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Downloads Home » Player Created Maps » Files by Earthshaker » Minas Morgul:Extended edition - by SilverBane

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Minas Morgul:Extended edition - by SilverBane

Author File Description
File Details
Number of Players: 6
One Ring: Yes
AI: Yes
UPDATED ZOOM 7.10.2017 from 300 (standard) to 500.

Welcome to Minas Morgul: Special Extended Edition

This map haves a lot of balance changes (some of them taken even from 1.08), but also heaps of new powers, effects, heroes etc.

-Here is a list with some of the changes:


-Aragorn blademaster deals significantly less damage against structures, and haves a fault against some very weak heroes (ex: legolas - blademaster deals only 75% to him so lego wont die anymore in 2 hits)
-Aragorn blademaster is now dark blue color
-Horn of Gondor now reloads 2 times harder (3min from 1,5min)
-Eowyn now deals 135% against all heroes
-Eowyn deals +80 damage against the Witch King (she can 1v1 him ; watch out mr. WitchKing!)
-ElvenWarriors from Inn health halved
-Gandalf mounted speed increased


-Switched Arwen's powers: heal on level4, flood on level 8
-Arwen flood now deals more damage, and very useful against heroes - especially ringwraiths
-Eagle takes 2 times more damage from arrows
-Thranduil delaybetweenshoots halved
-Thranduil type or armor changed from HeroArmorMounted to HeroArmor ; so he's now weak to swordsmen
-Glorfindel takes ~2 times more damage from swordsmen and pikemen
-Glorfindel damage vs. structures reduced
-Glorfindel damage vs. units increased (+20 damage)
-Mirkwood archer silverthorn arrows bug fixed ( they were shooting 2 times slower with magic arrow)
-Mirkwood archer cost increased from 700 to 800


-Dain delaybetweenshoots halved
-Dain type of armor changed from HeroArmorMounted to ToughHeroArmor


-Isengard Sharku now deals 10 splash damage, and his delaybetween shoots is now 1350 (it was something like 1600- i dont remember)
-Sharku now haves ToughHeroArmor instead of HeroArmor
-Furnance health now 950 (was something like 700)


-Goblin archers have now significantly higher range ( not useless anymore)
-Shelob moving bug fixed
-Shelob speed increased
-Shelob now attacks slightly faster
-Shelob got a new passive skill on level 1
-Gorkil attack glitch fixed
-Gorkil attack from 190 to 200


-Added Gothmog hero for Mordor and as defender only....you can aquire him by researching banner carries. His powers are surprise xD
-If Gothmog dies, he can be revived from the fortress heroes list
-Added new Witch King animation ( he now uses the sword too once in a while)
-Added new Witch King spawn FX ( thx to val for the idea)
-Added new skill for Witch King ONLY dismounted - morgul blade - it's stronger than blackriders' one
-Witch King no longer spawns on a fellbeast
-Corsair with forged blades now deals only 125% against heroes, from 150%
-Corsair firebomb delaybetween shoots from 5566 to 7800
-Corsair firebomb max range reduced, min range reduced
-Haradrim lancers now 10 in a horde, shoot faster
-Haradrim lancers can now hit flyers
-Haradrim archer cost from 500 to 600
-Haradrim archer range slightly higher
-Haradrim archer barbed arrow doesn't need anymore to be equipped ( purchased for each unit)
-Haradrim archer can purchase now fire arrows upgrade
-Haradrim archer barbed arrow ability can now be used while you have selected multiple battalions
-Mordor SiegeTower is now able to be garrisoned up to 2 units, and will act like a moving tower ( and it can still be used to climb walls)
-Mordor SiegeTower cost from 500 to 900, buildtime now 45s
-Mordor SiegeTower now recieves minimal damage from pierce (unupgraded arrow damage)
-Mumakil gains CE model on level 2
-BlackRider no longer haves a soldier scream when he dies ; added screech sound when he dies
-BlackRider dismounted attack bug fixed
-BlackRider dismounted deals 90% to structures
-BlackRider mounted deals 65% to structures and 55% to mallorn trees and furnances
-BlackRider mounted deals 130% to cavalary, except SpiderRider
-BlackRider mounted deals 80% to SpiderRider
-BlackRider crush gains a 15% bonus against guardians


-The AI will use most of the skills and spells now, including poisoned blades and poisoned arrows
-ALL towers are now more expensive ( except the MordorBattleTower)
-Minas Morgul Tower select sound changed
-Minas Morgul Tower palantir portrait changed
-Minas Morgul Tower health now 15.000
-Animated start of the map
-Gates hitpoints are now set to 28000 (like in previous version)
-The MordorFortress of the 2nd defender now starts with morgul sorcery upgrade
-The MordorFortress of the 2nd defender health increased from 7.500 to 10.000
-The bridge is no longer destructible

*To install the map:
- If you have an older version of the map, simply replace the older minas morgul 2v4 folder with this one
-If you install it for the first time, it should be placed here:
C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Application Data\My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files\Maps

USERNAME is the name of your PC account

Please if you find bugs, report them here if needed i will make the properly changes.

Enjoy the battle of Minas Morgul!
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