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4 Maps made by Gagolin

Author File Description
File Details
ROTWK Map: Yes
Number of Players: 5
One Ring: Yes
AI: No
First of all, sorry form my bad English, I hope you will understand me.

This is a pack of my first maps for BFME2 - ROTWK - EDAIN mod. I don't know if they can be started without EDAIN, you can try it. Some of them are "more" finished, and some are not, but playable. I tried to make them according to my own vision of tolkiens world mixed with PJs interpretation. I have not much time to make these maps better, so I give it to the community, hopefully someone will find it interesting.
Some of the maps need quite resources to play. I still don't know if these maps are balanced or good to play, however I believe they are quite interesting in terms how they look and how complex they are (Minas T. and Erebor). If you want to use them for your own mod or whatever, you are free to do so, just mention me as original creator, thats all.
Erebor is the most complicated, then Minas Tirith (With all levels playable, except that big sword like part of 7th level). The most finished are Annuminas and Gondolin. Erebor and Minas Tirith needs lot of texturing and that is where I am totally bad at. Erebor also needs a proper DALE city. I just made test-like DALE to compare size between Erebor and Dale. I tried also to make main entrance of Erebor as much as impressive, like in the Hobbit movie. I hope you will find it interesting.

Please comment, I would like to hear feedbacks :)


UPDATE (some of these Maps are obsolete, like Gondolin and Erebor, newer maps are on this site)
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File Author
Here are my first photos of the project Erebor. I made some areas, but there is still lot of job to do.
I hope you'll enjoy watching it anyway ;)

[Edited on 03/21/15 @ 04:44 PM]

File Author
Here are my first photos of the project Erebor. I made some areas, but there is still lot of job to do.
I hope you'll enjoy watching it anyway ;)


[Edited on 03/21/15 @ 04:46 PM]

BayTown =O =D
I simply have no words to describe the new Erebor map...perhaps: THIS MAP IS THE MOST DETAILED AND MOST RESEMBLING EREBOR IN THE MOVIE MAP! EVER!!!
Even this isn't enough to describe it :) it's so highly detailed, using combinations of vanilla objects even made me think that you use custom art :) Now I'm so looking forward to seeing more of that map and playing it (when you finish it)!
I hope you upload more images of that map and post links, this map is amazing ;) How ready is it? When will you finish it? And also, will you make the Ruins of Dale and ravenhill on the map? And the Treasury where Smaug sleeps? And in this new Erebor map, will you make the Gate to its top height (in the released map of Erebor it is cut through half of its height)?

[Edited on 03/26/15 @ 10:00 AM]

Azog The Defiler Holy crap that is awesome!
And ye it is incredibly impressive!^^
Really detailed and looks exctly like in the movie, and to also keep in mind, in game its zoomed out more so with this much detail its gonna look perfect!
Would also like to see a little outside of Erebor, i believe from what ive seen that the inside is already perfect!
And also in the movie Dale was a ruin so probably doesnt need as much work as Erebor

Anyways now that 4.0 is out, its probably more necessary to focus more on its building system. Hopefully a lot of camps around, so you also can easily build a movie like army^^

Also you should post this map on Modding union, edains main page if you havent already, they now have a forum for people who dont speak german and i think people would be very impressed:D

[Edited on 04/05/15 @ 06:03 PM]

Azog The Defiler Here are some clips that describe the map perfectly, i was really surprised at how the map actually looked in the movie, i mean where everything was positioned.

Clip 1

Clip 2
As you can see right in the beggining of the clip, ravenhill is located between Erebor and Dale.

Clip 3 (Warning spoilers)
Here we see THe Gundabad army arriving from the north above ravenhill.

So heres how i wiewed the map, hope some of this gives you ideas on the positioning if you havent decided yet where to put things^^

Erebor would be in a mountain as you have it^^
(But in the middle of the upper side)

(At the upper left corner of the map)

(On the middle of the left side, slightly more to the middle of the map)
But i would still leave a road on the utmost left side, so the evil players could go and position an army at ravenhill

Ironhill army
(On the upper right corner of the map, and then have a large path going down to the battlefiled from there)

And now the Evil bases:
(And i know the Evil factions are Mordor an MM, just wrote the names of the subfactions cause they were in the movie^^)

Dol Guldur base 1
(on the lower right corner of the map)

Dol Guldur base 2
(on the middle of the lower side)

Gundabad base
(on the lower left side of the map, slightly more upwards than the other evils)

It would be awesome if the Dol Guldur armies had a mountain between them and the battlefield with paths going through the mountain and around it like i posted earlier^^

And the Gundabad army should be slightly separated from the other evils, maybe by another mountain with paths through it, so the other armies could still come to aid

[Edited on 04/07/15 @ 04:18 PM]

BayTown Already a month passed from Gagolin's last reply :(
File Author
Sorry guys, I was sick and had lot of to do (older Generation) ;)

I've finished two versions of Erebor maps, one is for Edain 3.8 and other is for 4.0. Right now I am testing the maps, but I'll post you few photos of these maps.
Since the Edain 4.0 is not complete and some objects are missing (like new dwarven statue; and I hope they will bring them back in full version of EDAIN 4) I had to erase those in the version 4.0. Still, the Maps have enough objects (over 9500) and the depth of the dwarven city doesn't lack in any way ;)
Because of that I really recommend you to have stronger PC or to lower the options (not totaly, but enough to play). As all of my maps, this one is also more about "wandering" about dwarven culture :)

In following days I will post these maps, but for now you can see few photos.

BayTown The map looks even more awesome now =D Pity some objects are not present in Edain 4.0, but it'll still be great! Dale now also looks more like in the movies, and even though only part of the city is present on the map, it can be a place for recreating the Battle of the Five armies; Ravenhill also looks better, and the Erebor treasury is finaly as grand as it was in the movies. I only have two questions: is Smaug really included in the map as shown in the pictures? and What is 'the Enemy is cleaning the rubble at the gates of Erebor'?
Love how the map turned out, it's great to hear it's finished. I can't wait even a few days until it is released! XD
File Author
The maps are here:
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