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Downloads Home » Player Created Maps » Gagolin's Gundabad (Updated v. 1.2 - 16.10.2014)

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Gagolin's Gundabad (Updated v. 1.2 - 16.10.2014)

Author File Description
File Details
ROTWK Map: Yes
Number of Players: 4
One Ring: No
AI: Yes
First of all, special thanks to EDAIN modding union for their help!

(UPDATE 02.10.2014) I've got some constructive critics from EDAIN M.U., so I'll probably update the map according to those suggestions in some time.
UPDATE 04.10.2014: I changed some stuff according to the advices of EMU, and made some visual changes outside the Gundabad.
UPDATE 16.10.2014: The cirith object walls outside the Gundabad were changed and reconstructed with Fornost (snow models); Inside the Gundabad the main dwarven well was reconstructed with dwarven objects (I erased elven ones)

The map is very complex and contains lot of objects, so the game slowing can easily occur depending on the PC performance.

There are few interesting things about this map:

1. This is a 4 Player map (Two are inside the Gundabad and two outside)

2. The main gate changes it's design, but it depends on which players are inside the Gundabad. If both players inside the Gundabad are evil faction, you'll have one design, if not, then other one.

3. Inside of the Gundabad you'll have 7 smaller gates, but whether they'll be playable depends on the same rules as for the main gate.

4. The main gate is under nobodys' control and you must be near to control it. In same time if you don't have any units near it, you'll lose the control.

5. As every dwarven city, this one has secret entrance (same rules apply as for main gate if you want to control the secret gate)

6. It is very difficult to balance defensive and offensive tactics (personal opinion)

7. There are few fixed building places, and they are testing points for new Version of EDAIN 4.0. If you don't like them, just erase them and play. ;)
- (UPDATE 04.10.2014: I've erased most of the fixed building points, so the Map is much suitable for free-building. Later, when EDAIN 4.0 comes, I'll publish another version with fixed building points. )

8. Shroud is on (UPDATE 04.10.2014: now is off)
If you like shroud and mystic aura, you can activate it by activating the "shroud on" script in "neutral" folder with Worldbuilder.

The picture of the map:

NEW (update 16.10.2014)
Dwarven main well: http://www.pic-upload.de/view-24947964/Gundabad-main-well.jpg.html
Small outer fortress: http://www.pic-upload.de/view-24947963/Gundabad-OutSmall-Fort.jpg.html
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.5
Playability: 4
Playable, but inside its a bit too narrow

Balance: 4
Almost ok, but player inside the mountain haves almost no room for farms

Creativity: 5
Excellent idea dude! The grey heavens objects fit quite well this mine.

Map Design: 4.5
Excellent object placing, but it lacks some trees near player's base. The texturing it's good, but there are some little things wich could be done better

Story/Instructions: 5
no need

Additional Comments:
Very good map overall!
File Author
Thanks Earthshaker.
My plan was to make quite unique map (as I always try to do) and to achieve the feeling of dwarven mines. Because of that it is attentionally narrow. In fact, I've found the edge of playability considering the narrowness and pathfinding.
I construct my maps according to the future EDAIN 4.0 mod configuration, where you will experience the fixed-building points/posts again (like in BFME 1). So this map is designed for it, however I succeeded to make it playable for those who like to play in free-building system. So, in the future I'll publish another map with quite more fixed farm-building posts.
Considering your comments on "trees", well you are right (as my EMU fellows), but, because of the huge number of objects I decided to leave the map "a bit" empty in some areas and to make sure that map won't aggressively slow down or lag.
Anyway, I am surprised that this map got so good grades :) and thank you for it.

I am reconstructing my Moria map a bit also, according to the experiences and solutions I've learned by building the Gundabad map.

[Edited on 10/07/14 @ 10:12 AM]

Earthshaker What is your revora nickname? We may have met before but under different nicknames, I'm SilverBane there
File Author

I'm not on Revora. I use only EMU forum for consultations with that group (which is btw, really good one and they are very helpful in every sense) and I upload my files here. That's all what I use :)
Doesn't matter, anyway I'm following some of your work, but I am not a expert to give any credible opinion, since I am a beginner in terms of how to grade the playability, balance, textures...etc.

However, I can say that I like what you do ;)

[Edited on 10/12/14 @ 04:24 AM]

Map Design4.5
Playability: 4.5
I didnt played enough to see how good is AI and this stuff , but i low you 0,5 becouse i get nervious with the camera :P.
Another thing that this map have a problem is the tipical enemy that blocks inside the mountain and makes an inpenetrable deffense but considering that there are multiple entrances that isnt a real problem.

Balance: 4.5
First time you see map and minimap , u know that there are some factions that have an advantage in this kind of map, for expemple tunnelin' factions as goblins have an important advantage over the mountain , and elves have advantages in forest, but maybe this makes the map more interesant :D

Creativity: 5
A very good idea for a map, i love that your base is like a labyrinth .

Map Design: 4.5
The idea is very interesting , maybe there are some problems with some areas where you cant see, becouse of camera, or if the tunnel is very narrow .

Story/Instructions: 5

Additional Comments:
·I get very nervious with the camera , if you can low it pls :3
·Maybe you can add destructible bridges that connect some parts to each other , so if you use for exemple a land mine you can destroy them ;)
·Forgive me becouse of my bad english :S
·Its my first review
·Great map ,hope you will continue with it
·I wonder how people still do great maps ;D.
File Author
Ok, no problem :) Everyone has it's own taste, so the same thing goes for camera :)
As every dwarven fortress-city, this one has to have another entrance, and it is a "fortress-city" so it has good defence value, but if you lose the doors, game dynamics change rapidly. ;)

Dwarfs are also tunnelling race (in Tolkien lore, not in BFME), so I wanted to make it feels that way.

If you rotate the map, you should see everything, because I tried to keep that also in mind and I build all my maps to be "available" from all sides.

With all your critics (and with others' people critics), I will change some stuff. I'll try to lower a camera a bit (just not to lose the feeling of the dwarven mine.
I'll reconstruct the Cirith walls outside the Gundabad with Fornost Objects (they have snow textures and are more suitable for winter conditions), and some stuff inside the Gundabad will be changed also, like elven objects (I'll make it more dwarf-looking).

Considering your question about destructible bridges, I wouldn't recommend it, because, if you destroy one bridge, than all pathways are getting longer and you'll need more time to reach some areas, especially if you have your units under attack from higher passages, so it wont be easy to reach your enemy quick enough before they kill all your units. I managed to make this map on the edge of the playability, so I am convinced that would be undermined by making the bridges destructible.
However, you can change it by yourself in Worldbuilder, and then test it. :)

So, stay tuned for some updates :)
Calsash PLEASE UPDATE FOR edain 4.0 i want to play it on that so badly :)

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Map Design4.5
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