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4 Maps made by Gagolin

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ROTWK Map: Yes
Number of Players: 5
One Ring: Yes
AI: No
First of all, sorry form my bad English, I hope you will understand me.

This is a pack of my first maps for BFME2 - ROTWK - EDAIN mod. I don't know if they can be started without EDAIN, you can try it. Some of them are "more" finished, and some are not, but playable. I tried to make them according to my own vision of tolkiens world mixed with PJs interpretation. I have not much time to make these maps better, so I give it to the community, hopefully someone will find it interesting.
Some of the maps need quite resources to play. I still don't know if these maps are balanced or good to play, however I believe they are quite interesting in terms how they look and how complex they are (Minas T. and Erebor). If you want to use them for your own mod or whatever, you are free to do so, just mention me as original creator, thats all.
Erebor is the most complicated, then Minas Tirith (With all levels playable, except that big sword like part of 7th level). The most finished are Annuminas and Gondolin. Erebor and Minas Tirith needs lot of texturing and that is where I am totally bad at. Erebor also needs a proper DALE city. I just made test-like DALE to compare size between Erebor and Dale. I tried also to make main entrance of Erebor as much as impressive, like in the Hobbit movie. I hope you will find it interesting.

Please comment, I would like to hear feedbacks :)


UPDATE (some of these Maps are obsolete, like Gondolin and Erebor, newer maps are on this site)
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Swalp I play with Edain mod and all maps are good except Erebor 2 for me , u work good , nice job ! :D
Kjebabing Erebor looks awesome *.*

[Edited on 02/24/14 @ 04:19 PM]

File Author
Thank you! :)
In the future I am planning to redo Erebor, according to the PJs ideas. However, I need to wait a bit for that, because I want to see if there is a detailed map of Erebor's interior. Such kind of a map exist for Moria, which can be found on internet.
NetoD20 Ok, your maps are AWESOME.
I really hope you redo Erebor as said, it's my favourite map, and I have some input about it to you.

In order of importance, from most to less.

1.So, is it possible to make the gates' balconies larger and roomy? Because I have various problems with it, one is that once I put my troops there (archers and axe throwers for obvious reasons) I can't get them out, the units get all buggy and staggered and stand on air. Two is that the balconies are so small I can't get my beautiful catapults in it. When I command them to fire outside, their flaming shots are blocked by the narrow balcony and get stuck, damaging my own archers nearby.

2.I strongly suggest that you make Dale larger and give it gates, and then put a player start point in it. That would give the map two fortresses, Dale and Erebor, that would be even more awesome.

3.I love the inside of Erebor, with all the bridges and the stairs between them that represent the dwarven households of the city just like in the movie. The problem is I can't get troops stantioned atop most of the bridges, if I command them there they just go and stand on the floor just below bridge itself. I'm not saying the bridges don't work, if I command the troops to walk through the fortress they use the bridges and stairs as passing locales as normal, I just can't get them to stay atop the bridges mounting guard.

4.My troops act as if the hidden door building and some mines inside Erebor belong to the enemy. I caught a group of archers firing at a mine and once I get a unit out through the hidden door I can't get it back through that same way, the unit just attacks the hidden door structure.

But anyway, your maps are still awesome, and thank you for producing them to be compatible with the Edain mod. I hope you consider making these changes and fixing these bugs I suggested.

You're great, have a Happy Holidays!

[Edited on 12/21/14 @ 02:19 PM]

File Author
Thank you NetoD20 and sorry I didn't see you text before (I don't know how I missed it)

Still, there is lot of to learn and make better. I know about those bugs, but keep in mind that Erebor was my first map with complicated layout. Some of those problems I figured out by resolving them in my Gundabad and Moria maps. New Erebor map will be more interesting and with less bugs (I hope with none) :) Inner layout will be changed a bit and some parts of outer layout too. However, I am still gathering more exact infos about Erebor, so that the future redesigning exceeds everyone's expectation ;)
Your critics are well welcome and I'll keep them in mind (like all I've got until this point of time from everybody)

Cheers :)
Azog The Defiler I played your Erebor map, ive been looking for a movie like erebor map, and i was quite impressed with yours. I dont know how to make maps myself, so i posted this comment on another page, hope you like the ideas!:) (btw edain 4.0 is coming out soon so have you considered their building system?^^)

Also think that Erebor could be on the upper middle of the map, next to Dale. Thats just how i pictured it in the movie..:) Also this way you could have the Evils on the lower half of the map and the good guys on the upper half, and the battle ground in the middle:)

So this is only an idea for a map, which i think would be awesome^^

Is there anyway there could be a new larger Erebor map like the one in the movie? I know it would be kind of a long shot but still here it goes:
1 player in Dale ruins
1 player in Erebor
1 player above the hill where dains army emerged from
2 players behind a mountain that could have tunnels going through it, like one of the current maps, dont know which one, but you could also go around the mountain, not only through it
1 player from where the Gundabad army came from

And there would be camps and settlements around the map and the most important one could be at ravenhill where the heroes fought, a large icy ruin (dont know if that was ravenhill^^)
I think the movie map would make a great 6 player map and allow great battles!^^ any one agree?

BayTown Erebor is my personal favorite from these maps! But I want to make some suggestions:
1. Since the Edain Mod is so popular can you consider making it work with its building system - many people would appreciate it :)
2. You can use the Amon Sul watchtower and walls and the Fornost houses to make Dale look like in the movie.
3. Why is Erebor in the East part of the map, and not in the North? You can make it be in the north, And remake Ravenhill to look like in the Battle of Five Armies - a froze ruin with a frozen waterfall. Also consider retexturing the map so it becomes the Desolation of Smaug - make the grass yellow like in BOFA, add some rocks here and there, make the texture roads snowy, and texture snow somewhere. Also work on the inside of Erebor (for example the entrance hall - where the Dwarves try to dry Smaug with gold - is missed out, the forges too, and the treasury can be bigger). I know this may be too much, but Im just giving ideas. You can also work on the landscape around the secret entrance to be like in DOS and add a statue of Dwarf there as in the movie. Also you can cover the river with the frozenpond01 object from Worldbuilder, i think it may look good:)
Otherwize, AMAZING maps!
File Author
@Azog the Defiler

Thank you for yours remarks. However, as I've stated earlier, I am planning and currently working on the new Erebor maps (in two versions) which should work on both Edain mods (3.8 and 4.0) respectively. When Edain 4.0 comes out I'll modify the map for this version too. Some of yours (if not all) ideas will be incorporated (hopefully, correctly) :)

This new Erebor map will have more of the familiar areas from the movies (Forges, Thronehall, Hall of the kings, etc.) and it will have more "greenish" inside tone (like in the movie). Still, I tried as hard as I could to figure it out where some areas (levels) are positioned inside the mountain, so I made my own plan according to the movement of the dwarfs throughout the mountain. There are still lot of my own ideas and concepts inside of Erebor.

What I liked in the movies is this "aura" of the very distinctive dwarven city, even if the inner layout wasn't so much logical to represent it on that way, like the fact that almost every hall and room is too much open with no distinctive and separated big halls, as if all halls are separated by the bigger number of pillars only (if you understand what I mean) I tried to correct it and in same time to preserve "moviesh" feeling.
We will see what will come out of it at the end :)

You can look my Moria and Gundabad maps and you will see that both maps are distinctive and different, but at same time very much dwarfish. At same time, my maps are more like "monumentals" just for looking :) because they have huge number of objects and are on the verge of playability. Some modders are saying, that my maps are good for intros and campaigns (movies, etc) which is a good assessment also.

If I publish some photos, at first they will be published on the Modding Union webpage (forum) because, those people are helping me all the time if I need some advice (that is my way to thank them).

[Edited on 02/28/15 @ 04:52 AM]

Azog The Defiler For me as i like to play with friends, the open part of map is the most important part for me, and the walls/gates to the castles, since that is what matters when you play against each other. And i mean in the movie the battle took place outside on the field and in Dale.

So another idea would be to make 2 versions of the map, (i mean another version that is more simple and for multiplayer)
Also i like that you have the map for visual purposes, its really a piece of art!:)
But in the multiplayer map maybe focus more on the open field, Dale and the gates of Erebor.

And about the current Erebor map you made, inside of Erebor, i think it already looks almost exactly like in the movies, really great! But the inside of Erebor looks too good compared to the rest of the map..^^

But thanks in advance for the Erebor map you are making! Looking forward to play it and you other maps!:)
BayTown Oh I hope you release (or post link to) photos of the new Erebor map here soon. Your first Erebor map is still the best movie-interpretation, and I just can't wait to see the new one :)
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