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Topic Subject:QM maps
posted 11-06-09 12:24 PM EDT (US)         

I always played only on fords of Isen II, you know host a custom game.. But recently I began having more interested in Quick Match. It's still my opinion that most QM maps suck, and that there is a lot more laming in QM, and that dwarfs are OP in QM. But, well, it's still fun to try out, to play on all these different maps, abusing their imbalances :P.
So at the moment I can't play online because mu connection keeps falling out, but I have been looking at replays and such and well...
w/h. What I created this topic for is to know what you think about certain maps, and how they influence your play style.

For example I recently watched a replay of a QM on high pass,
and I believe this map is quite imbalanced. As near the top
player 3 spiderling creeps and a troll creep a are located..
and a spiderling creep a little further away.
While around the lower player a whole bunch of goblin creeps and a troll creep a little further away, well actually more like between the 2 players. So the top players has the option of going for an early creep strategy: creeping the spiderling creeps with pikes very easily, as pikes do so well vs them. Extremely so.
What I mean is that against a troll you need a power (to assist them against the troll) or they need to be lvl 2, but you get the same amount of creep money.
But anyway; the top player has this option, but the lower does not. So he should be trying to go for sort of a rush with soldiers and attempt creep steal. Or creep those goblin lairs with them, which give a much much lower amount of money. I actually believe you give up the game if you go for that option, because of the much lower economy if you both go creeping you have as the lower player.
And so I believe the advantage lies with the top player here.

So that's mine opinion on one of the QM maps, tell how you agree on this and post your own thoughts!

Btw, what I can remember of maps:

Gap of Rohan
Withered heath
Iron hills
High pass
Cair Andross
Redhorn pass
Fords of Isen II !

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I edited out the spelling mistakes
Somoene interested now?
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