest update changes.

NOTICE: Custom Hero's AI doesnt work on player created maps. (worldbuilder) Dont know why but thats the way it is. All other units have perfectly working AI, so its only the custom hero.

I will try to update the mod every now and then, I only mod the game when i feel i wanna change or add something to make it more fun.
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File Author
Update: 2/8/15

-Mountain troll and cave troll ai allows it to look for trees and use it as a club
-Corrupted man hero loses beast slayer arrow and instead gets the new ability "explosive arrow"
-The mini heroes; Dwarven Zerker, Knights of Dol Amroth, Black Riders, Noldor warriors, Fanatics (plus Berserker), Angmar Sorcerers, and Baby Drakes now have high knockback resistance like regular heroes. (cavalry can still crush them)
-Carnage ability for black orc and berserker units
-Berserker Rage gives increased speed instead of armor (still gives armor but only a small amount) and way more attack, to separate it from Battle rage

[Edited on 02/09/15 @ 04:16 AM]

File Author
Update: 2/17/15

-Saruman's Lightning bolt can now be use anywhere across the map no matter the range.
-when gandalf becomes white his ability timers recharge twice as fast. Saruman also gets this boost but has it right off the bat. (being head of the istari should count for something)
-Aragorn now has stealth like Thranduil. (He's a ranger, and a really good one) When at rank 5 his blade glows indicating he is already holding Anduril
-More new abilities for custom hero
-New stat distributions for custom heroes: Wizard class has 20 fixed, 25 spendable, and 70 total slots, Troll class has 25 fixed, 20 spendable, and 70 total slots. The rest has 20 fixed, 30 spendable, and 70 total slots.
File Author
Update: 2-28-15

-Custom hero's health has been reduced
-Shelob and spiderlings have stealth (spiders are suppose to be sneaky)
-Ents have stealth when in trees (makes sense)
-All units with stealth maintain stealth while moving
-Shelob gets a speed boost (a bit faster than spiderlings)
-Lurtz is given faster walk speed (equal to saruman and elf heroes)
-Shelob has a new summon XD, but nerfed the power of poison stinger
-Drakes have fireball XD
-Gloin has his very own slayer ability
-Spiderling spellbook power now summons more spiderlings
-Mumakil more resistant to specialist damage (pikes and spears except for spear ability)
-A few more abilities for custom hero; got rid of earthshaker from wizard class for a new ability.
-Archer specialization can only be up to lv3 and currupt man no longer has it. (AS is really OP even w/o the lv4)

[Edited on 02/28/15 @ 06:30 AM]

This is a great mod. It makes the Create-a-Hero better for every class of hero.
LostElf Great Mod! I love what this does for the Create-a-Hero.
File Author
Update: November 2, 2015

Its been so long but im back again modding this great game.

- Figured out how to put the names on the ability purchase list, now it doesnt look messy
- Dwarven structures have more health, making it more difficult to destroy their base
- Oathbreakers have slightly increased fire resistance and strong resistance to frost, like the witchking and nazgul which are also undead units (i noticed they were too weak now, plus aragorn no longer has oathbreakers)
- Fixed Saruman's Lightningbolt AI where he would shoot himself and injure no one
- Increased the area damage of two-handed sword wielders, its now more noticable and easier to multi-kill with regular attack
- some new abilities for Custom Hero
- Dain gets Shield Charge as a rank 3 ability (He has a shield after all. He was also headbutting helmet wearing orcs with his bare head and KOing theme one after the other)
- Increased Treebeard's melee damage and separated it from regular ent damage (Treebeard is a hero hence must be stronger than regular ents)
- Reduced the Witchking's health and made him more suceptible to magic and fire damage, and a little bit against hero damage (He was too strong!)
- Reduced Lurt'z Carnage duration (since the red aura disappears and is still in carnage mode) and in exchange reduces the ability's cooldown timer
- increased the attack speed of a few heroes
- Aragorn loses his Oathbreakers ability (men faction had too much ghost power) and in exchange gets the new rank 10 ability "Return of the King"
- Troll CAH's Berserker Rage was changed to Battle Rage which matches them better. (Trolls are not natural sprinters)
- Brand has leadership (Because captain and king) and toggle weapon (he's a faramir clone so he can easily get all of faramir's abilities) as rank 1 abilities
- Gimli now has Charge ability like the CAH's (minus the speed increase because he already has slayer for speed boost)
- CAH Charge now gives immunity to knockback in order to separate it from Shield Charge which offers immunity to arrows
- Men of Dale now shoot black arrows on hordes as well
- The King Heroes; Gorekil, Theoden, Dain, Brand (King of Dale), and Thranduil will gain leadership ability at level 1. (To even become a king, you have to prove your leadership skills) Their leadership also has double the range of non-king hero units. (kings are suppose to have greater influence than generals, lieutenants, and captains) Aragorn doesnt get his leadership at level 1 because he has not accepted kinghood yet, but his leadership has double range like the king heroes because he becomes king in the end. Witchking is not a king despite the name. (Not in my book at least)
- Mouth of Sauron now has leadership at level 3 (he's a lieutenant after all)
- Battle Towers of all factions have increased health
- Changed the cost of most heroes
File Author
Update: November 8, 2018

-changed the animation of earthshaker lv3 (added an explosion after the lightning) and hurricane a bit (added the appearance of snowbind spellbook) as well as fixing the sound animation of freezing aura and freezing bolt (the new upgrade of freezing aura)
-Reduced Witch-king's attack speed and area damage to further balance him (it was either that or make him super expensive like drogoth)
-Mouth of Sauron gets Leadership, since he's the lieutenant of Sauron's army
-Reduced delay after using ability (only for those abilities which leaves the unit uncontrollable after, like word of power and convert enemy)
-Aragorn's Return of the King leadership has a different appearance to the generic leadership. (its now a yellow ring like the warg's howl ability. This is only to give it a distinction from regular leadership)
-Hobbit summon has more hobbits
File Author
Update: November 16, 2015

-Prince Brand was renamed to King Brand, this way kingly leadership applies to him
-Hwaldar's leadership now gives the same bonus as any standard leadership (i found it unfair he had sauch a weak and limited leadership) and also effects dark dunedains and dark rangers
-Wight summon now has more wights (considering i buffed alot of 15 point powers, it was only natural)
-Gave Shade of Wolf better AI to be more effective (i dont like angmar, which is why they had the least changes of any faction, just decided to change them now)
-Increased CAH troll's sword damage and a little more area, Increased CAH troll's club damage (CAH troll's damage seems to be naturally reduced since it is spread damage, but now sword damage is increased to the point where they will always win a duel with a sliver of health against any CAH class when both have the exact same attributes and no abilities come to play)(CAH troll club has slower attack speed and slightly weaker damage to heroes (this is bacause club weapon has half siege damage and half hero damage while the latter is all hero damage) but in exchange has a bigger area and deal greater damage to structures)
-Fire bomb, ball lightning, explosive arrow, and fireflight (Dragonic Flame for CAH) can now be aimed at explosive mines and cause it to explode.
-Explosive mine is now stealthed. (when you see an enemy coming, plant a mine while unseen and fire an explosive arrow at it for massive combo damage) Allies now also get the full force of the explosion unlike before where they only recieve half damage.
-Axe throw abilities of Gimli, CAH, and dwarven zerkers have increased range and the projectile used is now an actual axe (like the forged blades upgraded dwarven axe throwers) Axe throw also flies slower now, like the dwarven axe throwers
-Spear Throw of Eowyn, Eomer, and CAH have slightly increased range
-King Brand now has summon Men of Dale at level 8 and beast slayer arrow was moved to level 6. Train archers was removed from his ability list.(Needed to make dwarves stronger, but the 3 dwarf heroes were powerful enough as it is)
-Increased armor of mine (it was breaking too easily)
-Dwarven Battlewagon AI can now upgrade to have Men of Dale, Axethrowers, Banners, or Hearth. Increased the cost of the battlewagon but made the upgrades free (this is mainly so computer can easily upgrade their wagons since they use up all their resources all the time and hardly save any)
File Author
Update: November 20, 2015

This only has a few changes because i spent days trying to fix the citadel AI to no avail. So i improvised.

-Citadel Summon no longer has build pads but in exchange now has the Mighty Catapult fortress weapon, (Click the Catapult on top) (Has less range but faster recharge time than regular mighty catapult and AI can use it) shoots flaming munition upgraded rocks, and forged blades upgraded axes. The catapult on top has stronger armor for survivability, and for good reason. Once the catapult is destroyed, you lose the fortress weapon that comes with it and cant be replaced with a new one. (It will be too OP so i had to put a weakness)
-Mordor AI now summons Haradrim Archers and can use their barbed arrow ability (the problem was so simple but i only realized how to fix now)

[Edited on 11/20/15 @ 05:31 AM]

File Author
Update: Novenber 28, 2015

-Dragon Strike now deals less damage (it was too powerful compared to the rest of te spellbook powers)
-Infantry and cavaly recieve more damage from catapults, trebuchets, and rock throwing giants and ents (Rocks are deadly, especially ones bigger than you)
-Mighty Catapult AI now fires at structures as well (i noticed AI summoning a citadel near an enemy base and thought it would be great for them to destroy the base in that manner)
-All dwarven structures ues axes, so they get slash damage now instead of structural. (This also means rams cant just simply take on a dwarven fortress)
-CAH ranged cripple can no longer be used without a bow. (except computer because they have glitch power)
-New abilities for CAH (the currupted man hero now has 21 non-chained abilities, and cant have more)
-Fixed Dwarven Zerker buff ability (never realized it was the wrong button)
-CAH's Archer Specialization no longer has an ability line and is available at level 3 in the ability purchase list. It now gives added magic damage, knockback, and the appearance of silverthorn arrows (I didnt like the idea of all four levels of AS stacking together and making absurd amounts of damage)
-CAH's Corrupt Man Toggle level 2 now shoots arrows that have the appearance of fire arrows and deals fire damage
-Witch-king mow has a black aura like other nazgul
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