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Topic Subject:Anyone Got Any good Strats For Isengard
posted 12-30-09 06:10 PM EDT (US)         
Ok so I think I know My stuff with Isengard I just want to put the Polish on my Strategy I usually buy Lurtz and Wormtongues as soon as I start the game to raid Resource Structures and capture outpost is that good? And I buy lots of Wildmen and Wargs they are fast spawn and very inexspensive Give me Some Tips - J
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posted 12-30-09 10:05 PM EDT (US)     1 / 5       
Hey JustcallmeJ , and welcome to BfME2H. I've written a guide for 1.06 Isengard here, which should help with any questions you may have. If you want some more information however, either post in the thread or e-mail me at Hope I helped!

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posted 01-02-10 08:07 AM EDT (US)     2 / 5       
You can't get wormtongue and lurtz as soon as the game starts if you pay on 1000 recources.

I gather you play with 4000?

Give up on strategy than, there is none for 4000. Cuz no good players play it.

Well their is a fun thing you can do against noob hero rushers (like you are atm) on 4000 recourses, if you are goblins. You just spam caves and tunnels than spam GW to full pop, and than just own their hero's with poison when they just arrive ^^.

Anyway my advise is to start on 1000 recourses. Furthermore choose a good map to start on. Once you have mastered that map with all the MU's, move on to the next one. Or move on to another faction on that same map. Or perfect your play with that particular faction on that particular map. I suggest you use Fords of Isen II as your fist map. It's both balanced, and popular. And a lot of strategies are exclusively written for that map. Isengard is a good faction to begin with imo, as it's a quite an easy one. Goblins and elves are the hard ones imo.
posted 01-11-10 04:35 PM EDT (US)     3 / 5       
Yes, what algis said will help you, OP, as a player, get better.

Starting with less resources such as 1000 forces you to make decisions, and force you to think more strategically.

With 4000 resources, it's really just "buy heroes and rush!" and "build lots of buildings!"

With less resources, I expect one would think more conservatively. And in the end, more effectively.
posted 01-16-10 06:13 PM EDT (US)     4 / 5       
Besides you can find more info on 1000 recourse strategy. So even if you don't think...
posted 06-11-13 12:34 PM EDT (US)     5 / 5       
OK ,i would intially build the buildings that allow you to summon hill men and buy axe throwers to dim the early skirmishers(if u have rotwk) -guys here what i would do with isenard first build-resoure based structures such as lumber mills and furnaces and take -get these to about 1200 comand points as thats when the resources start to stack up in your favour -in paticular group furnaces for the perk were they can be upgraded to produce resources at higher raters also produce lots of lumber mills on a map that is dominated by forests as with more kills you can unlock the 300% extra productiion for lumber mills-second build a good to barracks and upgrade fully when u have a wealth of resources and also build an armoury upgrade it fully then start building army,build a few packs of urik swords men and combine these with deathbringers and besekers who wilst the swordsmen hold the line with hack any enemy to peices 4 are paticulary effective against mountain giants who fell them relitively fast (besekers),i would personally consider a few rounds of spearmen to finish an enemy dominated by myth units such as the goblins or modors attack trolls-after this there are three routes worth considering first the sharku hit an run-which involves around calling the leader sharku and at least seven units of wars and attack predominatly the enemys unit prodcing buildings and then the resource structures and builders leaving seige wepons to finish off the fotress.-alternitavely three fully upgrade swordsmen divisions are enough to hold of any enemy advance with or without a create a hero- i would then suggest building urik crossbows at least four divisions plus who with the adition of fire arrows can pick off any enemy in fast time and destroy buildings quicky with the war chant perk.-alternatively u can go for seige mine beserkers tenique using mass sword units to draw the fire whilst placing mines in stratgic positions and then blowing them up either by using a sucidal beseker or just generally.consider that a fotress on full health takes two mines to completely destroy it -this stratergy is slow but effective and i find pretty cool to watch-mines are also sick at gates providing u use archers to pick of those on the walls first-finally all that is needed is to continue building resources to upgrade ur fotress and scatter warg pits around with should hold the enemys trying to attack ur resources long enough to send help- another good stratergy with all races is to group guard towers about 8 in one area fully upgraded create hell for the enemy put these at choke points and they take very little deffend-and it should be long before u win or unlock a dragon my fav unit in the game
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