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Topic Subject:Which is the right stategy in multiplayer?
posted 05-27-09 01:40 AM EDT (US)         
3.What is the right strategy for Elves?

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posted 05-27-09 10:50 AM EDT (US)     1 / 4       
1.Dwarves are hard to kill and rushing with mines seems a popular one

2.Pump Soldiers out like crazy and send wave after wave to opponents base (Ppl use this alot it seems)

Thats all I know as far to my knowledge.

Plz correct me if I'm wrong

We all have a choice, so make yours wisely. If its wrong then make the best out of it.
posted 07-04-09 10:37 AM EDT (US)     2 / 4       
making the most out of your powerful archers and getting armor and silverthorne upgrades ASAP
posted 07-04-09 06:59 PM EDT (US)     3 / 4       
Playing with elves, at the start,one builder must build several mallron trees (6 is good) and the other one must build 2 elven baracks: one to build a defensive army, and the other one to upgrade until be able to build mirkwood archers. As the elves are invisible in wooded gronds, send archers to the boarders of your camp, and exterior mallron trees(near of some trees). As the eregion forge already has the elven armor alble to puschase, upgrade it the fastest you can to your units. I think that 3 battalions of cavalry are engnoth to breach the enemy lines or to flank them to kill their archers. About the hero that I think the best to a quick rush, I think thet Haldir it's the best one.

Rammstein2129, the LORDofWAR R, from the tribe LORDS OF WAR.
from Portugal.
posted 08-23-09 02:09 PM EDT (US)     4 / 4       
elves is easy...

you start with MallornTree + Rax > LorienArcher > LA > LA > MT + MT

send your first LA togehter with a builder to a warg or troll lair. Distract the warg/troll with your builder while you kill it. Than kill the lair and take the money. Do the same wiht the 2nd archer and builder. The money you use to buy a hero (haldir) or a 2nd rax or a stable. Or both is very possible too. After you creeped use your builder to build MT, i usually build them right where i just creeped.
You can use farsight on your archers wich increases there range, so you don't ave to use a builder. Or you can use rally call to make them creep faster (killer the creep guardian faster)

You can also go like :

MT + Rax > LA > LW...

and use the LW to harass (and tha LA to creep)

or MT + Rax > LW > LA...

further you can choose to build a 2ndMT sooner for better economy

MT + Rax > LA > LA > MT > LA...


MT + Rax > LA > MT > LA...

there is always ofcourse the risc if you go for 3 archer at start that your oponent cavalary rushes you. wheter it is a 1,2,3 or 4 rb cav rush, they will get you.

So you may want to build a MitholdSentry earlier

MT + Rax > LA > LA > MS


MT + Rax > LA > MS > LA

or MT + Rax > LA > MT > MS

etc. etc.

getting your MS as your 2nd or 3rd unit.

However this makes you still vurnable to = rb + stables > horse

so you may even choose to build MS as first unit

MT + Rax > MS > LA


however a lot of people prefer LA first.

if your opponent goes for 2rb or 1rb and than stables, and so is a bit later with infantery (than with 3rb> stables > rb > rax, or 4rb stables + rax) you may choose to build multiple MS at start. For example =

MT + Rax > MS > MS > MS

(this being a kinda very extreme version)

now further

if you go for an LA start you ahve the possibility to creep troll lairs at start (with MS you can only creep wargs, unless you got very godly micro, wich at least i ahven't at all) after you creep the trolls you can choose to capture the tavern's wich the creep gaurds and spam peasants from it.

For example you can choose to send your first builder to the neasest troll creep with your fisrt archer, and than send yourr 2nd archer and builder to the warg creep on the way to the other troll creep. Creep the troll, capture the inn. Creep the warg with the other archer with builder.
The archer that creeped the troll is now lvl 2 and can move on to a warg and creep it easily without the help of a builder, you use the builder to build MT close to the tavern, they will be quite save there because you pump peasants from the tavern. In the meanwhile you do the same with the other builder in other order. You send it on to the troll after creeping the warg. Now you may not be able to use your builder becaus you want to build MT with it. Instead you can use farsight to creep the troll. Or rally call, with hit an run tactics. Or maye even without any power or builder using hit and run tactics, but this will take long. I prefer using builder or a power. Capture this inn too. Now you have peasants coming form 2 dircetions at the enemy harassing his rb's.

This is only an example of how you can ply with elves. It all centers around creeping. Ofc you can choose to LW rush asweel, but creepign is still important.

note: evryting i said aplies to the map fords of isen II, but maybe not to other maps.

Hope this helped.

p.s i once was interested for bfme2 video's and searched on youtube, there are quite some vidcast there it turned out.
for example:

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