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Topic Subject:Evil anti hero powers
The White Elve
posted 08-20-06 04:10 AM EDT (US)         
Guys as the topic says please tell the best anti-hero powers for evil heros and anti army

The whit elve ruler of all
posted 08-21-06 12:40 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
you have a slight contridiction in what you are asking for.

so i will give both.

anti hero: (Haradrim/Easterling)
toggle weapon (very useful to have extra range against none ranged heroes)
assasin (useful against any heroes(the only downside is you need to get near them.))
stealth (this is good all round but also good with assasin)
disguise (good for moving in enemy base undetected)
Coerse (extra men are always good vs enemy heroes.)

Anti Army (Haradrim/Easterling)
Toggle army (range is useful)
Coerse (can cause panic to an enemy if used properly, i used against dwarves once, took 5 battle wagons in 1 go.)
stealth (good for running away if health gets low)
steal resorses (useful for getting an army to back up your hero)
leadership (give stolen or your own units a major advantage)

Anti Army 2 (orc, Troll, Uruk)
summon allies (get extra men)
Poison attack (poison enemys, obviously)
Fire bomb (good to start fires)
Untaimed Allegence (free warg, troll, fire drake etc.)
Inspire fear (only the first one (the second makes them run away; very annoying as you have to chase))

there you go. there are other powers that are good but they are the ones i use.

This is not my post, as you are the people who own the site and are going to read it so really it is your post.

This is not a post at all, as posts have to provide a sturdy foundation for a fence, this does not. it is a gate masquerading as a post.

So really this gate masquerading as a post is completely pointless!!

WICH Fanfic Moderator
posted 08-21-06 05:40 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
Just a side note here: Fire bomb is a very good hero- killer when combined with the Cripple attack and Poison Attack. Get the enemy hero poisoned, then cripple him and set 'im on fire.

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