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Grimdro'sRise of the elite orc & Epic seige mod

Author File Description
File Details
ROTWK Modification: No
Code Modification: Yes
Grimdro’s Rise of the elite orc& epic siege MOD
This mod makes the game extremely fun & the ai uses most of the changes I added :) still need help makin ai use walls. Full change list below.

New stuff elfs get four kinds of ents hoobit heros should now revive and the sauron statue can recruit barrow wights hes a necromancer after all ;) also there fast as reg infantry now . enjoy

Ary body: all towers are 10k hp walls as well all factions have axcess to walls, made forts have 30k hp and the defensive addons have 10k hp cept for the high ranged ballistic 1s they got 20k-30k(some factions have tougher 1s elfs come to mind I forget if any others have 30k hp 1s) I also in creased the range of all fort ballistic upgrades to were if it can hit them they can hit it as it should have always been! Elfs get most range cuz come on ents can throw far lol ;) all reasorce buildins are tough and can be placed close together some cost more some less also good factions have 4 starting builders since they got more to build and all factions have a startin militiant unit elfs get the eagle men rangers dwarves men of dale mordor an attack troll isengard uruk fighter horde and goblins get a spiderling horde
Ary evil Faction: Gets a new buildings called SauronStatue (its a evil castle that u can build other buildins in so u have all ur army comin out of it also it builds hordes) but it cost 3k has 20khp spawns spiperlings scares away close enemys heals ur hordes gives um a special moded leadership (more armor less dps more lev bonus) also is buffed by morgul magic from mordors fort (sadly doesnt glow green tho, i tryed hard for that:( also made lairs more epic goblins of moria are like they are in moria thick 150 horde , trolls 6 also they have some goblins wights 10, drakes 6 wargs 20 and made there base a bit tougher now its more like lore pleanty monsters :) shame i cant make um attack ur base after like 15 mins lol would be epic a script makin um attack all players in hordes lol but prob cant be done
Hope u like it also for balance took a lil hp off of all trolls and gave good factions units more hp on average and more money and tougher buildings, but some how the darkness will win lol after all most is darkness (example space, black holes, the evilest of galactic bodies)

Goblins: Can now build goblin swordsmen fire drake(without the corny dragon tower upgrade& cave troll from there fort, makin it a lair but still a reg fort:), I made goblins ,tunnels and spider/tower defenses cheaper, and goblins spawn fastest 9 secs I made basic goblins damage only 20 but increased the poisons damage to 20 so its well worth using now also goblins have very lil hp to make up for bein so cheap there a spam squad I made spiders tougher but cost more and Shelob is super tough now also trolls and giants are tougher yet more costly giants bein 6k but bein true terrors now less range tho I hated how they could blast stuff without getting hit, now they can get hit but are tough enogh to take it lol focus um down! Also goblins tunnels produce the least amount of money per round only 20 but there wood places make more, in short u want stuff as a goblin GO GET IT U PATHETIC SCUM! Quote Uruk capt lol

Elfs: like goblins get units from fort they get ents Treebeard , & from the hero page 1 free eagle whos been buffed more hp and more basic damage since it has no skills :) I good early game scout. I made most elf stuff cost more slightly gave there platoons more hp, ents are now as fast as trolls, there a gr8 calvery replacement (not a big fan of elf calvery was thinkin hard of cutting it out for um lol make um use ents cuz ents are fricken cool! There good guy trolls lol also I made um tougher and cost more but produce faster there more flammable now tho for balance slightly buffed there kick & punch makein um desent meleeist also ent moot has 20k hp &can summon hobbits (they play in the tall grass lol) there trees cost 1.3k to build but rake in a whoopin 60 per cycle quickly out bankin goblins , I made elfs more lore like they don’t rush but once there ready its on! Also they get all four hobbits from the story tho they don’t respawn there 1 shot heros, and Gandalf whos been hp buffed to 20k as well as Sarumon & Suaron all same race same hp boss race! Lol archers now do poison damege as well makes sence that nature guys would have poison (thats were it comes from lol) also there swordsmen elfs are a bit scary now but i scripted ai to build elite orcs havent PTed it yet but will soon, hope they do elfs made the new ents i gave um (tho all i did for them was just uncut there codes) also men rangers have poison all elite archers got buffed men of dale got the same paralize haradrim get its there black arrow.

Mordor: NEW wall models for all its the isen wall made them goblin king walls from campagn and the hubs are crazy tall towers looks cool, and a new buildin (its called spider pit but isnt couldnt get a second new buildin to work) its the fortress cataputs but u can rotate there view so u can hook um up to walls, new model for fort its isen tower but it can still morgul glow i tryed the minis morgul tower but its way to big and doesnt touch the ground:( to make up for spider pit bein gone the sauron statue(evil castle, was to lazy to rename it lol) makes the spiders and since it cant work venom sacks all spiders have natural venom with a longer duration cuz its fresh fro mthe source. NEW UNIT!! there Elite orcs They have a custom made evil leadership buff no yellow glow just makes orcs very dark but not so dark u cant see there ugly faces lol there all duel wield orcs the reg orcs are now all 1 weild also i made orc hordes weopons do less reg damege but added fire damege and there archers have poison damege now al u so the elite orcs have banner carrier buff they replace fallen orcs and a passive heal and a second weopn that scares away guys they use it alot in a crises lol and they got a stelth(made worm stelth have a shorter cd they use it) also they flrge blades and armor buff , enjoy the new dark duel weild bosses also i cut banner carriers for good units arch horde gets a haradrim capt fighters get a uruk beserker :) the haradrim leads fro mthe rear lol and the urk from in front! awsome horde now Cut the stupid flyin nazguls that dided so damn fast , and gave them 8 nazguls with buffed hp like 5-6 k I forget Mouth of sauron is 8k hp also I made morgul blade bite harder ;) they also get shelob and spider pit also spider pit can summon barrow wights(ghost of spider dinners lol ) and I made them faster and have more hp lol SPOOKY! Also like goblins there orcs are cheaper not goblin cheap but cheap also goblins and orcs only cost 20 command points per horde 1 per guy seems fair, I slightly nerfed there damage as well not to much a cheap unit shouldn’t be able to grind done a castle with out siege. They get Drogoth to who was hp buffed and fire ball now is mean! So elfs have 2 flyers and same wit mordor also balrog is tougher but less reg damage but more for fire whip and that aoe (he may need more balancing but for now hes a tank with mean skills kinda op but can die wish I could make him cost money lol for balancein.also orc weopons make money when they attack stuff so be agressive B E agressive!since goblins get piratin and i cut mordor money earnin this compensates.
Men: like goblins & elfs can make guys from there fort, peasants and rangers some special 1s may be the inn 1s . also there trebuckets have super long range like they did in movie ( member Gandalf with da big ass trebucket hittin the evil army and they were like wtf howd he hit us then they started growlin, lol , also made Aragorn tougher and need more xp to lev seeings how he can FRICKEN CALL THE GHOST ARMY LOL OP ASS SKILL!also haradrim barbed arrow skill now paralizes for up to 20 turns (a turn is the time it takes between hits for orc fighter 1000 so its 20000 not sure if thats secs or what but ull have time to escape or kill um, also made a custom elite axe for the elite orcs so no they do there own damege (HUGE FLANK BONUS IF THEY RUN HAVE UR ELITE CHASE) ALL ORCS NOW DO FIRE AND SLASH DAMEGE TOTAL THERE OLD DAMAGE AMOUNT BUT FIRE AFFECTS SOME THINGS BETTER THAN SLASH (ENTS HATE ORCS NOW :) AND ELITE ORCS DO SLASH SPECIALIST(PIKE, THEY STAB,LOL) AND FIRE AND ALL MORE THEN REG ORCS BY LIKE TWICE OR MORE.

Dwarves: not more changed they were all ready good I nurfed men o dale slightly they were just to damn good I made there reasoruce buildins the toughest and make either more than elfs or as much, Its built with Dwarven skill! But they got place um farther apart than other factions, cant mine to much in 1 area , also there long ranged fort skill has longer range and there reg balistia defense are tougher if I could get the ai to build fricken walls Id make theres the toughest but no point I don’t play them & they don’t build walls :(

Isengard: swaped there stupid balistia that didn’t shoot over walls with mordor catapults looks real cool :) and there field 1s with goblin trolls who are trained from the uruk pit ( there extra big uruks lol jk) also they get goblin hordes( unbuffable cheap front line fodder, lol aka meat SHIELDS!) there good for early game army building and blockin arrows from the valuable uruks, like uruks say , “GOBLINS!, PATHETIC SCUM!” ;) do to so many units bein built from uruk pit u must place them well first time the delete button went bye bye lol so place um right firt time. Also there lighting fort thing has mega long range like the dwarves it’s a storm it should and does more damage but not as much as mordors fire ball.
For this mod to work u must have game patched to 1.04 not higher cuz it doesn’t work on 1.05 the jerks took out modin :( Hope u like it as much as me hit me up on here some time would love to try against a real dude lol
To install simple open Bfme2 file location right click it go in data take ur ini file and save it in a foulder (in case ur a dbag and don’t like my amazin mod lol jk) then put my ini there boom ur adventure begins !
Also included some mod that adds blood I forget who made it but its NOT me lol u put it in the data foulder as well with the ini but not in the ini lol
Credits to who ever made the polished bfme2 mod gr8 ai work i used there ai files.
and the rest was me :) besides the blood mod (but not even sure if it works does for goblin pikemen but not sure for others)
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File Author
This mod is gr8 nice haven walls for ary body shame ai doesn't build um tho :( but they use the other stuff battles are best in 2X command so u can have armys big enogh to topple the tough castles. u gota use 1.04 not sure why but any higher mod makes the stuff not work:(
File Author
I balanced balrog better now Gandalf can kill him if played right it doe less damage but last till its killed and cant heal its a big problem that refuses to go away lol u gota deal wit it, also I added startin fightin units to all factions thought it would be cool also all good factions now get 4 startin builders since they got more to build. enjoy
File Author
This works as it is but im currently addin more cool stuff this mod will grow never die ...well itll die if I do or finaly stop likein bfme2..fat chance there lol 1 new complete thing is sauron statues for all evil factions its big detailed cool lookin and heals ur units/heros, w/e u got!
File Author
I just added my proudest mod thing, (SAURONS STAUTE) not only do evil factions get walls the can honour there dark lord.....how classy lol. Its not just epic lookin it has 4 functions!!! spiderlings come out of it it scares away enemys it heals ur guys and buffs them with a custom made leadership buff (has more armor and less dps, and more xp gain buff, since ur more than likey gona be usein um as lil hospitals ud want more armor at um +100 double reg leadership,didnt change the regular leadership.i wonder if they would stack lol it gets armor buffed by mordor's morgul magic/ also I gave isengard 2 mordor attack trolls in the hero section not sure if they revive id guess not so use um for big army stuff/ almost forgot I made the wild truly fierce all lairs make way more creeps 10 wargs & wights 6 trolls also gave troll liar a few goblins makin a nice wild goblin army & 6 drakes finally the super weak goblins from moria well like zombies and bugs strength is in numbers they make 150! mixed up half & half.
File Author
Curently workin on makin the good guys tougher in lore they are but saurons strength is numbers, so ull see more Tolkien like fights the trolls are still rather tough tho...cmon there freakin trolls , makin elfs the toughest outa all races tho they cost a lot and train slow there worth the w8 lol and ents are for ur money the toughest thing in my mod cept for giants tho they can inturupt giants with a kick lol. I want to add some ai stuff to this if any 1 knows how to work with ai drop me a line here or revora same name there as well as in rift lol, would like to make ai build walls and statues etc I noticed they some times get smart enogh to close castle gates like helmsdeep they closed the second 1 lol but I was already in shoulda closer the first 1. im also makein structures way more peirce resistant cuz wtf U CANT TEAR DOWN WALLS WITH ARROWS!!! unless there firey makin all walls and buildings weakness fire & siege as in real world there a reason the gr8 wall of china worked....the Genghis hordes didn't have siege. :) cant cut down stone with swords lol , also wanna make ai smarter STOP ATTACK WALLS U IDIOT LOL ILL EVEN LEAVE THE GATE OPEN THEYED RATHER DIE ATTACKIN WALLS THAN SHIT THAT MATTERS LOL
File Author
NEW version , fixed how over powered mordor was cut some of the trolls hp and there money rate seeings how orcs are cheap and they get industry & walls and sauron statue lol also made elfs much tougher and there trees a bit cheaper and other fixes and a few cool new features enjoy :) let me now how u like it try makin ur own lil mordor castles lol and some 1 tell me how to make screenshots & ill post tons made lots of cool stuff in saved games.
File Author
A very proud of my Saurons statue they earm money auto spawn spiders recruit barrow wights heal allys scare enemys and I a custom buff that has been modded to a ghostly glow so there not blue lol evil shouldn't be blue :)let me know what ya think
File Author
Fixed castle armor now u need siege to tear down walls and forts, also the ai is smarter, & Mordor has a new unit! Elite orc! there duel weild tough can stelth heal the hordes have my evil leadership buff built in no icon for it but it gives +50% dps +755 armor +250% xp gain + makes them fearless and the orcs have the gate watcher weopn in case of emergency and they use it well. let me know how ya like it best played with 2Xthe command points 2000
File Author
I forgot to mention I moded elfs trees bein they cost so much they do the most damage , Elfs are the best archers makes sence. also dwarfs mines are realy tough now cuz there superior builders also elfs stuff is more flammable than others not much but fire is not there friend :)
File Author
Omfg ive made custom new evil walls that are gr8 its the goblin kings walls with towers for hubs :) (gona try to make the hubs function like towers be garonasable and shoot, also I made the sauron statue look like goblin kings castle, it looks realy evil and creates wights so its like a second fort (of the dead) , gona prob add some more cool buildings to mordorbefore I update the mod, lol made a worker horde just for fun it doesn't attack tho but I got reg workers to be able to realy clear out a forest (elf stealth by trees smart orcs burn them) they can each throw a fire bomb) also inabled forest fires
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